Large fathers among the richest Russian businessmen

The more money - the more problems. There is a deal of truth in it. But for some of the "upper world" the main problem is where to put all the money earned. Someone is spending capital to expand business, and some are surrounded by luxury, to show others their status. Such people exist among Russian businessmen. But there are also among our rich people, for whom the main "enterprise" in their lives are children. We present to your attention a list of the most large-scale Russian businessmen.

Andrey Skoch

This 46-year-old Duma deputy with an estimated capital of four billion dollars has eight children. His capital was created in the metallurgical business. For many Russians I was remembered by the fact that in 2007 I purchased 3000 vehicles for personal funds for veterans living in the Belgorod region, from which he ran for the Duma. Although he is reluctant to talk about his personal life, Skoch is known to be divorced. At the same time, the businessman actively participates in the education of his children, among them four twins (a boy and three girls) who were born to him in 1994.

Roman Abramovich

The famous Russian and British oligarch have a lot of money, he is also the father of six children. The last child he gave birth to his girlfriend and designer Daria Zhukova in 2009. The first five children have a second marriage, the dissolution of which in 2007 was spoken by the whole world.

Yevgeny Yuryev

The general director of the investment company "Aton" also has six children. Success and wealth accompanies the large father. Yuryev is chairman of the association "Delovaya Rossiya", as well as the president of the organization of non-primary business. Worked as an adviser to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. In addition, Yevgeny Yuryev is a church elder. Having experience of education of six children, he is one of the developers of the project of a state program to support large families.

Sergey Shmakov

This 44-year-old businessman has already become a pope six times. Also. He's twice grandfather. According to him, it is the family that is what life is for. Shmakov accumulated his capital in the construction business, being the founder and owner of the Sapsan company, which is engaged in the construction of cottage communities. Most of the money earned is businesswoman for charity in various spheres.

Igor Altushkin

Igor Altushkin, who is called the "Copper King" of Russia, as well as Sergei Shmakov, has 6 children from one marriage. At 42, he owns the Russian Copper Company, as well as one of the largest enterprises in the Russian Federation, the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant. Altushkin is the founder of the RMK's Creative Fund, which actively deals with helping orphans, children with serious illnesses and children from poor families.

Nikolay and Sergey Sarkisov

44-year-old Nikolay and 53-year-old Sergey Sarkisov bring up 6 and 5 children respectively. The brothers are co-owners of the SC "RESO-Garantiya." Businessmen joke that they could gather their football team from their children, the girls have a greater number of girls in their family.

Alexander Dzhaparidze

A 57-year-old co-owner and executive director of the Eurasia drilling company has five children-three boys and two girls. He leads a non-public life. It is known only that he collects wine, loves tennis preference.

Ziyad Manasir

A Russian businessman with Jordanian roots fosters five children. Ziyad is the owner of Stroygazconsulting. He lives in a manor located on the shore of the Istra Reservoir, which is located in the Moscow region, and covers an area of ​​16 hectares. Engaged in the collection of works by Russian and Dutch painters.

Roman Avdeev

Banker Roman Avdeev, without embarrassment, you can call the father of a small letter. Imagine, he brings up 23 children - 4 of his and 19 adopted children. Because of the growth of his family in 2008, he came to a decision to withdraw from the active participation in the life of the Moscow Credit Bank he created, leaving a position on the supervisory board. Avdeev always engaged in charity and helped orphanages. But one day he realized that targeted financial assistance to orphanages practically does not solve all the problems of orphans, and then he decided to take the children to his family, thus making some kids happy.