What plant flowers in the country?

In the article, "How to plant flowers in the country", we will tell and advise you to plant lilies. Flowers can be admired, watched, enjoyed the scents of flowers. One of my acquaintances, when I saw a lily of the brand "Kristall Star" at the dacha in our country, called her: "The miracle of the earth". She looked at the flowers enchanted, from her words, the flowers seemed to shine. After all, you need to talk with flowers. We will tell you about the lilies, these flowers will surprise you every time. You can touch these creatures, shake the dew from the petals, breathe in their scent.

Do not worry that the flowers did not come up, because different varieties of lilies rise at different times. Well tolerate the winter, it is enough to put a light shelter from the billet, and they will not freeze. In areas where water stagnates, lilies do not need to be planted, they are afraid of getting wet.

When buds appear, you will start to guess what a flower will be. And how many times they surprised me this flower, it seems, look, there must be white, and it is two-tone or pink.

Thousands of varieties of lilies exist, they are further subdivided into species. On the Internet, it's easy to find a classification of lilies, but you need to choose only what will be on sale.

All the lilies have their own smell, which distinguishes them from other flowers. In some, it is not very noticeable, others have very strong. Lilies of some varieties bloom in June, while others blossom in August.

If you are passionate about landscape design, then a flower like a lily will fit well into your garden. Lilies are from 0.5 to 2 meters. In the garden, keep away from other flowers, compactly. Different varieties of lilies when planting plant separately from each other. When such beauties you will have a lot, you can experiment with them. They prefer rather fertile soils, light and loose. Do not be afraid of transplants and even grow better.

Lilies are bulbous, perennial plants. Bulbs with thick scales, large. You can plant lilies in spring and autumn. When transplanting, do not dry the root system. It happens that they sell dried bulbs, they normally will, but that they take root before the winter, you need to plant them in September. Then in the spring they will bloom in their biological term.

Flowers lilies will look good against the backdrop of a beautiful green lawn. The place for them should be sunny, not shaded by trees. In order to make a flower bed, you need to remove the turf from the site where you plan to make a flower bed from 1 to 2 meters square. Ground from the removed turf must be shaken out into the pit.

There you need to add garden land and humus so that the flowerbed was raised above the level of the lawn by 5 or 7 centimeters. If the soil is heavy, clayey, you need to add sawdust, peat, sand. Add a glass of mineral fertilizers, 1 liter of ash, mix and level the ground. Bulbs of lilies should be planted at a depth of 20 to 25 centimeters, such will be holes. The bigger the bulb, the more it needs to be planted, this will prevent it from freezing in winter.

If bulbs in diameter reach 5 centimeters, the distance when planting between the holes should be from 40 to 50 centimeters. Small bulbs, in diameter from 2 to 3 centimeters should be planted at a distance of about 20 centimeters. In the autumn, they will sit down, because they will grow and drown each other.

Before planting, cut long roots to half. Roots spread in the hole when you put the hole. Pour in the sand with sand, then earth. If the soil is loose and light, then fill it with soil. After planting, you need to water the flower bed, but you do not need to water more, only when the first shoots appear. The soil must be mulched with coniferous needles, humus or peat.

Our flower bed is made on the lawn, and so that we do not have to fight the grass, we need to protect the fence around the entire perimeter. It is possible to hammer in or strew pieces of ceramic tile or iron strips with a width of about 30 centimeters.

Lilies of special care do not require pests, they are almost not damaged. Lilies do not threaten the disease, if they are not running, are planted in the sunlight. You can treat them from pests for prevention, then when you process other flowers, such as a rose. It is better to use such drugs as: "Topaz", "Skor".

When the lilies are running, their leaves die and blacken from the phytophthora. Decreased ornamentality of plants. No need to plant lilies in the shade, there they grow poorly, plants grow weak, low, and flowers are small and single.

Lilies are resistant to drought, they need to be watered about one per week. It is desirable in windy and dry weather.

You need 1 or 2 times a month to feed lilies with a solution of mineral fertilizers with microelements. For the season you can still pour a solution of mullein and make ash in the soil.

If there is a need, you can transplant already flowering plants. When the lilies grow over the summer, they need to be planted in the fall. The bulbs are excavated, one is divided, then the size is sorted and planted in a prepared flower bed. If you do not have time to transplant, then next year they will be cramped. When you dig a bulb, small bulbs need to be removed and planted in a garden somewhere else.

We have now learned what flowers can be planted in the country, and preferred lilies. They will be able to please you with their beauty and fragrances. And you can plant them both in the garden and in the garden.