Dating and phone number

Where do dating begin? Well, of course, with the phone number. And did you know that by the way your man dials your phone number when you meet, you can determine his character and how long your relationship will last. In our dating article and phone number, we will tell you how to determine which is your fan.

1. If a man writes your number on a scrap of paper, then this person is not capable of a long relationship. After all, this leaf is very easy to lose, which means that you are not so interesting to him, and there are so many girls like you.

Meet a girl by phone number
2. If a man in the course of acquaintance writes down your phone number in the diary, then this person will be serious. And such a man is located and is looking for a long relationship. He always knows what he wants and every moment he has his clockwork. Such a man will be a good family man, but, unfortunately, boring for life.

3. If a man writes a phone number on his hand, it seems to be good. After all, people basically write this down, if something important should be remembered. But after all such record can and be accidentally erased, so, he will forget you. In such men, how fast passion flares up, just as quickly it goes out.

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4. If you see that your man tries to write down your number everywhere in the phone and in a notebook wherever possible, you, of course, will like it. You decide that he liked it so much, that he is very worried, God forbid losing your number, but it is not. Basically, these men are very insecure and, most likely, mama's sons. Such men need a constant reminder of what needs to be done and thus it will everywhere run into your phone. And for a long time will think about how to call you. If you are a strong girl and you like male henpecked, then it will suit you.

5. There are men who delicately record when you get acquainted with your phone number and in notepad and phone. But at the same time he will constantly indicate that he has the phone of the latest model, and the notebook is made of genuine leather. Such people believe that they understand all the problems and constantly teach everyone how to live right. It's very difficult to live with such men. But if you encourage him everywhere, you can, if he is at the money, go out into the higher world. And then in this same circle find yourself a decent man.

6. There is also a category of men who say they will remember your phone number. Here you can draw two conclusions. If he called you and did not forget about you, then you really liked him. But, and if you did not call, then you do not need him at all, and you do not have to worry about it.

Now you can learn the person at the first acquaintance by how he writes down your phone number.