Why does a dead child dream?

What is the dream in which you saw the death of a child?
Dream Interpretation: the Death of a Stranger's Child
For sure the worst sleep can be considered one in which the dead are present. Especially it concerns children. But, as is usually the case with such visions, the interpretation will be very positive. For example, a dead baby says that a sweet message will soon arrive to the dreamer.


What if the death of your child is dreaming? To see the death of another's child

What if the death of your child is dreaming?

Women who do not have children yet can see this - a direct sign that financial affairs will soon go up. But the pregnant woman, who saw the death of her newborn baby or, worse, the child's death at delivery, should first of all calm down. Psychologists interpret this vision as a symbol of the suspiciousness of the woman herself, who is afraid to give birth and is afraid that she will not cope with the responsible role of the mother.

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Ladies whose children have already grown up, but a dead baby imagined in a dream, should be more attentive to their offspring. It is not excluded that they will get involved in a bad company and his life and health are at risk. Try to talk with your child to gently protect him from bad influence.

What do the dead children dream of?

Usually dreams of the death of their own children are treated with accuracy and vice versa. For example, your son is now seriously ill, and you dreamed that he was dead. This means that soon the child will recover, and quickly enough. And if your children are healthy, then the dream of their death is a positive sign at all. He promises the offspring a long and happy life.

Pregnant dreaming after a dream about the birth of a dead child should appear to the doctor. Even if at the moment her future baby is not threatened, it does not mean that a woman can prevent the influence of negative factors that do not depend on her.

To see the death of another's child

The interpretation of sleep, in which you see how a child who does not know you, is treated a little differently.

Why does a dead child dream of a pregnant woman

Women, as beings more sensitive, react emotionally to such dreams and become nervous that with their children irreparable can occur. But, as you can see, there is no special negative about the death of children or a child, if it is correctly interpreted and take into account all the details and details. And ladies in an interesting position, and should generally behave more calmly and not succumb to provocation of the subconscious.