Benefits of oils for face and body

Oils can be found in many cosmetic products for the care of hair and body, behind the face and hands and so on. And all because the oils are very useful. They are considered to be the most ancient cosmetics. For example, in ayurveda, for many millennia, coconut oil and sesame oil have been used. Many experts believe that they are most suitable for massages. And thanks to their composition, they can serve as an excellent base for other nutrient oils.

It is necessary to distinguish essential oils and fragrant elixirs. Efirnnaemla can not be used in pure form, they must necessarily be added to the base cream or oil. And to competently combine oils and achieve with the help of maximum effect, it is better to visit a beautician. If you do not know anything about it, it is much safer to buy ready-made creams with essential oils or aromatic elixirs.

Benefits of oils for the face

Not many people know about the possibilities of cosmetic oils. Sometimes, they can be achieved with no less efficiency than from high-tech components. Oils care, nourish, moisturize and treat our skin. That is why they are so often added to various care products and make up their oil mixes.

In the fight against wrinkles, the following oils will help: redhead oil, avocado, almond and Austrian nuts. They are rich in omega fatty acids - 6.6 and 9.

Essential oils of tea and rosewood, geraniums and incense can normalize the activity of sebaceous bacteria due to its antibiotic action. If your skin is sensitive and dehydrated, try using apricot kernel oil, saffron, cypress, neroli roses. If you have irritation, then remove it will help oil, lavender or orange blossom.

However, before trying a new oil on your face, check to see if you have any allergies to it. To do this, put a little oil on your wrist and wait a couple of hours. If there is no irritation, itching or rash, everything is fine, the oil suits you. It is equally important to choose the right oil. For this, it is necessary to know that viscous and thick oils are better suited for dry, dry skin, while liquid and flowing oils are suitable for combination and fatty skin.

Some believe that the oil clogs the pores. This is not true. If the oil is natural and has a vegetable origin, then it is absolutely safe. But it's worthwhile to be afraid of synthetic base oils (for example, mineral). Such oils will not bring much benefit.

On a note

Use already ready aromatic elixirs or concentrates of aromatic essential oils is very simple. To get rid of acne, the product must be applied to the skin of the neck, face and décolleté zone 2-3 times I will take 5 drops each. Also, the oil can also be used as a lotion: 10 drops of water dissolved in 100 ml of water.

Benefits of Body Oils

Any oil has moisturizing properties. Therefore, oil is recommended to use after shower instead of cream. But using oil only special - even high-quality olive oil will be very effective. Without proper treatment, it will be poorly absorbed and leave greasy clothes on clothes.

Good cosmetic companies produce oils that nourish and moisturize the skin, but do not leave a greasy film. This can be achieved with the correct combination of different types of oils, which eventually make it possible to get a "dry" oil: from the formula, fatty fractions of base vegetable oils are excluded, and with this help the product becomes rapidly penetrating non-elastic.

Most often combine vetiver and anise oils - for elasticity, grapefruit and orange - against cellulite, rosewood and appetite - to reduce and prevent stretch marks, coconut oil for good moisturizing.

Benefits of oils for hair

Oils are useful not only for the skin, but also for the hair. For example, castor oil has been used for a long time to strengthen hair, and burdock oil for growth. But today other oils are actively used: wheat, corn, argan, hemp, camellia, olive and others. Each of them applies in its own way. Some are applied half an hour before washing hair, others instead of a mask for the whole night. There are also such oils that are well cleaned. They can be used as a spray, which imparts shine, moisturizes them, softens, protects from the sun, and weak hair still strengthens. Such products well seal the hair and easily wash off. Because of this, some oils are actively used in hair dyes.

Oils for cleaning

Cleansing oils have appeared as an alternative to foam, milk and other means for removing makeup. At first they aroused bewilderment among all: how to remove the oil from the skin with the help of a fatty oil? But in practice, all the questions disappeared. Cleansing oils easily remove dirt from the skin due to its sliding structure. After them, the skin becomes smooth and tender.

Cleansing oils can be used with water and without it. The difference in consistency: with water, such a remedy will be like tender milk, and waterless - like oil. But still after use, experts recommend washing with a special facial for washing or plain water.

By the way, cleansing oils do not cause any irritation and if this effect is much better from them than from scrubs. Special ethers, which are part of the oils, are able to normalize the condition of the problem skin, restore the balance of moisture and remove sensitivity.

The most universal

On the market today, you can find almost any oil. Argan oil is considered to be the most expensive and universal. It is useful in any case, since it has many functions: it smooths wrinkles, strengthens the hair, protects the skin from harmful sun rays, helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and much more. Argan oil contains twice as much vitamin E as in olive oil.

Argan oil is obtained from the fruits of the argan tree, which are very similar to olives. This tree grows only in Morocco. To get only 2 liters of oil, you need to recycle about 100 kilograms of fruit. And they only do it manually. Therefore, the price of it rather big.

Thanks to the fact that argan oil perfectly nourishes the skin and does not leave a greasy film, it can be used for facial massage. And if you add it to any moisturizer, then it will act as an enriched elixir.

Olive oil

By the way, olive oil is valued not only in the kitchen, but also in cosmetology. It contains vitamins A, D and E, fatty polyunsaturated acids, minerals and trace elements, which are necessary for our body.

It is recommended to use it for sunburn, small skin damages and to protect the skin from external factors. Olive oil not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin, but also prevents its aging and removes irritation.

Oils - have many useful functions. They can be used for massages, aromatherapy, skin cleansing, moisturizing and softening, as well as for hair restoration. To achieve maximum efficiency from use, it is necessary to competently combine this product.