Dream: a bouquet of the bride

Half of our life we ​​spend in a dream. And very often we dream about dreams. They are different: happy, nightmarish, prophetic, helping to solve problems, etc. And every time we wake up, we think what we dreamed and what it all means. Today we will talk about what the dream book says about bouquets.

Truthful dream book

If in a dream you receive a bouquet as a gift, then in life you will find in love a permanence.

If a bouquet is given to you, and you do not accept it, then you will be robbed and you will suffer losses.

Just to see the bouquet in a dream - to a very pleasant acquaintance.

And if you drop it from your hands, and besides, the bouquet is chic, magnificent - then in reality you will be undeservedly undeserved.

To be engaged in drawing up a bouquet means happiness in family life. The wilted bouquet dreams of trouble.

Wangi's Dream

If you collect a bouquet of flowers in a dream, it means that in life you are tired of monotony and want to paint a little, revitalize your life and you will succeed.

If you choose a bouquet of flowers for someone as a gift and at the same time all the flowers seem dry and ugly to you, then in reality you will be overcome by spiritual solitude and disappointment.

If you give someone flowers - wait for treason.

If you are given a bouquet of yellow flowers, then in life you will come across the meanness of a loved one.

Sniffing a bouquet in a dream and at the same time feeling their fragrance means that you will suffer a love disappointment.

If you get a bouquet of artificial flowers as a gift, then this is a very bad dream. In life, you are lonely, a serious illness or death.

Sonnik L. Moroz

See the bouquet - to get to know each other.

To buy - you will soon meet your favorite little man.

If you are given a bouquet, you will listen to flattery. Collect a bouquet - wait for the arrival of pleasant news.

To see a bouquet of yellow flowers means that a loved one is cheating on you.

Bridal bouquet

If you dream that you are at a wedding and the bride throws a bouquet over your shoulder - then in reality a dream means that soon you will get married and your family life will be accompanied by happiness and success.

To the bride herself, the dream book interprets dream, where she catches the wedding bouquet as the fidelity and fidelity of her fiancé.

Other interpretations

There are still some interpretations of bouquets in a dream.

If you throw a bouquet with all your might against the wall, then a dream shows that your dreams are not carried out through your fault, and that you will be wasted by a useless waste of money and time.

If you see a lot of variegated colors, then expect friends to visit.

If a withered or dull bouquet is dreaming - you are expected to quarrel with the spouse, quarrels in the family, or betrayal on the part of the partner and disappointment in the family.

If you are given a bouquet of flowers, then in reality you should take a good look at the people around you, because they are not sincere with you and their intentions are not good.

To dream of glass flowers in a dream means that your family happiness can destroy something and you have to change something in your life or do something to not lose your favorite half.

If a man sees a dream in which he presents at the wedding of his bride a bouquet of beautiful flowers, then in his life there is a loss, illness or death of a loved one.

If you dream a bouquet of live bright buds, then in the near future you will receive news of the inheritance.

Field flowers mean the appearance in your environment of a sincere friend.

A dried bouquet of flowers is a harbinger of disease and misfortune.

If in a dream you throw out dried flowers - then you will soon get rid of bored acquaintance.

If a bouquet in a dream crumbles right before your eyes, then a dream indicates the unreliability and fragility of the relationship with your loved one.

Independently to collect a bouquet says that you admit to your beloved in your feelings. For a man, such a dream means offering the hand and heart of his beloved.

If you are given flowers in a dream, and you refuse them, then in reality you will have to regret some action you have taken.

Dreams about bouquets should be interpreted together with what flowers are in the bouquet and what they color. We are sure that you will succeed.