Elena Proklova shocked with confessions about the novel with Oleg Yankovsky

Yesterday on the channel NTV came the next program of Lera Kudryavtseva "The Secret of a Million". The new project has already gained popularity with the audience, because its famous heroes regularly make the most unexpected confessions.

The guest of the last program was Elena Proklova. There were many rumors about her stormy novels and colleagues on the set, and yesterday the actress confirmed them. Lera Kudryavtseva asked about the novels of the actress:
They write a lot about the fact that you had novels with Oleg Yankovsky, Andrei Mironov, Alexander Abdulov, Oleg Tabakov ... What is the truth?
On such a provocative question Elena Proklova answered shortly: "Everything."

Elena Proklova reported details of her novel with Oleg Yankovsky

Oleg Yankovsky was one of the brightest actors of Soviet cinema. Thousands of fans considered him an ideal man, and he spent his whole life with his wife Lyudmila Zorina, whom he had met while at the theater school.

Yesterday Elena Proklova reported shocking details about the personal life of Oleg Yankovsky. It turns out that the actors had a serious romance. According to Proklova, she became pregnant with the actor, but deciding not to destroy his family, interrupted the pregnancy. The actress said that Yankovsky wanted this child and persuaded Elena to give up abortion. Nevertheless, Proklova understood that it is not acceptable for Yankovsky to have two families:
I did it cruel overnight and it hurt for him. I'm sure he forgave me this, he knew that he does not have the right to a second family

According to the actress, for a long time after the end of the novel, they did not communicate with Oleg Yankovsky. Only at the funeral of Alexander Abdulov the ex-beloved met again and could talk. Elena Proklova is sure that she occupied an important place in the heart of the great actor until the end of his days.

The revelations of Elena Proklova provoked condemnation from many spectators. Internet users believe that she did not have the right to bring to the public discussion the intimate details of the novel with an actor who is no longer alive. The address of the star appeared a lot of negative comments because of yesterday's program:
Why such revelations now, when a person is no longer and do not think about his wife
Fu, how disgusting. Little with whom this Proklova was rubbed, but Jankowski had already left, why waste his memory with his "memories." Maybe it was not so, he can not answer.
Most likely Oleg did not want to leave the family to Proklova, so she held her anger and avenged after so many years. And he did not like her. If he loved, then he left nothing and no one could stop him.
I do not understand why these revelations and digging in dirty underwear. Yankovsky was married at the time, would not say much. This is clearly unpleasant to Yankovsky's relatives and her image is not good.
Has acted disgustingly. Defender of the family. And Tabakova priperla. The peasants have good families and it's just a spit at all and for themselves. It's disgusting.