Anna Slynko: "The show is just a way to show the story"

A wide audience learned about Anna Slynko after her appearance in the role of Vary Demidova in the series "Two Sisters". Connoisseurs of the full meter noted the potential of the actress a little earlier, with the release of the film "20 cigarettes." But the very first were fans of festival shorts, highly appreciated Anina work in the film "Metropolitan fast." We met such a different, direct, good-natured and undoubtedly promising Anna Slynko on the set of the series "Two Sisters-2", where she continues to play Varya Demidova, but 16 years later.

How did your Varya change in the second part of The Two Sisters?
First, another time has come. In the first part was the 1984th year, the Union, - that era, which I found very little. The second part of the series begins in 1998, when my heroine has an adult son. For me, as an actress, playing a woman of 32 years is very interesting. I am far away from this age. I believe that in this case, you do not need to replay, depict age, impose artificial wrinkles.

If you do not have experience, treat your hero with self-irony. I do not make Varya positive, she is far from ideal and in general we do not create ideals, there are some traditional heroes. We are all normal people, we have thousands of shortcomings, which give each person uniqueness. Despite the fact that Varya was a lonely woman for a long time, she raised her son - it does not make her a hero, but she is also a flawed woman. I was interested in playing just an ordinary woman.

Then let's go back to the beginning of the film. At first she was a skater, and even the script was called "The Figurine"
I read the whole script, and immediately realized that this would be just part of the plot.

For you, this part played a role? Did you somehow aspire to understand her as a skater?
Oh sure. Firstly, this is my actor's work. I bought books for myself, I studied everything for a long time. I was curious to understand what kind of time it was in the sports world. I was still very young, did not see anything and did not know. I was interested to learn about these great people, and in general about Soviet sport, than he was famous then. This, too, is part of the actor's work.

And how did you acquire the skills of figure skating?
I had a coach - Elena Shkira. I immediately told her - teach me everything: how to hold your back, what a look a figure should look like, so that I look like at least the upper part. I knew that I would not become an athlete in my life, but I had to show the audience what kind of figure skater she was. I got great pleasure from training with Lena. I can not help saying that she is very creative, she helped me a lot. We went to the skating rink in the morning, both of us die - we want to sleep, but after classes, it immediately became so good - the forces on the rise. At night, I went to mass skating to practice all the skills I had learned. On the ice in a circle like in a mixer, 30 people. I got up in the middle and learned to drive back. And as now I remember - at 1:25 am I went back. True! You know how the discovery - you did not know how, could not, and suddenly you can do something. I was on skates when I was five years old. When approving this role, I was asked: do you know how to skate? Of course, I said yes. And serious work began. The schedule of the day was approximately this: a skating rink, rehearsal in the theater, a skating rink, then a performance.

But the skater as such I did not play, her career was interrupted. We paid attention, first of all, to the relations between people. At the age of 17, my heroine was in a situation where she had to start another life, withdraw from the sport. It was very difficult, you need someone's help, someone's shoulder. She, thank God, there was such a person next to, this has grown into deeper feelings.

How, by the way, do you understand such love? Which through all life?
I do not know. I believe in many things. But I do not know yet. Anything can happen. We still can not even forget the first love.

What was easier and more interesting to play - a seventeen-year-old girl or an adult woman? Are you still at that, or at any other age?
Yes, I'm in the middle. Quietly passed 25 years in the rupture of these two stories (laughs). In fact, everything is interesting. In the first case, you try what you have already experienced, and in the second you try yourself as you would like to show yourself to the audience. That you can be such, not only as a child. I found the key to playing the 32-year-old. Even in the most serious situations, people can look at themselves with irony, so do not be superfluous.

Do you have in your career such serious milestones as "20 cigarettes" and the prize "for the best female role" at the ICF in Spain, and now the show is not afraid?
No, I'm not afraid at all. Firstly, this is a very rich material. Time is such, noble topics are sport, love. There is no vulgarity here. I do not take this project as a series. It's just a way to show the story. Here, too, has its advantages - you understand that you will have to develop a role. There is a constant work on yourself.

How do you manage to combine such work in Moscow with life in St. Petersburg?
Forces are not limited, you need to rest sometimes, give the body time out. I now came from Italy, just resting my soul. I even closed the phone in the safe for a week and did not touch it. And with Peter it's easy. I have already got used to trains, I have my own arsenal - a blindfold, earplugs. For people who travel rarely, the train is an adventure, a road. They sit, eat, talk, and for me it's like a house - came, brushed my teeth, washed and slept. Then at the station I put myself in order. The train is my second home, I already know how to live there. In general, I really love the road. And when you come to the shooting, you forget all these difficulties. There is support, real human relations.

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