Angina and its treatment in children

This disease is dangerous for its complications. Doctors know this very well, but some mothers still try to treat her in the old-fashioned way - folk remedies ...
Improper treatment of tonsillitis very often leads to chronic tonsillitis - a disease that provokes the development of about 120 (!) Of other dangerous ailments. Among them, such as rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, disorders in the work of the kidneys, joints, blood vessels, heart. Protect your child from them!
Urgently to the doctor!
Increased lymph nodes, sore throat, high fever (39-41 degrees), severe weakness, headache, white or yellow plaque on the tonsils, inability to swallow - all these symptoms of angina are very recognizable. In no case do not self-medicate, urgently call a doctor to the child. Let the specialist pick up the necessary drugs, and you will supplement them with home remedies.

All very seriously
The disease in most cases cause staphylococci or streptococci, pneumococci, and adenoviruses. Bacteria attack a person from the outside, and from the inside. That is, children can get this infection from other people (by airborne droplets), and from themselves, more precisely, from their own microbes living in the mouth or throat.
Sinusitis, adenoids and even carious teeth can provoke the development of this insidious disease. Therefore, to treat a sore throat without curing, for example, chronic rhinitis is an useless exercise. The development of angina is also facilitated by the curvature of the nasal septum (which causes constant breathing through the mouth). And, of course, a decrease in immunity in a child.

Consolation for the sore throat
As soon as the child complains that his neck hurts, take urgent action. Here are a few simple recipes that will help the baby recover faster.
Rinsing. Rub the usual red beets, pour this mush with boiling water in a ratio of 1: 1. Tightly cover and insist for 6 hours. The baby should gargle every 2 hours. To enhance the effect in the infusion, you can add 1 table, a spoonful of 6% vinegar.

Compresses. Every 2 hours, attach a fresh cabbage leaf to the throat of crumbs, wrapping it with a woolen scarf. You can also make a cabbage gruel.
Aromatherapy. Walnut carefully divided into 2 parts, remove the fruit itself, and in the shell press the mashed garlic. Attach the shell to your hands at the base of your thumb and fasten with a bandage for several hours.

Inhalations. Every 2 hours let the child inhale the herbal infusion. To make it, fill in 3 tables. spoons of pine buds, lavender and chamomile with a glass of boiling water and soak for 15 minutes under a lid in a warm place.

Parents need to be very attentive to the sick child . The baby should rinse his throat as often as possible. For this purpose, a weak warm solution of salt or baking soda, broths of herbs (sage, chamomile, calendula), a tincture of propolis (a few drops of 0.5 cups of warm water) will do. The doctor can recommend aqueous solutions of antibacterial agents (usually used furatsillin). It is best to alternate different means for rinsing during the day. Often with angina, therapeutic lollipops and aerosols for irrigation of the throat (inhalipt, hexoral, etc.) are also prescribed. These remedies reduce pain, but do not replace rinses, because during the washing of the throat, germs are washed off and removed, and not swallowed. During the disease it is useful to give the child more to drink, and all drinks should not be hot, but warm. So, firstly, you will help the body to cleanse itself of toxins, and secondly, warm your throat. Feed the crumbs with dietary food, these can be steam cutlets, mashed potatoes, mashed soups, stewed vegetables. No less important is bed rest, full sleep and weasel.

The term "psychosomatics" that has become very popular recently unites not only bodily, but also psychological manifestations of the disease into a single whole. Pay attention, if your child often has a sore throat, it means that he lacks your care, kindness and understanding, communication. Perhaps, having shown more attention and love for your child, you can save him from the disease faster than with medication?