How to make a massage belly for weight loss

Every girl has a dream of a beautiful figure. It is necessary to have a tight flat stomach. To achieve this result, different methods are used, such as exercise, diet, and it is desirable to have a special massage of the abdomen. It is necessary to conduct such sessions regularly. How to make a stomach massage for weight loss, we will tell you in today's article.

In addition to the weight loss effect, the massage of the abdomen helps in the fight against stasis in the internal organs, it regulates intestinal peristalsis. Massage can be done at home without attending an expensive masseur and saving money and time.

Plucked tummy massage

This kind of massage can be both an independent and preparatory stage to the main massage for weight loss. The purpose of this massage is to stretch the muscles of the abdomen, but in addition it helps to smooth the skin and increase its tone, thanks to it the skin will become beautiful and smooth. In addition to improving the condition of the skin, massage can help prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

When performing pinching massage, some recommendations should be followed. First, lie on your back and relax. Raise a little skin on the abdomen, pinching yourself, move so all over the stomach clockwise. Try to pinch yourself more intensively with each following circle. At the end of the massage, the skin should become reddened. After take a terry towel and rub the stomach again clockwise. Whenever possible, apply a massage oil or cream before the massage.

Water massage of the abdomen

Water massage is simple enough, for its carrying out will suffice usual douche. Massage can be done while taking a bath. Water massage energizes, invigorates and tones. In addition, this massage helps to make the figure slimmer, and the skin is smooth, and it also regulates the digestion process.

It is necessary to use cool water when carrying out the massage. Direct the shower to the stomach and direct it clockwise. The contrast of the head pressure will also favorably influence the outcome of the procedure. Determine for yourself the appropriate temperature and strength of the jet.

Special skills for carrying out a massage of the abdomen are not necessary, it can be done at home by oneself. But there are also some rules that must be remembered and respected. The first rule is the regularity of the massage, if you take him a little time during the day, then very soon you can see the result. It must be remembered that after eating, you do not need to actively massage the abdomen. It is better to do this before meals for an hour or after eating in a half to two hours.

During pregnancy, such a massage should not be done, as well as with incomprehensible pain in the abdomen. Under such conditions, it is better to consult a doctor.

During the course of massage, you should follow a diet and be sure to give up sweets, baked goods and fat in large quantities. Also do not forget about physical activity, they are very important in losing weight.

Can belly massage

When carrying out an effective massage of the stomach, special silicone cans that are sold at every pharmacy are excellent. Such a massage for a short time will remove excess fat on the abdomen. Before the session, massage the skin with a solution of alcohol. Then apply on the abdominal area massage oil, in which you can add rosemary essential oil.

Secure the jars so that there is not more than 1.5 cm of skin left inside. Move them also clockwise, depicting a zigzag or a spiral. The session should be held for 5-7 minutes. After this procedure, cover the stomach with a blanket and lie down for a while. At first, bruises may appear on the abdomen, but after a while the skin will get used and bruises will disappear.

Honey massage of the abdomen

Honey massage is also effective in losing weight. However, for carrying out this type of massage, only fresh real floral honey should be used.

In addition, that the stomach will become slimmer after such a massage, even slags will be removed from the body. The skin will become supple and elastic, cellulite will begin to disappear.

It is necessary to mix two teaspoons of honey with ten drops of essential oil (not more). The massage is done quite simply. Apply honey in the palm of your hand and pat on the abdomen.

Over time, the honey thickens, and the hands will stick to the skin, thereby obtaining a vacuum effect. After a while it will be noticeable how the whitish substance will start to appear from the pores - these are slags! Wash your hands and continue the massage, do it for 10-15 minutes, but not more than half an hour. After the procedure, take a warm shower, but not hot. During the session alternate stroking and stress. This course lasts from 10 to 15 sessions, conducted every other day. The skin can be moistened with apple cider vinegar, which also burns fat. Honey massage is effective not only as a means to lose weight, but also as a way to combat cellulite.

Manual massage of the stomach for weight loss

Such massage is recommended to do before physical exercises, as it relaxes the muscles of the stomach. After such a warm-up they will be ready for physical exertion. Manual massage can be done with a massage device or, for example, with a terry towel, it can perfectly replace a massage glove. Stretch the abdomen first vertically, and then horizontally. If you decide to use a towel, then make sure that it is not very hard.

If you do massage with your hands, just do light tapping movements on the belly and move again clockwise. Watch for strength and sharpness of movements, they should not be too strong, since it is not recommended to press hard on the stomach. But also make sure that the massage is not too soft and felt, or it will not bring any effect.

It is necessary to make active, but light, pressing movements with both hands and straight fingers. Do not overdo it with force, as there is a chance to damage not only the skin, but also the internal organs. Move your hands also clockwise. Then put your hands in the lower abdomen with your hands and begin to make vigorous vibrations. The abdomen should be relaxed and free to sway.