How to deal with skin problems in heat: 3 tips from cosmetologists

Summer in the city is not an easy test for the skin. Dust, smog, vaporized hot asphalt, aggressive sunlight, which are replaced by cold air from air conditioners - these factors do not contribute to the flowering species. Experts tell us what to do with rashes, peeling, clogged pores and greasy sheen.

How to care for the skin in the summer: useful advice

Regularly cleanse the skin. It's not about aggressive scrubs, soaps and clay masks - try to use soft antibacterial gels for washing. If you have oily or mixed skin - wipe it several times a day with a lotion lotion or tonic: it is better if these products contain plant extracts. And try to touch your face less with your hands - sweat and dirt can immediately cause persistent irritation.

Tonic without alcohol: to preserve the lipid barrier of the skin

Use ice cubes. Prepare them yourself will not be difficult: you will need forms with cells and herbal decoctions. Brew a tincture of chamomile, calendula or thyme (a tablespoon in a glass of water), cool, pour into a container and send it to the freezer. The resulting cubes wipe the face and décolleté zone in the morning and evening after washing - this ritual will provide a light lifting, will return the skin radiance and tone.

Ice cubes refresh and tone the skin

"Make it easy" for your makeup. If you can not do without decorative cosmetics, replace the dense textures with light ones. A fluid or liquid matte emulsion with UV filters instead of a standard foundation, powder blush instead of cream, color gel for eyes instead of shadows and, of course, waterproof mascara - those remedies for which the skin will be grateful to you.

Minimal makeup in the heat - a guarantee of healthy skin