We make beautiful manicure at home

One of the main signs of a well-groomed young lady, undoubtedly, is a neat and beautiful manicure. And to achieve the perfection of your fingers, it is not necessary to visit the salon and pay money for it. This article will introduce you to how to do a manicure at home without much effort.

The procedure of a home manicure is performed once a week and takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the ingrowth and features of the nails. To date, there are several ways to give nails aesthetic appearance and maintain their hygiene. Among these methods are:

How to make a European manicure? Step-by-step instruction

So, for the procedure, we need: a cuticle remover, a glass or ceramic nail file (abrasiveness from 100 to 200 grids), an orange stick or a metallic pusher. It will also be superfluous to arm yourself with a buffing buff, a nourishing cream or a moisturizing oil.

Application of a remover and work with a saw blade

After we decided on the tools, proceed directly to the procedure. To begin with, we apply the drug to soften the coarsened skin. In the meantime, while this agent will act (5-10 minutes), we start with a nail file to give the desired shape to the nails. It is highly discouraged to use a metal file, as it helps to delaminate the natural nail.

Removing everything superfluous

At the end of ten minutes, when the drug has affected the keratinized skin, we proceed to remove it. This is done with a metal or orange pusher. Gently but surely, we are driving the tool from the base to the side nail rollers. We do this until you see the skin cleared of the tarnishes.

Actually, the main work is completed. If desired, you can polish your nails with a baffle and apply a moisturizer or oil. To maintain the freshness of manicure, it is recommended to make baths with sea salt, do not work with detergents and powders without using rubber gloves. Be sure to apply a vitamin cream in the morning and evening to clean hands - this will not only prevent coarsening of the cuticle, but also preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

As you can see, nothing difficult is to do a beautiful manicure at home. In addition, you save your personal time and finances. From now on your pens will always delight with their well-groomed appearance, which, undoubtedly, will give you self-confidence.