How to look 10 years younger: Gymnastics for the face from wrinkles (from the leading trainers)

Gymnastics for the face (facebuilding) are special exercises that help to maintain facial muscles in tone. The founder of this charge is the plastic surgeon from Germany - Reinhold Benz. And continued his business American Carol Madgio, who came up with a special "aerobics for the face." If you give each day 20-25 minutes of such training, you can prevent aging, get rid of wrinkles and the second chin. It is believed that in terms of its effectiveness, such gymnastics can replace the popular procedure of plastic surgery - facelift. Also there is no need for fillers and botox. Another plus - classes in facial gymnastics can be organized at home. site made a selection of the best trainers for gymnastics for the face - a video with exercises from Elena Kovalenko, Galina Dubinina and Anastasia Burdyug will help you to engage in face building at home.

Gymnastics for the face at home - 5 rules for facebuilders

Before you begin to train the muscles of the face, you need to learn five golden rules of facebuilding. Without them, it will be difficult to achieve the desired result.
  1. The ideal age for starting classes is 25 years. After 30 years of gymnastics should become an obligatory part of face care.
  2. Gymnastics need to be practiced daily. It is best to do this in the morning.
  3. In feysbildinge the main role is played by regularity and effective technique. Before the beginning of classes, choose the appropriate course from a well-known coach and follow its rules.
  4. It is not necessary from the first days to give an increased strain on the muscles of the face. It is better to gradually move from a smaller to a larger volume of exercises.
  5. Gymnastics for the face must be clean. Skin before training should be cleaned with a soft tonic.
The effect of training will not be noticeable after the first session. The contour of the face will be tightened after 15-20 days of daily training. Wrinkles will begin to disappear not earlier than 2-3 months later. Then the face will acquire a beautiful color and healthy radiance, and the cheeks will become more elastic.

Home gymnastics for the face from wrinkles, or How to look 50 in 35, photo before and after facebuilding

It has long been proven a powerful anti-aging effect, which gives facial gymnastics. Many anti-age techniques have been developed. Such rejuvenating gymnastics is done in stages. Different parts of the face are gradually warmed up and brought into a tonus. Use our photo table as a hint for successful facebuilding.

  1. Eyelids. The index fingers close in the eyebrow area. Large placed at the outer edge of the eyes. Gets in the form of glasses. The eyelids need to be tightly closed. Then the index fingers between the eyebrows rise upward. The big ones also move upwards, but in the direction of the ears. Exercise should be done about 40 seconds.

The result: the swollen zones in the eye area disappear, the tonus of the upper and lower eyelids increases, the skin rejuvenates, and signs of eye fatigue are removed.
  1. Forehead. The thumbs are fixed under the cheekbones. The other fingers of the palm rest above the upper bend of the eyebrows. Eyebrows need to be lifted up, and fingers to lower downwards, forming resistance. This position is fixed for 30 seconds, then the muscles of the face relax.

The result: effective prophylaxis against wrinkles on the forehead, transverse wrinkles between the eyebrows and longitudinal folds disappear, the overhanging of the upper eyelids is eliminated.
  1. Lower eyelids. The index fingers are placed under the lower eyelids, at the extreme line of the eyelashes. Then you need to squint sharply and look up as much as possible. Face stretch forward, and shoulders pull back. There must be resistance. Hold in this position for 30 seconds.

Result: Dark circles and bags under eyes disappear gradually.
  1. Cheeks. The index fingers are pressed against the most protruding part of the cheeks in the center. The lips are tightly pressed to the teeth. Now we need to portray the interjection "Fu!" - exactly the one we say when something unpleasant is mentioned. You need to smile, but only in the middle part of the lips, trying not to close them. The fingers should feel the movement of the cheeks. Do the same 20 times.

The result is firm, taut cheeks.
  1. Nose. The nose is wrapped around the forefinger and thumb. With the index finger of the second hand, the tip of the nose rises. The upper lip should be pulled down and held for several seconds. To do gymnastics of a nose 40 times.

The result: the nose remains in a tone, does not increase as a result of aging (the fact that the nose grows all life - a long-proven fact).
  1. Corners of the lips. Lips tightly bite, pull their corners inside. With your index fingers, you need to massage the skin up and down, not tearing them from the corners of your lips. Massage for 40 seconds. Then, almost without opening your lips, exhale the air and relax your muscles.

Result: One of the obvious signs of age - the corners of the lips, sadly directed down. This defect is easily prevented and eliminated by doing this simple exercise.
  1. Volume of lips. With your index fingers, twist the outer edge of the lip under the inner lip. Fingers to fix the "twisted" lip in the center and properly press it on both sides.

The result: lips become voluminous, elastic and elastic without the use of special fillers.
  1. Nasolabial folds. The lips are pressed as tightly as possible to the gums and open in the shape of an oval or an elongated "O". Pointing fingers are applied to the corners of the lips. Then the fingers move up to the wings of the nose and fall in the reverse order. The reference point is a nasolabial fold.

The result: the removal of even deep creases between the nose and lips.
  1. Contour of face. The mouth opens, the lower and upper lips tightly pressed against the teeth and wrapped inside. In this position, you need to slowly open and close the jaw five times. Then, keeping your mouth shut, raise your chin slightly up. Fix it for a few seconds in this position, relax the muscles.

The result: clear contours of the face oval along the jaw line, getting rid of the double chin.
  1. Neck and chin. One hand to put on the neck and squeeze a little, the other lean against the wall. Raise your head up and smile. After that, the tongue to reach for the tip of the nose and push away from the wall. Repeat the movement 30 times, keeping everything in the same position. Do the exercise 30 more times, turning your head to the left and 30 more times to the right.

The result: the contour of the chin, jaw, the neck is tightened and the second chin disappears. Photos before and after facebuilding can convince even the most inveterate skeptics that face-building is not a waste of time, but an effective and rejuvenating gymnastics for the face.

Gymnastics face from Anastasia Burdyug - 13 exercises against wrinkles

All these methods of facebuilding are offered in training by Anastasia Burdyug. She called the lesson "Super Face". It includes 13 exercises. By time they take only 8 minutes twice a day. As a result - 16 minutes, which will make your face young, beautiful and fit.

In 2-3 months the most effective rejuvenating technique will be available, or rather - on the face. Wrinkles will begin to disappear, the skin of the face and neck will become smooth, without wrinkles, the contour of the face will be tightened. Eyes, lips, line of cheekbones will become more expressive, the signs of couperose will disappear. In the video from Anastasia Burdyug - detailed instructions on how to properly do anti-aging gymnastics face.

Gymnastics for the face with Elena Kovaleva - exercises for youth

Youth outside of time - such vital motivation inspires another well-known trainer in facial gymnastics Elena Kovaleva. The work of the TV presenter required her to have an ideal appearance. And one day the girl was carried away by yoga for the face. She spent a lot of time and effort studying the basics of facial gymnastics. Now Elena is the author of her own program for rejuvenating the face with the help of facebuilding. The coach often conducts open training, in which he talks about the intricacies of his skill.

Open training with Elena Kovaleva

Gymnastics for the face with Galina Dubinina - full video version of the lesson

An experienced fitness trainer Galina Dubinina has been engaged in gymnastics for more than 12 years. Galina is an experienced facebuilder and fitness instructor, organizer of her own "School of Youth". Its goal is to fight against age, rejuvenate the body and face through training, prevent age-related health problems. A full video version of facebuilding with Galina Dubinina will help you understand what fitness is for a person, how to organize training properly and look fit and fresh at any age. Methods of facebuilding abound. They were developed by well-known coaches, and they are very popular among all those who want to preserve the youthfulness and freshness of their skin. It's so simple - a 20-minute gymnastics for the face and no botox.