What does the earth dream about? Interpretation of popular dream books

At all times in mythology and philosophy, the great importance of the earth has been given. She personified a wet nurse, a mother, the ability of a person to stand firm. What does the earth dream about? We offer you two most popular explanations.

Dream Book by Denise Lynn: What Does the Earth Dream About?

The subconscious mind asks you if you are standing firmly on solid ground? Perhaps you should call into your life those who can support you and make your life more stable.

The plane on earth : this is the symbolization of your need for the transformation of thoughts. They should become more mundane. It's enough to be in the clouds. For you it is time to strengthen your earthiness. Approximately the same means port, dock, as well as other places where a person steps to the ground.

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Crude land : the answer is quite simple. In this dream, the female, sensual part of your nature acts. You should become more earthly and have more time to devote to urgent matters.

Potatoes in the ground : to hard, ungrateful work.

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To dig the earth in a dream: interpretation according to the dream book of Maya

These dreams, according to the beliefs of the ancient Mayans, have several meanings. Bad and good. So, if you are interested in what it is dreaming to dig the ground, then this is a great news. Namely - you will get rich very soon. As Maya said, try to find this piece of land from sleep and fill it with non-roasted coffee beans. Money will come with the shoots.

Lying on the ground : this is a bad meaning, which signals that someone wants you evil. And, perhaps, this is one of your colleagues. In this case, the elders advise you to rub the ground from the forest at midnight.

As you can see, if you are interested in the question of what the earth is dreaming about, there can not be a simple answer. All the nuances are very important: whether you dig the ground, loosen it, lie on it or see how the plane is on it. Try to remember all the details, and then you can be warned about all possible dangers.