Discreet elegance: the all-season collection On Course

On Course - not the first domestic brand, which focuses on universality. And, despite the short history, already - one of the most successful. The designers of the brand have abandoned the concept of seasonality, placing a stake on the basic things that are always relevant in the wardrobe of a metropolitan woman. The second line, On Course, justifies expectations - no outrageous, unusual experiments or ambiguous trends, which tend to abruptly appear and just as suddenly disappear from fashion. Only practicality, combinatoriality and comfort.

Nalochitaya negligence is more urgent than ever

In the collection of the collection there are things in the style of the city czehal: trousers, skirts and jeans of a loose cut with wide belts, odors and asymmetric pockets, wide dresses, tunics, thin turtlenecks, t-shirts and crochet-tops, cotton vests and rigid decorative aprons, sarafans and fitted cloaks-cardigans. Minimalistic models of the ruler are easily combined with each other, forming images that are invariably stylish in their multilayer laconism. A minimum of effort, the maximum result - a rule of good taste from the On Course.

A linen apron is a witty element of the everyday image

Sport-Kazual in the interpretation of On Course

Items from the collection of the brand can be selected in the Moscow store Kursovoy, or make an online order in Instagram and Facebook-boutique accounts.

Denim and flax - the best choice for summer outfits