Mythology of intimacy

They frightened us with blindness, schizophrenia and hairy palms - allegedly companions of masturbation, then they were afraid to make love in critical days ... What is more in these statements - truth or fiction?
Myth 1. Masturbation is an evil
Sexologists have been saying for 20 years that masturbation is not harmful, but a very useful exercise (not until blue, of course): it allows you to release steam if full-fledged sex is not available. And besides, it can be considered a preventive measure of many gynecological diseases: if sexual arousal is not splashed into orgasm, stagnation of blood forms in the small pelvis, which causes inflammatory processes. And yet masturbation is an excellent workout for sex function. Learning to get a discharge of "herself with her," the lady is easier to repeat it with a man. Why are many women "dabbling" with masturbation (and according to statistics, at least 40-60%), feel guilty and ashamed? The reason is that the subcortex has firmly settled, that masturbation is evil. First, the war onanists was announced by priests, then they were joined by physicians who claimed that masturbation was a disorder requiring treatment. The attitude towards masturbation changed only in the middle of the 20th century, when doctors began to prescribe it in certain cases. For example, if a lady experienced difficulties with orgasm and excitement. It was enough to switch to "self-service", having learned to stimulate the clitoris, as frigidity disappeared.

Spoon of tar . Masturbation does not replace sexual intercourse, because during an intimate affinity there is a so-called energy lock, when a man and a woman exchange energy and emotions. Masturbation is a naked "mechanic", a surrogate for sex.

Myth 2. Intimacy with menses and pregnancy
The female libido is off scale in the middle of the cycle, but some ladies burn out of passion and during critical days. And many gentlemen share the sexual impulse of their girlfriends, because the "critical" intima has its own peculiarity: the female genital organs swell, the vagina becomes narrower, and the sensations become more acute. Representatives of the weaker sex is piquant situation (forbidden fruit is sweet), others like ... analgesic effect of sex (contractions of the uterus during orgasm dull pulling pain in the abdomen). Doctors have not yet given unequivocal good to the "critical" intimacy - in a slightly open neck can penetrate all sorts of microbes and infections, but there is no definitive prohibition either. If, of course, the couple will use a condom.

To "pregnant" sex doctors are more loyal. If there is no threat of miscarriage and other complications, sexual intimacy is not contraindicated. The most careful should be in the first three and the last two months of pregnancy, so as not to provoke miscarriage or premature birth.

Spoon of tar . Future mothers will have to forget about the missionary position (strong pressure on the abdomen), the position of the rider and the knee-elbow (too deep penetration). But on the side - an ideal option.

Myth 3. Ladies hate anal sex
According to surveys, 15% of couples regularly practice sex with "back door", 5% - from time to time. Nevertheless, most ladies have a persistent prejudice against this kind of intimacy: painful, disgusting and somehow unnatural. Well, what about sexologists? They, being diplomats, say: in the bedroom everything is good that both partners like. It's another matter if one of you is absolutely against it - then you can not insist.

But sex through the anus can really bring pleasure. When penetrating through the anus, quite a lot of women get unusually strong orgasms, which even surpass traditional senses. A little unpleasant usually only at the first contact, but if the partner acts slowly and slowly, the discomfort subsides, giving way to bliss.

Spoon of tar . Even if married a thousand years, use barrier protection. Anal sex is still an extreme pleasure, and the chance to pick up the disease (from intestinal to venereal) is high. To reduce discomfort, use special lubricants. And on the eve it is desirable to make a cleansing enema.

Myth 4. Women need a long prelude
This is not so at the same time. It is believed that after 15-20 minutes of foreplay, sexual tension begins to subside, and a woman can "burn out". Although everything, of course, depends on the specific circumstances and ... as a specific man. With someone you want long "calf tenderness", with someone, on the contrary, - unbridled wild sex without any preliminaries there. Well, in general, a measure of a woman's excitement can serve as a response to kisses and her humidity "below the belt."

Spoon of tar . To do it in a fast way will not work with the owners of a weak sexual temperament. Or rather, it will turn out, of course, but they will enjoy the intimacy. To such ladies a long prelude is necessary: ​​gentle man's caresses help awaken sensuality, bringing the desired orgasm closer.

Myth 5. Body odor is an aphrodisiac
The truth is, if the body is ... not too clean. That is, you smell, and not perfume or soap. A man is hungry for naturalness. The best aphrodisiac for him is the smell of the girl's sweat and her secretions. Conclusion: do not suppress the natural smells of "chemistry" (use deodorant and perfume in moderation) and at least do not pack yourselves in jeans and sweaters - through this armor pheromones do not break through.

Spoon of tar . To the fragrance of the body worked like an aphrodisiac, you must smell ... with joy. Together with the smell of perspiration, substances are evidenced that indicate mood. Passengers of the metro, for example, at the rush hour "evaporate" only the negative: anguish, fear (that's why in the subway everything is so irritated at each other watching). So beware of optimism - the quality of sex will improve!

Myth 6. Without point G, orgasm is impossible
In the 40s of the 20th century the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg suggested that there is a point in the female vagina, the stimulation of which leads to superorganism. And the men were mad, trying to find her in the beloved's body. Alas, often in vain - Dr. Grefenberg did not leave the exact instructions. Recently in England, a study was conducted to study this "secret zone". And they came to the conclusion that "the idea of ​​the point G is subjective": not all the ladies were discharged when stimulating the coveted zone. Most, as before, "flew away" from stimulation of the clitoris. So is it worth it to get hung up at some point there? If you are having an orgasm, is it important, which part of the body is ripped from it?

Spoon of tar . Experts have found that women experiencing vaginal orgasm, thickened muscle tissue on the front wall of the vagina. But sexologists believe that it is not this tubercle that provokes violent orgasms, but on the contrary: frequent discharges develop the muscles of the vagina.

Myth 7. After menopause there is no sex
Probably, this scarecrow was invented by men out of envy - after 40 it is more difficult for them to perform conjugal duties. Women do not have age restrictions. And 38% of women of pre-retirement age think not only about grandchildren and zucchini in the country! And especially 45-50 years old. Although after the menopause the hormone level decreases, the ability to get an orgasm is not affected. In addition, a lot depends on the temperament. Women with a weak sexual constitution dispense with carnal pleasures and at 30 years of age. At the same time, temperamental ladies crave intimacy in 20, and in 60 years. And further. Sexual attraction is repeatedly amplified in a state of love. And not only the pioneer, but also the pensioner can fall in love.

Spoon of tar . The only thing that can cloud the intimate life after menopause is the dryness of the vagina. But to struggle with this problem is simple - there are special lubricants. And then everything will go like clockwork.