Mikhail Politseymako, actor, biography

Few people know that Michael Polizeiamako, an actor whose biography says that he is the son of a famous actor Semyon Farada and actress of the Taganka Theater Marina Polizejmako. And all because Michael in life is used to trying to achieve everything himself. Now he brings up a new generation of the acting dynasty - the seven-year-old Nikita and the nine-month-old Emilia.

Michael, you can say that the profession was passed to you by inheritance? Was it built on the genetic level? Mikhail Politseymako: I would argue about genetics. Because if you take a boy from an actor's family and send him to fish from childhood, he will become a fisherman. And when you are constantly with parents on tour, you see only theater, shooting and nothing more, then, most likely, you will be an actor. And then it's not the genetics, but that surrounds you since childhood.

So, the choice of a profession is influenced by the environment?

MP: Yes. For example, I was never forced to become an artist. Never. Papa did not understand why he gave me to the mathematical school at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR. I studied there until the 8th grade and sincerely did not understand what I was doing there. Therefore, I can honestly say that when you get used to a certain atmosphere, you do not want to dive into another one. This is something that catches you in childhood and never lets go. And this has its drawbacks. Because actor's work is a very difficult path and an independent profession. It's impossible to make big money as an actor. At least in our country.

It turns out that for you work is a buzz?

MP: It's a way of life. I look, again, at people who go to sea. They every day storm, they on the old longboats lower the anchor, raise the network, the sun, the heat ... And you do not understand how it is possible at all ... But they are used to it. As a fish used to live in the water, so I'm used to being behind the scenes or on the set. I do not take this as a job and I do not expect it to end. For me, the play is a way of self-expression, energy discharge even on a physiological level ...

And what then influences the formation of character?

MP: Well, it's somewhat different. Character is laid, as it seems to me, from the first months of life. And, in my opinion, before 5 years old the child should live in love. When I see a mother who shakes the baby by the hand and shouts, "Shut up, I said it!", I imagine what will happen to this child at the age of 13-14. I can not look at it calmly. Because he does not yet understand what they want from him. Although I myself adhere to strict education.

Are you a strict pope?

MP: No, I can not say that I'm strict. Rather, demanding. I, in general, functions of the pope because of my employment I do very rarely. True, recently rested with my wife Larissa and Milenochkom at friends at the dacha. For four days I was a real dad-I nursed my daughter, fed her. And so basically my Lara is all the time with her.

Have you been left to yourself as a child? Who brought up Mikhail Polizeymako, an actor whose biography is so famous throughout the country?

MP: I had two grandmothers. And, two opposites. Mother's mother, grandmother Zhenya, came from the Alshvanga dynasty and was an extremely intelligent lady. She, even when she was arguing with my dad, said to him: "Young man, I'll hit you with a stick now." Papina's mother, Baba Ida, worked as a pharmacist all her life and was from a working family. And they constantly argued about my upbringing. Because one grandmother said: "The boy should eat," and the second: "The boy should not be fat." In general, as you can see, the grandmother who said that the boy should eat won. And I also had an amazing nanny - Varvara Grigorievna Zaitseva, who still raised my elder brother Yura. We always had a loud, friendly, open atmosphere at home. In general, I loved moments when I was with my parents.

Have you been punished for antics or has life gone without a belt?

MP: I do not know what a belt is, thank God! I was not punished, so sometimes I was scolded. But I was not a spoiled child. I remember the funny moment when, at the age of 6, I got up on a chair and began to tell the woman Ida, who simply could not stand the mate, that I know the words on be, pe and he. And she ran and screamed: "My God, what does he say! What now to do with this child! ". Here such here was razvlekuha.

What are your most vivid memories of childhood?

MP: There are a lot of them. But first of all, connected with tours, When I was 5 years old, I went with a theater in Taganka to Tashkent. Summer, honey aroma of ripe melons on the ruins, heat ... I still remember the cruise with my father and Mark Rozovsky on the ship "Taras Shevchenko" when we sailed from Odessa to the Crimea. It was very cool! The warmest memories of Koktebel, in which I rested every summer from 6 to 18 years. I remember the performances at the Taganka Theater, which I watched 20-30 times behind the scenes ... Oh, to bring back my childhood!

Usually, children brag about their parents. Have you bragged?

MP: I continue to do this now. I have unique parents, I'm very proud of them. And I'm happy that I was born in this family.

Who do you look more like in appearance, by nature?

MP: As for appearance, I'm told everyone that I look very much like my mother. My character is, rather, my father's. Although, not quite, probably, it's still a kind of mix of my mother's and dad's.

Do you think you were properly raised?

MP: Absolutely. And the main achievement of my upbringing is that I can really appreciate myself. I look at myself in the mirror and do not overestimate my self-esteem, and, at the same time, do not underestimate. I see what I see. However, in my childhood, there were no situations in which it was necessary to overcome difficulties. And this is a negative. For example, many children are given a real sport. And already at 12-13 years old they know what it is to work on wear and tear.

I did not know that. Therefore, when I entered the institute, in the first year I started a crisis. How was it such a happy life, and now it is necessary to plow? For me it was like a shoe on the head. Also boxing ...

By the way , what prompted you to take part in the project "The King of the Ring"? In life, there was not enough adrenaline?

MP: Firstly, I was pleased that I was invited to this male sport, and not to some kind of pop-pong. Adrenaline is when you do not know what it is, and when you are already starting to train and get on the snout and understand: but everything is really ... These are the situations I did not have. Therefore, I believe that at some point children should be given to feel what it is like to work on wear and tear. I would like to Milka from the age of 9 engaged in tennis and swimming until the seventh sweat. And with a coach who would give her a load. Children should be put in advance in such situations, from which they would independently seek a way out. This is the preparation for a real adult life. And it must be.

What is the fundamental difference in the upbringing of a son and daughter?

MP: Parenting in general begins with 5-6 years. Despite the fact that I rarely see my son from his first marriage to Nikita, I am already beginning to teach him the main principle of discipline: "he said he did". If I once asked him to do something, and he did not do it, I will definitely remind him again and, in the end, he listens to my requests. Unfortunately, he has a nanny who spoils him. For example, now I scold him for not dressing himself. Of course, it's easier when the boots are laced up by a nanny. I myself remember how grandmothers dressed me in my childhood, and it irritated me terribly. This must be immediately eradicated. Here is a girl is a girl. But, if she pampered a lot, she would also sit on her mommy's neck with her daddy, spread out the bast shoes and say: "Here I am!". I will not allow this in any way. Of course, there should not be a cadet upbringing, when children quietly hate their parents and then in 17-18 years they all express it. But I want children from the age of 8 to wash dishes, listen to their parents - if the pope said to take out the trash, then it must be taken out, and computer games - this is not an excuse. That is, we must start with such ordinary things that children understand that free time must be earned. All these pampered Moscow children, who at 16 years drive to the "Ferrari" - not just majors, but the real double-sharps. At 25 they are disappointed in life, because they have everything and have nothing to strive for ...

My daughter has a slightly different upbringing than her son. My wife and I basically refused to babysit. Of course, I understand, it's fashionable. But for me it's a shock when a well-known woman in a few days after giving birth is removed for magazines, and the child gives a nanny for nurturing, instead of breast milk, he feeds it with mixtures. The incoming mother is wrong. In the future, this will happen, and at some point the child will say: "Mom, but you went!".

Larisa Polizemako: Actually, I'm a mad mother and even with grandmothers I do not always leave my daughter. A nanny is generally a stranger in the house. Even so many terrible stories are shown on TV about how nannies mock children. And then mom and baby are so intertwined! Can I leave my crumb with someone and go away?

Michael, you were present at birth. Whose initiative was this? What were your impressions? Did not faint in the faint? MP: It was completely my initiative. I really wanted to support my beloved wife and be with her. Emily we "gave birth" in the Perinatal Medical Center. And the second will be born there. When you are present at the birth of your own child - it's unforgettable ...

LP: It was very easy for me to give birth to Misha. He was with me for 1.5 days. He came tired from the tour, and immediately to me. When he came into the ward in a cap and a dressing-gown, I did not recognize him at all, I thought a new doctor was some kind. I look, my husband! MP: I kept looking at the device, which showed the dynamics of fights. Then Milkin saw the forelock. And she was born and is silent. I was so scared! I ask the doctors: "Everything is normal?". They are: "Yes." And when they cleared her mouth and nose for mucus, only then did I hear the cry of my daughter.

LP: Misha took her in his arms, and tears rolled down his cheeks, real beautiful man's tears. I saw my husband crying for the first time. It was so touching and pleasant! MP: I have the best memories of being present at birth. And the second time we will give birth together, and the third. I believe that there must be a lot of children. Therefore, in the near future I am going to build a big house, in which everyone has enough space.

Why did you name your daughter Emilia?

MP: We had two variants of the name - Sophia and Emilia. But still decided to stop at the second. She's pretty, my dear. In addition, the names of Larissa and Emilia are both Greek. We are actually Greeks. And most importantly, if you look at the name "Mile", the first syllable "Mi" on behalf of Mikhail, and the second "La" - on behalf of Larissa. So we got Emilia Mihailovna Polizeimako in person.

Who is she more like? LP: Outwardly, she is a great-great-great-grandmother, and still very similar to Misha in her childhood. Recently there was a funny case. A masseur came to us, looks at a child's photo of Misha and says: "Oh, what a Milya photogenic!". And I say: "Actually, this is our dad." Here is such an amazing resemblance.

What fate do you prophesy to your daughter?

MP: Milya loves music very much. So let's see if we have a rumor whether we want to play the piano. We will definitely learn English and play tennis. And we'll see. LP: We also like literature with our daughter. He can spend hours with his grandmother to look at books. So she's a serious girl.

How do you feel about the methods of early development?

MP: I believe that a child under 5-6 years old can not be downloaded at all. He must have a happy childhood. And if there is genius, it will manifest itself. L.P .: I spent a month with Miley in the school of general development, and from September 1 we will go there again. She really likes it there. Because teachers through the game develop the perception of the world.

Will you influence the choice of the profession of your children?

MP: No way. Although honestly I say, I'm afraid to hear from my daughter the phrase: "Dad, I want to become an actress." This is a very difficult journey. And not everyone will stand it.

What qualities of character would you like Milla to take from you, and which ones from your mother?

LP: Personally, I want her to have Mishin's character. He's such a good dad!

M.P .: We can now philosophize as much as we like about this, but it already has its own character. Larissa is an amazing mom and wife, so I want Mila to be like her. In general, the most important thing is that our girl always say "hello" and "thank you". That she was a good person, and this consists of actions. Children, they are always better than their parents, so she should have a better character than us.