Interesting and unusual scenarios for February 23 for the corporate

On February 23, everyone is a beloved and revered holiday, celebrated not only by severe and strict citizens liable for military service, but also by the whole population of the country from small to large. In kindergartens, schools and universities, festive concerts and gala evenings are held, and in the offices and in the production there are thematic corporate parties. Scenarios for February 23 are prepared in advance. Usually, some original story is taken as a basis and is supplemented by fun contests, musical scenes and dance numbers. This allows not only beautiful, bright and stylish congratulations to fellow men with a significant date, but also just have a good time, relax in a pleasant company, feel a relaxed atmosphere and become even closer to each other.

A cheerful scenario for February 23 for corporate parties: holiday office gatherings

For a small team it is appropriate to hold a quiet holiday in a cozy, familiar atmosphere. Dame-co-workers will need to decorate the meeting room or one of the offices with a large thematic banner dedicated to the holiday and catchy collages with photos of male colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere (can be found in social networks). Under each portrait by hand, all colleagues will write humorous congratulations and wish the perpetrators the courage, strength, courage and courage, a high salary and rapid promotion. To give the company a more militaristic hue, the ladies will need to wear the caps, and the men - the officer's caps. In this form, even the most modest clerk will feel valiant, brave military, and the secretary or accountant is a fearless scout or even a Kat radiator. Such a scenario of the holiday will not bore anyone and will present to all participants bright, unforgettable impressions and a sea of ​​positive emotions.

Scenario Holiday Defender of the Fatherland, text

Print the plates on the door in the form of the inscriptions "Shrafbat", "Fuel Cell", "Nurses", "Radio room", etc.

On the chief's office you can write "Headquarters". In the hall on one of the walls, attach a sign "Voenkomat", and next attach a ruler with a marking from 1 to 2 meters. Near the marks, sign:

Download the continuation of the scenario for Defender of the Fatherland Day is available here [13 Kb] (downloads: 817).

An unusual scenario for February 23 for the corporative in the hussar style

A hussar-style party will appeal to the staff of any age category. The room should be decorated with garlands of flowers, candles and sparkles, imitating the interior of the noble residence. As a musical accompaniment, classic songs from the movies "Say a word about a poor hussar", "Hussar squadron of volatile" or any other that organizers deem it necessary to include in the program will suit classical music. For coloring ladies you can ask to put on hats in the style of fashion of the XIX century, and men - hussar menticians or shavers. All quizzes, games and ditties on the corporate should be dedicated to brave defenders, always ready to fight the enemy for the Motherland and stand up for the honor of the beautiful ladies. Musical numbers in the script for February 23 should be alternated with fun contests, for example the most beautiful hussar toast or the best knowledge of hussar (military) traditions. Winners should be encouraged with gifts and souvenirs or orders, medals and aiguillettes, made by the female half of the team with their own hands. The solemn award will turn into a worthy final chord of the evening and will be remembered for a long time by all the participants and guests of the event.

The corporate scenario for February 23 in verse

A spirited corporate scenario, written in a poetic form, is suitable for a young, united and united team in which all employees understand each other perfectly and are always ready to do any even very difficult work together. It starts with the design of the room. For this, bright inflatable balls (colorful or in characteristic corporate colors), painted humorous posters devoted to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland and photographs of male employees will be useful. They need to be processed under any photo editor and turned into funny, funny cartoons with a military tint (for example, to draw a general's cap, commander's mustache or golden marshal's epaulettes). Ladies for the corporate on February 23 will need to learn funny poems and rehearse a few cheerful songs. The festive table is better decorated with light snacks, sandwiches, canapes and favorite drinks, and a pleasant ending to the festival will be dancing or lyric songs to the guitar (depending on the preferences of participants).

One of the men (the commander). Rota, be equal. Carefully! Dear women, for the solemn acceptance of congratulations built!

Leading (reading poetry).

Once a year, at the end of winter,
All men are an object of admiration
And the reason for the big mess.
Strength of spirit and glimpses of genius

They are immediately visible
Once a year, on the verge of spring.
Once a year, at the end of winter,
All the men we call

Manifestations of the senses of the unearthly -
And the hearts are softened,
And anxious frivolous dreams
Once a year, on the verge of spring.

Once a year, at the end of winter,
All men - both military men and civilians -
From Rostov to Kolyma
Waiting for gifts, flowers and a standing ovation.
You are today on the crest of a wave -
As heroes of a great country.

Continuation of a cheerful corporate scenario for the celebration of the Fatherland Defender's Day read here [22.5 Kb] (download: 630).

Scenario on February 23 for corporate, video