Christmas carols are Russian folk at Christmas-2017. Texts and notes of Christmas songs and short baby carols

Carols are a kind of echo of the ancient tradition of celebrating the winter solstice, symbolizing the birth of a new sun for the Slavs. The celebration in honor of the God of Veles has long ago been left in the past, but a new, no less significant, Christmas Nativity has appeared. Since that time, carols have become folk winter fun, an integral part of the Christmas holidays. It is not surprising that "walking with a star" and caroling for many people is one and the same. In the 19th century, these two traditions were often combined. But nevertheless, it is necessary to be able to distinguish them. In the evening of January 6, only adults take part in walking, they dress up in costumes and tell folk carols Russian folk. On the morning of January 7th, the children come along: they go to familiar homes, tell short children's texts, sing Christmas songs and take tasty gifts and small money from the hands of hospitable owners.

We have collected the best short Christmas carols with texts and notes on our portal. Prepare for Christmas Eve in advance, add to the process of children, learn all together the ancient Slavic traditions!

Simple and short Russian folk carols, texts

Our ancestors traditionally went to carol on the eve of Christmas. In an amusing ritual, not children, but only adults or youth, participated. Caroling was more like a kind of Slav carnival: everyone wishing to get along with "goats", "gypsies", "bears", "araps", dressed birchbark masks and turned covers, smeared faces with beet juice and soot. Naughty carols could be so splendid, sometimes even hooliganous - to transfer someone else's horse to another stall, turn the cart, untie the yard dog and frighten the farm. At this moment, caroling was some kind of incarnation of the souls of ancestors who came to earth on Christmas Day, so no one dared to deprive the mischievous of such authority. Moreover, the youth used not only simple and short Russian carols, but also sarcastic rhymes with frightening and ostrinkoy. Especially, if there were rough and unfriendly hosts, stingy for a treat. We also recommend you to learn a few short Russian folk carols beforehand so that you can have fun on a Christmas night, observe a tradition and surprise your relatives and friends with new adults or children's texts. Christmas carol, Christmas carol, Christmas Eve! Auntie good-natured, Pirozhka something sdobnenka Do not cut, do not break, Quickly give, Two, three, For a long time we stand, But we will not stand! The stove is heated, Pirozhka, you want it!

Kolyada, kolyada, We open all the houses, All the windows, chests, Give candy and cakes, To be good to you, Say thank you heaven, God bless us all, He's on it much.

Christmas carol, carols! You give us a pie, Or bread slice, Or money a half, Or a chicken with a crest, Cockerel with a scallop!

Russian folk Christmas carols for Christmas 2017

Christian "Walking with a star" has always been considered a child's tradition. To praise Christ was usually sent early in the morning on Christmas Day. All Russian folk carols and short children's songs were of religious content. As the main attribute used eight-pointed "Bethlehem" star on the pole, symbolizing the arrival of the Magi. Little carols did not dress up, behaved modestly and decently. Small companies they came to yards and windows of houses, sang songs, read the texts, praised the hosts and the born Savior. In return, guests received delicious treats and coins. In separate villages, walking with a star and carols was allowed only to the poor or to orphans. The owners of the rich houses were generously rewarded, so that all the spent things would become a tangible aid for poor families. For dozens of years ethnographers recorded a lot of short Russian Christmas carols for children, there are even whole stories that tell the story of the birth of Jesus. But the advantage is still behind short children's poems with an easy syllable and deep meaning. Now the Angel has come down to us, He sang: "Christ was born!" We came to glorify Christ, And congratulate you on the holiday! We bear a star, we sing a song, We correct our way to the house, we glorify God's Christ!

The night is quiet, the night is holy, There is light in the sky, beauty. The Son of God is wrapped in swaddling clothes, He lies in the Bethlehem den. Sleep, the Holy Child, Sleep, the Infant Saint. The night is quiet, the night is holy, And it is bright and pure. The joyous Angel Angels are singing the choir, Faring open the expanse of the fallen asleep land. Over the fallen asleep land. The night is quiet, the night is holy, We sing Christ. And with a smile, The child looks, His eyes on love say And shines with beauty. And shines with beauty.

Kolyada, Kolyada Open the gate, Take the trunks, Serve the patches. Though a ruble, Though a nickle, We will not leave the house like that! Give us a candy, And you can and a coin Do not regret anything The day before Christmas!

Christmas songs for Christmas carols: short children's texts for Christmas

All carols that have come to our folklore since ancient times can be divided into two different categories: short "sowing" and Christmas songs. Sown children's motifs were born in paganism. Their short texts are full of stories about the power of nature, about the fertility of Mother Earth, they all praise the owners and wish them a generous harvest. Only in a few regions of Russia the carols turn to Kolyada. In other areas of the country God of fertility is called differently: Avsene, Vinograden, Tausen. Children's Christmas songs for caroling appeared after the christening of Russia. In their texts, it is easy to follow the message of the great event - the birth of the Savior and the congratulation of all Christians with the appearance of the little Jesus. They are more complex in their texts and melodies. And if it is enough to remember a few simple repetitive phrases for the performance of short sowing carols, melodies and texts of Christmas songs for caroling should be studied for a long time. The light streams through the window with silver, This night is not simple. Let outside the window, even outside the window, Fairy-tale snow sparkle. In the morning in the sky the star will brighten Brighter than all the stars in the world. It will be light, as ever, And the children will smile. Christmas tree at Christmas, Christmas tree at Christmas Let us all give Joy and warmth. Christmas tree at Christmas, Christmas tree at Christmas. Let the heart be Quiet and light. Fairy became the Christmas forest. A fairy tale is hovering around. The song of love flows from heaven, Life without miracles does not happen. In the morning in the sky a star will flash, Brighter than all the stars in the world. And never, never, Children will not cry.

On Holy Christmas - Joy in the world, celebration. On the day of Jesus' Birth, Kolyada's merry singing. Yolok bright toys, Stars, balls, crackers, And delight, and admiration On the day of Jesus' Birth. On Holy Christmas - Children of the World - a celebration. The whole Earth exults with a song On the day of Jesus' birth.

Quietly whirling snowflakes. A fairy tale comes to our house! Christmas tree, gifts, pictures: Call this all Merry Christmas! Asterisks in the sky sparkle, But the brightest of all - only one! Oh joy announces us, On the Christmas holiday! In this magical holiday, everything will fill up suddenly, with Faith, Hope, Love and the light of goodness around!

The most beautiful Russian folk carols: children's text and notes

As in ancient times, in our age children and adults prepare before the arrival of the Christmas carol. Children learn short, but the most beautiful Russian folk carols with texts and notes, parents help to sew children's costumes and make masks of a goat, a sheep, a fox, a bear, etc. Since most of the junior and middle schoolchildren go to school, they start preparing for Christmas in advance: at home with books and videotapes of Christmas short songs or at school on thematic literature lessons. However, today's beautiful children's Christmas carols are different from traditional ones. Instead of glorifying the harvest, the children sing about the birth of Christ, winter fun, holidays and gifts. In gratitude for beautiful and emotional songs children receive from adults sweets, pies, gingerbread, fruit. In the north of Russia, children's Christmas songs for caroling with choruses are sung, and in most other regions, short and fussy carols are more often performed. "Christmas Carols" Music by A. Shidlovskaya. Words folk. 1. As the street frost It freezes the nose, does not order to stand for long, Velit soon to serve! 2. Or a warm pie, Or an oil, cottage cheese, Or money with a spear, Or a ruble in silver.

"Christmas carol came" Russian folk song. A Christmas carol came on the eve of Christmas. We went, we were looking for a Christmas carol. We found a carol at the Romanov's court. Romanov's yard, an iron dock. In the middle of the yard there are three balconies. In the first tower there is a red sun, Red sun is a hostess. In the second tower there is a month light, In the third tower there are often asterisks. The month is bright, then the owner is here. Frequent asterisks are small children.

"Christmas carol" Russian folk song. Kolyada-Malyada, I drove young. We were looking for a carol in the Ivanovo court. As in the street frost It freezes the nose, does not order to stand for a long time, Orders to serve soon: Or a warm pie, Or a cottage cheese, Or a money spear, Or a ruble in silver.

Russian folk carols: watch and listen on video

Even today in a huge metropolis you can organize noisy and merry Christmas carols, as well as introduce children to the ancient traditions of winter holidays. Of course, naughty, turning the bench and stealing neighbor cats, not worth it. But to learn short Russian folk carols and make simple children's costumes will be necessary. Having joined families or gathered a small company of teenagers or children, you can walk around neighbors, stroll around your native village, visit grandparents, picking up delicious New Year's "gifts." Children's texts for caroling can be absolutely any, just to be easily remembered and not confused by the kids. And we offer you our own variants of short Russian Christmas carols, which you can watch and listen on the video: Christmas celebrates the whole world. Adults and children sing joyfully: To the whole world, God was born in Bethlehem to save. Bring our gifts to the den, Pure hearts and this song. Let the Christmas miracle Follow us everywhere. Surprisingly, even after thousands of years the Slavic people managed to preserve the best traditions and customs. Among them, an honorable place is occupied by carols of Russian folk at Christmas. The hospitable hosts listen to the texts of short Christmas carols and Christian songs with the same pleasure, and afterwards - from the bottom of the heart they reward the carols with delicacies. Feeling even stronger with the true Spirit of Christmas.