Makeup, hiding the flaws of the face

The famous Coco Chanel said the phrase, which later became legendary: "If a woman by the age of thirty did not become a beauty, then she is a fool." Unfortunately, most of us have some flaws in appearance, and the art of being a beautiful woman is in the ability to correct flaws in their dignity. Correcting the shortcomings with the help of make-up, we learn from this publication and tell you how to correct minor eye defects with make-up. _ Makeup at the "heavy" eyelids
When the eyes under the eyelids, like a hood, the eyelids like half cover their eyes.
Your aim:
to put back the impending eyelids.
Action plan:
1. Correct the shape of the eyebrows. Lift the tip of the eyebrow and the narrow part of the eyebrow.
2. On a mobile eyelid and on a contour of eyelashes we put or render a dark tone. For this form of the eye, draw the contour a little higher and a little further.
3. Make the outline under the lower eyelashes. Do not forget about this action.
4. For this form of the eye, liquid piping is not recommended.
5. We apply a dark tone to the border of a mobile age with a fixed eyelid and this line is shaded.
6. Apply a light tone to the area under the eyebrows.
Do not apply dark shadows over all the ages, do not get carried away in applying light tones to the area under the eyebrows.
In this case, the shape of the eyebrows is important. From heavy eyelids you can divert attention with a beautiful arc.

Makeup for bulging eyes
If the eyes and eyelids you stand out against the background of the face and are very voluminous, then you have bulging eyes.
Your aim:
Visually "push" the eyes, so that they "retreat" back.
Action plan:
1. The dark tone is applied to the entire mobile eyelid from the line of the eyelashes.
2. For this form of the eyes, we do not use shades with mother-of-pearl and light colors, as this will draw attention to the eyes even more.
3. In the central part of the century, we impose a dark tone and shade it towards the outer corners of the eyes.
4. We draw the lower eyelid with a dark pencil.
5. We cast a light tone under the eyebrow.
6. We use the contour of the upper lashes.
Conclusion :
With the help of three shadows of shadows we create the effect of chiaroscuro, with a dark shade applied along the contour of the eyelashes, a light shade applied closer to the eyebrows.
Light tones on the mobile eyelid do not cause, otherwise the eyes will look more prominent. A contour or deep shade applied to the eyelids will visually reduce the eyes.

Makeup for close-planted eyes
On average, the distance between the eyes should be equal to the width of the eye. If the eyes are a little apart from each other, then you have close-set eyes.
Your aim:
Create the illusion that the eyes are located a little further apart.
Action plan:
1. We make a line (podvodka) with a soft pencil along the contour of the upper lashes, extend it beyond the borders of the eye, as if continuing the contour. The line should not be clear, it is shaded on the outer corners of the eye.
2. Light tone of shadows is applied to the middle and inner parts of the eye.
3. On the outside of the eye, where the zone is located, closer to the temples, the shadows should be slightly dark.
4. Mascara is applied to the eyelashes, located closer to the outer corners of the eye. We stretch the eyelashes to the temple, on the inside of the eye, closer to the nose, slightly stain them.
5. Make eyebrows thinner, remove excess hairs near the bridge of the nose, over the inner corner of the eye, and slightly extend the tips of the eyebrows with a pencil for the eyebrows.
6. Under the brow we put a light tone.
The inner corners and the area around the nose should be brightened, this will help to "spread out" the eyes. Concentrate the dark tones on the outer corners of the eyes.
To create expressive eyes, we will apply beige or white eyeliner around the inner "wet tissue" of the eyes.

Makeup for widely spaced eyes
If the distance between the eyes is wider than the width of the eye, the eyes are considered widely spaced.
Your aim:
Create the impression that the eyes are closer.
Action plan:
1. We make the adjustment by the contour of the eyelashes, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye and finish at the border of the eye. The eyes should be clearly delineated.
2. Medium and dark shades of shadows are applied to the inner corners of the eyes. It looks good "corner", which we draw with dark shadows from the inner corner of the eye upwards, to the wide part of the eyebrow.
3. It is not recommended to apply a dark tone on the border of the century.
4 . Bright tone is applied to the area under the eyelids and eyebrows.
5. Mascara is applied intensively to all eyelashes, which are located closer to the inner corner of the eye. Eyelashes, located closer to the outer corner of the eye, stain slightly.
6. Eyebrows in the nose bridge a little closer, for this we use a pencil for the eyebrows.
In this case, we darken the inner cavities of the eyes closer to the bridge of the nose than with any other form of the eyes. The deepening of the color will help this zone to retreat slightly, and the eyes will look closer set.
We'll start by applying a dark color, moving from the outer corners inward, and shading the shadows towards the nose and up.

Makeup for deep-set eyes
Such eyes are located deep in the eye cavities. The superciliary arches strongly protrude, than with any other form of the eye.
Your aim:
Make your eyes become more visible and "step forward".
Action plan:
1. The most light tone of the shadows is applied over the entire surface of the mobile age from the eyelashes to the fold.
2. In a darker tone, cover the area closer to the fold. Closer to the eyelashes we apply a light tone of shadows. Closer to the boundary of the mobile age with a motionless eyelid, the tone is slightly darker. In the very fold, do not darken.
3. If the distance from the fold to the eyebrows is small, then the dark tone is shaded upward from the fold in the direction of the eyebrows.
4. We put the liner on the outer corner of the brow, along the contour of the eyelashes, so as to slightly "push" it. The line should be thin.
5. We will pass the contour tone under the line of the lower lashes.
6. As a liner, do not use dark, bright pencils.
The dark eyelid is not suitable for this shape of the eyes. Let's brighten the deep-set eyes more strongly, so that they "step forward" forward. Do not highlight the area under the eyebrows, it is sufficiently issued.
Do not darken the eyelid, it will cover your eyes, and they will seem smaller.
To make the eyes expressive, we use the bright tone of the shadows.
You need to balance the matte and flickering textures of the shadows. And it is important to take this moment into the age make-up. If the makeup of the eyes is oversaturated with shimmering elements, mother of pearl and sparkles, this will create the effect of two unformed and inexpressive glare on the face. In addition, mother-of-pearl actively emphasizes all the shortcomings on the face - the folds of the eyes and small wrinkles.
With the help of make-up you can correct eye defects. Often, women for holiday make-up choose the technique of make-up of "smoky eyes". But this makeup may not be suitable for everyone, since it visually distances and reduces the eyes. And who has eye defects like deep-set eyes, such make-up does not suit them, and also avoid dark liquid liner over the mucous eye. The beauty of the eyes can be emphasized and removed some drawbacks, if the makeup use not just shades of shades, but choose a game of shadow and light. This will give the eyes expressiveness and depth. For this, at least you need to use 2 shades of shadows - dark and light.