How to look younger after 40 with the help of clothes

A woman at 40 years old knows her strengths and weaknesses, knows how to navigate in the living space, she has self-confidence and a mature charm. But sometimes, without noticing, she makes "stylistic" mistakes in the selection of wardrobe. The wrong choice of clothes leads to the fact that the emphasis on beauty and femininity shifts in the direction of age-related nuances. To avoid this, you need to carefully select the everyday and evening image - to draw attention to the pluses, not the minuses of appearance.

Restraint and femininity - a recipe for a style for forty-year-old beauties

A man's clothes can tell a lot about his mistress. Ability to navigate in fashion is an especially important quality for mature women. Reckless and carefree age, when it was possible to embark on the most desperate experiments with style, has already passed. And if the woman will continue in the same spirit and at 40, then there is a risk of looking ridiculous. The main thing at this age is to emphasize your femininity, to look neat, fresh and stylish. To do this, special attention should be paid to several important aspects.


Mature women are contraindicated baggy things. You should not also choose a layered style in clothes. Tying a long scarf around his neck, putting on a set of a jacket and a wide skirt, women voluntarily increase their age.


The length of the skirt or dress also plays an important role. In 40 years it's better to bet on midi. Too long skirts and inconspicuous maxi-length dresses can ruin the beauty and elegance of the bow. A mini skirts, copied from young schoolgirls, will add the impression of a woman who is not able to take her years as her wealth. But the midi also has its own characteristics - this length does not fit every figure. Ideally looks the average length on tall and slender women. For other types of complexion, choose skirts or dresses below the knees by 5 cm.

Cutting and decoration of clothes

The perfect style for a dress is a trapeze or A-silhouette. If the waist is clearly expressed, then the dress-case with the neck-boat is the most suitable option. The skirt styles for 40 years can also be very diverse. It all depends on the type of figure. If the hips are narrow, then the skirt-sun or half-sun, just below the knee, visually aligns the proportions. Smell and asymmetric cut will hide excess volume on the hips. A classic pencil skirt is suitable for almost any type of figure. Jeans are desirable to choose without torn, rhinestones, crocheting, fringe or mites. Coloring should also not be freak. Give preference to the classic light-blue shade or denim of the fashionable color of indigo.

Pants - classical length by silhouette. For an informal environment, you can choose culottes, but only if you are the owner of thin ankles.

Texture of fabric

Strange as it may seem, even the fabric itself can impose an excessive, practically pension solidity. At the age of forty, one should not buy clothes from dense, heavy fabrics. Give preference to light and flowing textures. For a warm season, suitable materials such as chiffon, cambric, viscose are good. In the cold season, wear cashmere or thin woolen knitwear. It should not strongly encircle a figure or sit "in the guise". Choose clothes of half-fitted silhouette.


You do not need to be a supporter of extremes. Blouse with Minnie's mouse and tight jeans also look awkward at adult blooming women, like grandmother's baggy sweaters or long shapeless skirts. Adequate attitude to one's age is the key to a successful style. The most spectacular bow for 40-year-olds is collected from things of classic cut. Moderate and strict style can be easily diluted with stylish and non-trivial accessories. For example, a set of thin bracelets or a fashionable clutch will effectively complement the classics.


The color scheme in clothes is able to work wonders. Different shades give a healthy or sick look, rejuvenate or age, refresh the onion or make it gloomy and uninteresting. In 40 years, you need to carefully select the clothes by color. Stylists advise choosing the lightest shades for maturity. Delicate pastel colors rejuvenate, and black color only emphasizes the age-related aspects of appearance.

Drawings and prints

Having defined the color scheme, you need to pay attention to the figure of the fabric. Optimal choice - things from monophonic materials. Prints, inscriptions and other variegated decor should be chosen with caution or even abandoned. Uniform clothes with beautiful, expensive jewelry or stylish gold ornaments - the most winning way to shade the mature and feminine beauty.


Shoes for 40-year-old women should be expensive and comfortable. This does not mean that for the sake of comfort, you need to give up the heel. On the contrary, the shoes on the middle hairpin or the ankle boots on a steady square heel will emphasize the beautiful line of lifting and successfully shade the stylish image. In this case, do not just limit it to black. Designers believe that black shoes indicate the lack of style. Properly selected color shoes, on the contrary, will help to create your own unique and bright bow. Dark blue, purple, lilac, gray or dark green shoes not only visually skip a dozen years, but also look fashionable and modern.

In the summer, it is impossible to think of a better option than shoes that are inconspicuous for skin color.

Council. Color shoes should be combined in a shade with any detail in the image. Whether it's a bag, costume jewelery or colored patterns on cloth clothes.


Accessories complement the beautiful and elegant clothes. Without them, the image is rather boring. Mature women are fine with precious jewelry made of gold, much more than young girls. They emphasize the status and femininity. But the main thing here is not to be too zealous. Do not use all the gold from the casket. So you can get a more flashy look than a luxurious one.

If we talk about costume jewelry, then it should not be cheap either. Do not get carried away with large and bulky bracelets, large earrings and massive necklaces. Choose more thin, practically weightless accessories.

Whatever the stylists tell us, no matter what fashion advice is given, you always need to focus on your own sense of style. Only it will help to create an ideal image. But to adhere to some advice from the fashion guru still follows. Then to look impressive and attractive at the age of forty can any woman.