Kate Hudson has absolutely nothing to hide

Kate Hudson has an impeccable style, she is successful and knows her worth, as a girl who was born to a star couple - actress Goldie Hawn and singer Bill Hudson.

Kate's veins have a rattling cocktail of Italian, English and Jewish blood that clearly affects the character of the girl, making her temperamental, persistent and at the same time incredibly optimistic. Since childhood, Hudson has become accustomed to the constant attention of the press, chained to her family, because today she willingly gives interviews, telling journalists about sometimes hard turns of her life. It seems that Kate Hudson has absolutely nothing to hide. Is it so?

Kate's "golden" childhood was not as cloudless as it might seem at first sight: her parents divorced when the girl was only a year and a half. My father was rather indifferent to his daughter, Kurt Russell was mainly involved in the education of the girl. (Since 1983, Kurt and mother Kate, Goldie Hawn, live together).

In 1997, the girl finished school and took up acting career. In the actor's field, she expected a rapid rise and now, in 2000, Kate received her first Oscar nomination - for her role in the film "Almost Famous."

Kate wants to play one day with her mother, but Goldie Hawn has no particular desire to be removed. Although Kate does not lose hope of finding a suitable film once, in which there will be roles for both of them.

From the age of five Kate is fond of dancing, one of her favorite dance styles is strippers. The girl thinks that dancing with a pole is a great way to keep fit, because such loads significantly strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks.

When Kate proposed the role in the musical "Nine" she agreed without hesitation, as this was her first opportunity to demonstrate not only an excellent acting game, but also good dance skills. Preparing to shoot, the actress began to take salsa lessons, which quickly became her new hobby. "Salsa is a very energy-intensive dance, but very cheerful!" Laughs Kate.

Kate was married to rocker Chris Robinson, from whom she gave birth to her son Ryder. In each interview, Kate assures that Chris is a wonderful person and she still loves him so much that she liked their wedding and liked being married, because many fans of the actress are confident that the time will come and the couple will give their relationship a second chance. Whether this is the way to show time. Kate herself says that their marriage did not work out because the couple could not find the golden mean between the thirst for adventure and the measured stability of family life. Now Kate and Chris are co-educating Ryder, whom Hudson calls "the main man of his life." About Kid Ryder can talk for hours! A rare interview with an actress does without mentioning her son. Kate believes that being a single mother is not terrible and does not bother at all.

On the red carpet Kate looks just stunning, but in everyday life, she is much closer to the style of the hippies. Kate even plans to release her own clothing line, promising that her outfits will be stylish, beautiful and comfortable in everyday wear.

All who were fortunate enough to be familiar with Kate Hudson, celebrate her inexhaustible cheerfulness, optimism and strength of character. At each event, Kate easily becomes the center of attention, from a bright actress, whose face is almost never come off a friendly, sunny smile, just impossible to tear off.

That's it, Kate Hudson. Bright, open, young and famous. An actress who walks through life easily, never losing optimism. Indeed, Kate Hudson has absolutely nothing to hide. For this we love it.