Poems for Santa Claus for the New Year from children 3, 4-5 and 6-7 years. New funny and short nursery rhymes about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

How touching to watch the children, diligently telling New Year's poems to Santa Claus. In gratitude for the long-awaited gift, the kids diligently deduce each line, every word. And afterwards, they glance sideways at others - just to hear the praises of their parents, educator and the most important guest at the party. Yes, if children with pleasure teach poems, the joy of moms is no limit. But most often the process of memorizing lasts a long time and brings a lot of trouble. How to be in this time? How to help the child conquer new rhymed lines? How can we accustom ourselves to poetry and facilitate the process of memorizing it? Selecting the verse about Santa Claus, take into account important advice and use our best collection. Only so memorizing the children's New Year's verse will be a great success!

Simple short rhymes to Santa Claus for children 3 years old

He is very fond of Grandfather Frost, when the children sing songs, lead dances and tell simple short rhymes. For these insanely pleasant and touching numbers, he happily gives out a variety of gifts: to whom are the cars, to whom are the dolls, to whom are sweet candies and gingerbread. But in order to surprise the long-awaited guest, it is necessary to try hard, learn the product by heart and tell it carefully, expressively. Simple short rhymes Santa Claus for children 3 years old choose on our page! The street is surrounded by Grandfather Frost, Hoarfrost scattered on the branches of birches; He walks, throws his beard with White, Stamps his foot, Only the crack goes.

Fur coat, hat, gloves. Sit on the nose sinks. Beard and a red nose - This is Grandfather Frost.

He has gifts in his bag, And on his coat - a bright belt. He lit the lights on the tree, He'll take a ride from the roller coaster. He brought us a whole new adventure for the holiday! Who is this? Santa Claus!

Who's come? What did he bring? We know: Santa Claus, Santa Claus, With a beard, He is our dear guest. He will light a tree for us, Sing with us.

Beautiful poems for Santa Claus for children 4-5 years old

Children of 4-5 years also willingly believe in Santa Claus and are waiting for his arrival, as are the kids. But at the same time they can much better prepare for his visit: independently make elegant hand-made articles, help parents decorate the Christmas tree, learn a funny song or a beautiful verse. Unlike the youngsters, on New Year's Eve they do not sleep, but with a sinking heart they wait for the guest. To look into his eyes, touch the magnificent beard, read the beautiful verse to Santa Claus for children 4-5 years old and get the coveted package with a long-awaited gift. Old Grandfather Frost With a white beard, What did you bring to the children on New Year's Eve? I brought a big bag, In it toys, books, Let them meet - it's good New Year's kids!

Who is Santa Claus? answer the question This grandfather is funny With a long white beard A lot of different jokes knows And plays with the guys And Grandpa's got a very red nose That's our kind grandfather Frost.

Oh, Frost, Red nose, We do not know you. And you, Santa Claus, joyfully meet. Oh, Frost, Red nose, We sing the song And you in a round dance To the children we invite. Oh, Frost, Red nose, Bei is stronger in the palm of your hand, And we have fun Feet dance.

- Grandfather Frost Frost, Do you have granddaughters? Grandfather Frost Frost, Take me on the pens. I'm not afraid of Frost, Cause you're not evil, I'm pushing you tight, Sit a little with me!

Interesting poems for Santa Claus for children 6-7 years old

Children's poems of Father Frost are numerous and very different: about the sleeping forest more often covered with a snow-white blanket of snow, about a merry snowman and silvery snowflakes, about the freezing frost and noisy snowstorms, active winter entertainments and festive magic. Any poem by Grandfather Frost for children of 6-7 years old is interesting and unusual in its own way. Learn with a child a couple of poems of contemporary poets or classics - let him perform at a school holiday and respect the old man Moroz. - Who is wearing a smart warm coat, With a long white beard, In New Year comes to visit, And ruddy, and gray? He plays with us, dances, With him, and the holiday is more fun! - Santa Claus on the tree of our most important of the guests!

Oh, what a good, kind Santa Claus! A Christmas tree for us on a holiday From the forest brought. The lights flash, Red, blue, Good for us, fir-tree, Have fun with you! We cleaned the Christmas tree In a festive outfit. Lights on the branches Cheerfully lit. Everyone let the Christmas tree Splyashet and sing, Have fun together We will celebrate the New Year!

There was a walk in the forest Father Frost Past the maples and birches, Past the glades, past stumps, Walked through the forest for eight days. He went through the forest - he put on Christmas trees in beads. On this night, they'll bring them to the children for the New Year.

Everywhere snow, in the snow of the house - It brought its winter. She hurried to us quickly, She brought us bullfinches. From the dawn to dawn The bullfinches are glorified in the winter. Santa Claus, as small, Dances at the backwater. And I, too, can So dance in the snow.

Poems of classics about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

With preschool children and junior schoolchildren, you can learn the simplest and shortest verses about the winter, the New Year, the Christmas tree and gifts. And children older than 9 years are better to pay attention to the poems of classics about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. They perfectly describe the character of the characters, the greatness of nature, the beauty of winter phenomena, the warmth of family home evenings and real festive magic. Russian poets worked to the glory, so that today's children could be read by the most kind and beautiful poems about Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, wrapped in a soft blanket. Very soon the New Year! On a visit, Santa Claus will come, Wait for another Snowman; Animals are busy for now: Druzhno decorate Christmas trees: On green needles Hang toys, Serpentine, crackers. Kind Grandfather Frost All gifts brought Misha - honey and pies, A chanterelle - boots. Squirrels - nuts, Mushrooms, russules: Grandma Yage - sneakers, Apple and three carrots. The wolf was late for the holiday, But he passed the exam. He is now a wolf astrologer. Glory to the gray, honor! Happy New Year, kids! Though it's high time to sleep, Animals dance and sing, All friends are invited to visit!

Father Frost came to our garden. Father Frost called the children. The beard is white like cotton wool, And with a gift bag. Father Frost said: - Guys! Well, who will read the poem? We taught in the garden verses: I taught, and my brother taught. We immediately jumped up - I jumped up and he jumped up. "They dropped the bear on the floor!" - One, two, three, four, five ... - Tear off a teddy bear paw. - Bunny went out for a walk. - Suddenly the hunter runs out - Still, I will not give it up. - He shoots directly at the bunny, - Because he's good! And as long as we read These sad poems, All the guys laughed: - Ha-ha-ha and chi-hee-hee. And my grandfather's laughter fell off his beard. So he left us. What a nonsense!

My brother (he overgrew me) Brings everyone to tears. He told me that Santa Claus is not Santa Claus! He told me: - Do not believe in him! But then the door opened herself, And suddenly I see - Grandfather enters. He with a beard, In a sheepskin coat is dressed, Tulup to the heels! He says: - A tree where? But do the children really sleep? With a large silver Sack Stands, Sprinkled with snow, In a furry cap Grandfather. And the elder brother Tears stealthily: - Yes this is our neighbor! How can you not see: the nose is like! And hands and back! I answer: - Well, then! And you look like my grandmother, But you're not her!

New verses of contemporaries about Santa Claus

Reading winter poetry is interesting in the cold and in the summer heat. It awakens in memory the magic waltz of snowflakes, playful crunch and aroma of pine cones, a pleasant pre-holiday waiting. The nature of such works is very diverse: comic, and lyrical, and dramatic, and cheerful. New Year's poems are superbly distracted from petty anxieties and everyday worries. The most honorable place among them is occupied by new verses of contemporaries about Santa Claus for children. It is them, and kids, and adolescents with pleasure learning for kindergartens matinees, school holidays and family evenings. The newest verses of contemporaries for Grandfather Frost read in our selection. Who is ruddy, bearded, Had a hundred gifts brought to us? All the guys know it: It's Grandfather Frost! In boots and in a red fur coat, I took a sack from a big sledge, - Father Frost came to the party, To become more cheerful! After a long hike, sit and catch your breath! Happy New Year! Congratulations from the heart!

Like our Frost There is such a beard (Yes, yes, yes that's such a beard) Like our Frost Here's such a red nose (Yes, yes, yes that's such a red nose) Like our Frost. Here are such boots (Yes, yes, yes such valenki) Santa Claus, you're a hundred years old! And shalish as small!

Our windows were painted by white Santa Claus. Snow he wore a pole, He showered the garden with snow. Do not we get used to the snow, Do we hide our nose in a fur coat? We'll both get out and shout: - Hello, Grandfather Frost! We ride, have fun! Sledge light - at the start! Who will rush like a bird Who curls directly into the snow. Snow fluffy softer than cotton wool, Shake off, run. We are funny guys, From frost - do not shiver.

Baby funny poems about Santa Claus

With the onset of winter and the approach of the New Year's holidays, children have less free time. After all, you need to prepare for a themed matinee, make dozens of all sorts of crafts, run new sleds, try out a fresh ice slide. In the turbulent cycle of important things are not so easy to find time to study children's funny poems about Santa Claus. And without them can not do on New Year's Eve! Well, put your child in a warm living room, water sweet tea with gingerbread and help you learn a cool poem for the holiday. Be sure, for this gesture the kid will be very grateful to you! I, the guys, an old grandfather, Me, guys, for many years! In January and February I walk on the ground. Only I'll get out of bed - Snowstorms are rising. How I shake my sleeve - Everything will be covered with snow ... But now I'm very kind And I'm friends with the guys, I will not freeze anyone, I will not chill anyone.

I'm Frost, Red nose, With a white beard. I'll pinch - so to tears! Do not joke with me. Why, why should I be angry? I came to you, friends, To have fun! New Year, New Year With you I meet, Happy New Year to all of you I congratulate.

The last sheet of the calendar Remained on the wall. I worked all year long! Time for me on the road! I'll drive hundreds of versts in a row, So that on the night of the New Year, I put on a Christmas tree dress And got up in a dance. I'll give the gifts to the children, After all, I'm not good! I do not want the best awards, What is the joy of all children! Poems for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for children 3, 4-5 and 6-7 years old are the most beautiful, funny and funny. To read such poetry is one joy, and to study is pleasure. Give the child a couple of minutes, repeat the newly learned New Year poems. So the kid will feel more confident, speaking before the most important Grandfather of the country.