Methods of haircuts and hair coloring

Profi unanimous: short haircuts with strands of different lengths and filirovke win long. This is the main trend of the season.

Also in the fashion square with long front strands, but dreams of ringlets falling on the shoulders, will never leave us. And, of course, blondes are still in fashion. Modern methods of hair cutting and hair coloring will help you to understand what is currently at the height of fashion, and what hairdress or haircut to choose for yourself.

Long straight hair with a bang is no longer in vogue. This summer, we are betting on a geometric square. Ahead, we leave long strands that border the face. Thin out them (too thick look in the style of the eighties) and mend the tips to create a silhouette in the form of a question mark. A short cropped neck may be of some concern, but the front long strands give a look of mystery.

The back of the head . Briefly, but the hair does not shave (too much like a man). Wet hair is cut with scissors to achieve a soft effect and good subsequent growth. The outlines of the nape of the neck are very sensual!

Color . With such a hairdo, you should carefully choose the color for the methods of hair cutting and coloring, which creates the desired effect. We shade the strands in different tones: beige, golden and add a hazel glint. Please note: this requires at least three hours of work.

They exist, but they are not a dogma - just like, say, as in fashion. We see a new collection on the podium, and then in boutiques we buy these things, but adapted to life. Because there is a show - and there is a real life. So with the summer hairdo - on vacation, on vacation with it should be easy and comfortable. A successful solution is long hair with a bang or a short haircut in the style of the sixties with a bang and locks on the ears.

With wet hair, I work as a sculptor. First I attach the basic form, then I sharpen all the small details and bring it to perfection. After drying, I look at the finished haircut and, as a rule, a little more correct. To learn different methods of haircuts and hair dyeing can only be done by professional masters.

A deep blond with lighter strands of light on the crown, which create the effect of radiance. It looks very feminine and sensual.

Haircut and color . First you need to make a haircut, and then pick up a color for it, as it will make it more effective, emphasizing the shape.

Should I wear long hair to women after 40 years? Why not? But after 50, I would advise simply to choose a stylish hairstyle that would be young.

In this season I prefer hair of long and medium length. This summer, the fashion is feminine, light, airy, and this does not go very well with too short haircuts.

Give free rein to fantasy! This summer, relevant hairpins in the form of flowers, ribbons, hoops, small bows, scarves, bandanas and bandages.

They say that the fashion for bangs has already passed. I totally disagree with that! Bangs are thousands of possibilities. It can be very short, airy, oblique. It is important to choose it correctly to face shape. I like to mix smooth shiny strands with fluffy. I try not to get carried away by volume: the combed hair is beautiful on the podium and in the photo, but in everyday life it is unreliable and impractical. This hairstyle requires too much time for care and frequent visits to the hairdresser, and most women do not fit.

I love the platinum blond, but he is very fond of and requires constant correction. The blond of this summer will be rather beige, soft and harmonious. You can also see a lot of shining brown-haired, but without a red glow, which is already out of fashion.

To cut was perfect and coincide with the direction of natural hair growth, I always shear on dry hair. That the growing roots of hair were not very appreciable, I at painting naschesyvaju hair at roots. This allows you to forget about the correction for three months!

A haircut. The trend of this season is a haircut in the style of the eighties (but this does not mean that a woman should look like androgyne, as at that time!) The hit of the season is a short haircut, like that of Agnes Dean.

Before the haircut . Summer is an ideal season for experiments and a variety of methods of haircuts and hair coloring. But be careful: before you short hair, you must make sure of your desire, otherwise with a short haircut you will be uncomfortable. In addition, one must take into account age: if in 20 years you can afford everything, then in 40 you need to be more circumspect. Therefore, always consult with the master. I believe that before a haircut a hairdresser with a client should have a long discussion. Personally, I always make small sketches with the haircut options while the woman talks about herself and her preferences.

A false step . There can be no question of a woman who does not use make-up paint in a platinum blonde. Because this color requires perfection. Blonde shades soften very short haircuts and make them more feminine. Red color creates an image of a femme fatale.

In past. Thinning - it simply kills and empties the hair, making them visited. In addition, after that, they grow very poorly.