Are birthmarks dangerous?

A mole is a small spot on the skin, or a convex formation in the form of a pea, a brown color. Some moles give attraction, others, on the contrary, we carefully hide under clothes. Where do they come from? Are moles so dangerous? Whether it is necessary to address to the doctor, or not to attach to them value?

There are birthmarks for every person. Some exist from birth, some appear during life. Birthmarks are flat and convex. It is believed that flat birthmarks are not dangerous. They do not touch clothes, hands, or comb. There is no possibility of traumatizing such a birthmark. Convex birthmarks, especially if they are, on the hands, neck, face, head, in this sense, represent a certain danger. Moles are also small, medium and large. Small (diameter from 1 to 15 mm) usually do not cause any concern. But in the presence of medium (up to 10 cm) and large (10 cm or more) moles, it is worthwhile to see a doctor, as they can develop into a tumor. Sometimes a specialist can recommend the removal of such a mole. Always pay attention to the appearance of new ones, or to change old moles. Note if your mole:
- increases or decreases in size;
- has an uneven color, that is, the presence of different shades;
- has an irregular shape (regular moles have the shape of an oval);
- bleeds, or begins redness around it, irritation, itching;
- has appendages and nodules at its base;
All this is very dangerous, so in such cases it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In no case can you remove the mole yourself! Some people believe that you can remove it yourself with a silk thread. This is a huge misconception. Trying to tie a birthmark will cause only its accelerated growth. Also in pharmacies are selling various drugs to remove moles, which are no less dangerous to the body. These funds are unlikely to help you get rid of a birthmark, their impact will cause only a severe burn. Therefore, trying hard to get rid of the birthmark, you will get only ugly traces of scars on the skin. It is better to consult a specialist, he will determine the need to remove the birthmark and select the appropriate method of removal. By the way, all methods of surgical removal from moles are safe and painless.

Remember, whatever your birthmark, you must follow certain precautions:
- Try to avoid traumatizing birthmarks, do not touch them with clothes, wash your body with a soft sponge. Trauma can lead to infection or deformation of the mole, which is extremely dangerous.
- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight from 12 noon to 4 pm, when the sun is most active:
- Use sunscreen;
- avoid sunburn;
In conclusion, I would like to say that although it is recommended to be as neat as possible with moles, still it is not worth dwelling on it. It will be quite rare to check with a doctor. Be healthy!

Julia Sobolevskaya