How is the second pregnancy?

When should the second pregnancy be planned after the birth of the first child? Should I hurry or do I need a pause? Is it worth going to such a step as raising children - weather?

Now ultrasound is very popular among pregnant women. There are many reasons for this. It helps to control the development of the fetus, and also lets you know the sex of the unborn child. Usually, future parents, upon recognizing the baby on the ultrasound, and if this is at variance with their expectations, think "well and good, but the next one will necessarily be a son" (or daughter). There is a clear pattern. If you have a second pregnancy occurred during the first year, then most likely you have a second child born the same sex as the first. That is, children who are born one after another with a difference of up to a year and a half are almost always of the same sex. So, if you want to conceive a child of the opposite sex, then you should wait a year or two. Wait is also necessary because the woman's body needs time - 3-5 years, in order to recover after bearing, giving birth and feeding the first child. Especially if the birth was difficult. If a woman gave birth with a caesarean section, then the birth of a second child should also be delayed. During this time the uterus will form a full-fledged scar. The second pregnancy should be planned and before it comes it is necessary to turn to a gynecologist for examination.

When planning the second pregnancy, first of all, prepare the older baby until the soon appearance of a brother or sister. It may not be clear to a kid that Mum and Dad need more children than him. Explain to him that the situation will not change, the parents do not try to replace him and will continue to love him as before. Convince that the appearance of a brother or sister, for the elder will have their positive moments, they will be able to make friends and play together.

Many women ask themselves: how will the second pregnancy take place? This is a very important moment for a woman. If, there was a negative experience during the first pregnancy, then it must also be discarded and not transferred to a second pregnancy. Try to figure out what happened, and why it happened. Try to get rid of fears and regulate your emotional state. Most women notice that their second pregnancy is slightly different from the first. As a rule, if there are no complications and problems with health, then the second pregnancy proceeds more easily than the first.

Changes that occur during the second pregnancy will be different from the first. Perhaps, you will not have so pronounced toxicosis, although this is not always the case. This time, perhaps, you will become more tired, since you will have to take care of the first child. The tummy may appear a month earlier than the first pregnancy, since the abdominal muscles are not so strong, they are stretched during the first pregnancy. It will be located slightly lower.

The masturbation of the fetus will be felt by the second pregnancy before about a week or two. At the first pregnancy this occurs on the twentieth week. Hence, at the second on the eighteenth.

The second birth, as a rule, proceeds faster than the first. So, if the period of labor during the first pregnancy lasts 10-12 hours, then at the second 6-8. At the second pregnancy there are almost no preparatory fights. So it's with the birth itself.

After the birth of the second child, all women, when feeding the baby in the first days after childbirth, feel very painful contractions of the uterus. What is not observed at the birth of the firstborn.

Of course, like no pregnancy in different women is similar to each other, and each pregnancy for the same woman is unique and individual.

And even if you still decided to give one more life, then your second pregnancy will be easy, problem-free and similar to a holiday.