How to draw luck with folk remedies

Mrs. Lucky's smile is a dream to see many, but in order to earn it, you need to work hard, and you did not misunderstand, to work hard. Maybe it's enough to wait for a fairy with a magic wand or wait for a magician to come to you on a blue helicopter. Luck is a state of the subconscious, it's high time to understand that in each of us there live fairies and wizards, they create real miracles. And in order to understand how to attract luck by popular means, one must believe that it exists. And if you deny this in your own words, then how can you attract something that you do not believe in.

How often such phrases break: "These are all fairy tales. It's impossible. Miracles do not happen. " It was such a business, was not it? And you are still hoping for something? And luck goes to where it is hoped for, where it is expected. Where she is grateful and happy, where she is appreciated, loved and believe in her. Luck is where it is good, so you need to make sure that she came to visit you and stayed forever in your house. In addition, luck does not go empty-handed.

The power of positive thinking
Assume once and for all that luck and success are not an accident, but a pattern that arises from the right actions and thoughts. Our thoughts are an unlimited screen of energy and a huge force. Every second they create our future and our reality. Our life situation is the material embodiment of our thoughts, which we often neglect, and yet they are material. We spend a lot of time worrying and worrying, but you can not die at once from everything and get sick with all the diseases. We spend a lot of material and mental energy thinking about the black days that can come, and thus we program ourselves for what they are attacking.

The more we think about our hardships, problems, failures, so we multiply them. You need to streamline your thoughts, fill them with prosperity and joy, happiness, positive and light. Only a clear realization that everything is real, it is possible that dreams come true, that everything will be fine already. To be a favorite of luck, you need to behave and feel, to think as if you have already achieved all that you aspired to.

Think good
Our thoughts are good and bad, dressed in words, breaking from the mouth, and flying into reality, disfiguring or transforming it. We pronounce such phrases, which can cause damage to the sender and the addressee: "It sticks in my liver! Well, I'm a fool! I can not see you! and then we wonder why and why this happens. So it turns out that you asked, then get it. If you want luck to come to your house, you need to take yourself for a rule, do not say anything bad about others or about yourself. Affirmations of good luck and the use of light energy of the word will be helped by affirmations, these are positive, concise statements that, if constantly repeated, are introduced into consciousness, change it and become a part of our life. Their text can be in an arbitrary form and only be pronounced in the present tense with the words "I am".

Look affirmation can be: "I am the best mom, woman, wife! I am the happiest, the wise, the strong! I am beautiful! I am healthy! It's good for me! I have all the best and deserve all the best! I live a fairy life! Next to me, my beloved, faithful and reliable man! Together we can do everything! "After a similar text, it becomes warm and light. Start and end your day with an affirmation that can illuminate your life. After all, every word should find a response in your soul, make your own text, the occupation is very exciting, do not miss the chance to feel like a witch or fairy.

Learning to visualize
Words and thoughts, of course this is good, but the bright picture will help to strengthen the effect, which will be images of desires. Build castles, dream, fantasize. If you dream of a car, imagine yourself driving a particular brand, imagine the upholstery of the cabin, the color, feel the steering wheel in your hands, sounds, smells, imagine the landscapes outside the window. The more concrete, detailed, real the image, the better. Imagine that you have such a machine and so do with all desires and plans.

We use wish cards
Or as they are called, the island of treasures, this will help you realize your desires. For this we take beautiful magazines, favorite photos, and with the help of scissors we create our own wish card. We do it on the new moon. We paste on a sheet of paper in such areas as health, love, fame, wealth, such pictures that you associate with your dreams, and in the center we put your photo. Nothing frightening and gloomy. Each sector is complemented by its affirmation, you need to know that everything will turn out. By creating a desire card, you send the forces of the universe a clear request that you need. Every day, admire this card, thank you, as if you already have it. Trust the forces of the universe, do not rush things and continue to live. If you want to win a million dollars, you need to work hard, at least buy a lottery ticket.

How do forgiveness and gratitude affect luck?
When you thank and praise your work, you even want to work. The forces of the universe are also arranged. Do not skimp on big and small praise. Thank for a breath of fresh air, over the sky above your head, for your parents, for a delicious breakfast, for a computer, for friends and so on. To have more than you have, appreciate all that you have.

Imagine that in your caring hands there is an Earthly little ball. And at this time a radiant flower blossoms in your heart, which will be filled with gratitude of love and goodness. Bless the Earth with love and peace. And all this, believe me, will come back to you. What you need will appear when you need to.

Thank heavenly forces and people who are always ready to help:
I thank all the good light forces of the Universe for the fact that my life is getting happier every day, more joyful, brighter, because my health is improving and growing stronger, because my powers are multiplying.

Learn to forgive and let go of yourself and your offenders. Feelings of resentment and guilt destroy the inside of a person. It is necessary to replace them with forgiveness and love. Suitable is the affirmation:

I believe in joy and in love. I know that I am surrounded by caring, kind and loving people. Every day in my life I create a harmonious and beautiful environment. I forgive everyone, and I forgive myself. I send love to all those who are near me and who surround me.

In conclusion, we add: you can attract good luck with folk remedies, these effective and simple practices will help to make your life harmonious and complete, help to attract good luck. Develop, work on yourself. Think only of the good, love, hope and believe, and luck will not pass you by.