Claira is a reliable contraceptive with estradiol

contraceptive with estradiol Clayra
Clayra is a multiphase preparation of the group of modulators of the reproductive system and sex hormones, intended for systemic use. Contains gestagenic and estrogenic components that increase the viscosity of cervical secretion, decrease the susceptibility of the uterine membrane to a fertilized egg, oppression of ovulation. Clyde has unique characteristics that distinguish him among other oral contraceptives. The composition of the drug includes estradiol valerate, which provides the woman's body with estrogen, identical in chemical properties to a natural analog, and dienogest, characterized by pronounced atiantrogenic activity. Against the background of taking the contraceptive, the duration and intensity of menstrual bleeding is reduced, the pain syndrome is reduced, the risk of oncology of the reproductive system is reduced, and the manifestations of hypertrichosis are mitigated.

Clira: composition

Claira: instructions for use

Each pack contains 26 colored tablets and 2 white tablets (placebo). During the course it is recommended to follow the rules described in the manual, otherwise the contraceptive effect is reduced. For the convenience of taking seven tablets with the names of the days of the week are attached to the tablets. They should be glued on the blister so that it is easier to monitor the daily intake of tablets. Minor vaginal bleeding begins while taking a white pill or a second dark red - this is normal and does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. When observing the rules of reception, each new package must begin on a specific day of the week. Tablets are taken in the sequence in which they are placed in the blister, starting with a dark yellow. Claira should be stopped after another menses, it is not recommended to do this in the middle of the cycle.

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Clira: side effects


when taking unreasonably high doses of the drug may develop vaginal bleeding, vomiting, nausea. There is no specific antidote, symptomatic treatment is indicated.

Contraceptive Claira: reviews and similar drugs

Clair's contraceptive is well tolerated, highly effective, free of serious complications, associated with complete cycle control and mild bleeding. Similar to the drugs: Zhanin , Yarina .

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Claira: reviews of doctors

Gynecologists evaluate the contraceptive pill Kaira from the positive side. Thanks to the dynamic dosage regimen, the drug provides excellent tolerability, reliable contraception, improves the physical condition of a woman, effectively inhibits ovulation, controls the menstrual cycle. Claira is recommended by specialists as a safe means of contraception for women of childbearing age, who lead a regular sexual life.