Horoscope V.V. Putin for 2018: Stars talk about illness

The location of the stars in the transit map of Vladimir Vladimirovich does not promise him a quiet life. In particular, the tense aspects of the Moon with such authoritative luminaries as Uranus and Saturn can break the inner core of the president. You will have to sacrifice one of two things: power or health. However, there are favorable moments. More details about them tell authoritative astrologers and clairvoyants.

Prediction of Pavel Globa

According to the calculations of an extraordinary astrologer, nothing will prevent Putin from staying in power in March. But whether it will bring him happiness - that's another question. As the troubled Saturn almost immediately enters the house of Scorpio. And this can be marked by a deadly disease, and the board will be shorter than planned. If the president can withstand the energy onslaught of the planet, then the rest of his forces will suffice only to keep the extracted from previous years. Nothing new has been created and will not be accumulated.

The astrologer predicts a cardinal change in the vector in 2023. When a man at the age of 55 comes to power. His past is vague, but the present will cause general admiration. The fact is that he will fight an incurable disease. This will help him to do the same with the Russian economy: to revive the country in the hypostasis of the leader of high technologies.

Forecast of Vlad Ross

In our opinion, the prognosis of the astrologer from Ukraine was biased. According to Ross's calculations, in February 2018, Putin will have a hard time. This is due to the same influence of Saturn - the planet of severe trials for humans. An important role will also be played by the conjunction of the Moon with Uranus. This position of the Earth satellite usually indicates uncontrolled health problems.

Pressure on Putin will be provided from all sides: foreign sanctions will only intensify, and with them the discontent of Russian businessmen. A grandiose international collapse is very likely: when representatives of the country's governing bodies refuse to host other countries. This may entail the writing of another scheme for a palace coup. The hard period will last until the end of the summer.

But even after the summer, Vladimir Vladimirovich will not be able to relax. Since the solar eclipse of August will mark the end of the Sarossian cycle. Once Putin came to power with this natural phenomenon. Together with him, he risks and leaves. This is an inevitable card in the deck of his star destiny. About the same says the Zoroastrian calendar. In the history of Russia there is a clear tendency for the leaders to leave when the Camel comes. Therefore, even a victory in the presidential election will not bring comfort to Putin. He expects a colossal test for strength. To threaten health will be not only enemies, but also their own ailments.

The political and economic situation will only worsen. The country will be torn to tatters by ethnic conflicts. And the loyalty of loyal vassals will be a fiction.

Horoscope from Alexander Alexandrov

The well-known numerologist also made an attempt to shed light on the fate of Mr. Putin. His esoteric calculations showed that the president's government does not threaten anything. His chair he will save, and the policy will remain the same. Such a state in the country's economy is usually called stagnation or stability, depending on personal preferences and subjective sympathies. Support for the people will allow Putin to stay in power until the end of his new term.

The vision of Maria Duval

The French clairvoyant is of the opposite opinion. Her communication with the stars showed the leader's shift this year. However, the complexity of this option is that the withdrawal of Vladimir Vladimirovich is possible only by his own will ... For example, refusal to participate in elections may be associated with a sharp deterioration in the health of the president. There is a risk of poisoning by competitors. Also, Maria admits a political compromise: when voluntary removal from power will be committed in exchange for a pardon of the Hague Tribunal. The second option seems to be more wise, but it requires almost impossible from Putin. Vladimir Vladimirovich proved to be too strong a figure to succumb to political blackmail. Therefore, until the last, he will struggle with the unfavorable arrangement of the stars.

The prediction of Fatima Khaduyeva

A similar point of view is shared by the participant of the Battle of Psychics. Her optimistic attitude is due not so much to the fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich will fold his powers, but rather to the fact that the next ruler will be able to lead the country out of the total crisis. And this is due to a deep symbolic level: until recently, Russia was haunted by the karma of the execution of the imperial family. After Putin redeems the sins of his people, the country will finally be able to breathe peacefully. The bloody wars will cease, and the golden age will come. You do not have to constantly look back at the silver age of the state. A new generation of Russians will surpass all of its achievements. The patronage of the Virgin will allow the new president to withdraw the country from international isolation as soon as possible. But Putin's health will rapidly deteriorate. Together with the power of his body will take all energy. At the bone level, the life force begins to weaken. The president will soon disappear from TV screens.

Vision of Lela Kakulia

The forecast of the clairvoyant from Georgia is not much different from the stellar calculations of her colleagues. But she still sees Putin for some time in power. Lela's intuition says that the change of power will take place only due to early elections after a couple of years. And before that Vladimir Vladimirovich will continue to bend his old line. His stubbornness can only be envied: the whole world has turned against the Russian leader, and he stubbornly stands his ground. The most interesting event will happen in Putin's personal life. It is very likely that in order to maintain his energy health he marries a young lady. Her identity for the time being will be kept secret. However, even its strength will not prevent a young and ambitious successor from seizing power in a few years. Too weak Vladimir Vladimirovich after the spring struggle for the presidency. After all, he will have to fight not so much with political rivals as with secret traitors. This is eloquently evidenced by Saturn in the transit map of the hero ...