How to pluck correctly the eyebrows

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. But any mirror needs a decent frame - and eyebrows give our person an individuality, balance and some completeness of the image. Overgrown, bushy or on the contrary - too thin "strings" accent all attention to themselves and negate the most perfectly matched makeup. So how to pluck your eyebrows correctly? Probably the easiest way to correct the shape of the eyebrows and their color is to go to a specialist. In the salon you can be offered the following:
- correction of the shape of the eyebrows by depilation
- eyebrow coloring
- tattooing

When the shape and color of your eyebrows is professionally adjusted by a specialist - it's much easier to care for them, but for this you must follow simple rules.
We will need:
1. The mirror is medium-sized or large (so that your hands are free and you can see your whole face completely)
2. Tweezers
3. Lotion for disinfection
The light should not be dim or diffused. Ideally pluck your eyebrows in daylight.

After you have washed your hands, disinfected the tweezers and wiped your face and eyebrows with lotion - you can proceed.

No matter how simple the procedure is for plucking extra hair - but there are also secrets here. Hairs need to be grasped with tweezers at the root part, pull the skin with the second hand and pull out with a sharp movement. You do not need to hurry - it's better to grab one hair each. If you want to pluck a painless eyebrow, use an ice cube or a hot compress - it will expand your pores, and it will be easier to pry the hair.

Ideal eyebrows are constructed using lines drawn through each half of the face. To understand the beginning, end and maximum bend of your eyebrow - use a pencil.

Attach a pencil to the line of the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye - this is the line of the beginning of the eyebrow. If the hairs protrude behind the pencil towards the bridge of the nose - they need to be removed. Then, attach a pencil to the wing of the nose, but through the outer corner of the eye - so we get the end of the eyebrow - anything that goes beyond the line needs to be plucked. If the natural line of the eyebrow is short - it is necessary to correct the line with makeup. And finally - draw a line from the wing of the nose through the iris of the eye, when we look directly - this is the highest point of the eyebrow.

Now create the desired bend by removing excess hairs on the bottom of the eyebrow - to make the eyebrow look finished.
If you are finished - do not forget to rub your eyebrows with lotion and grease them with gel.

Ksenia Ivanova , especially for the site