Proper nutrition for losing weight

The system of proper nutrition - a guarantee of well-being and health
We are sure, in the future, mankind will invent a "magic pill" that will allow us to eat everything we want without risking gaining weight. Dreams, dreams ... In the meantime, we, women, and many of the men, need to adhere to the right diet for weight loss.

Do not trust the voices that promise us the correct weight loss quickly and without harm, with the help of miracle devices or tablets. Tablets are by no means a panacea for weight gain. Why bother our body, when it is enough, only to observe the principles of proper nutrition. Of course, this is not as easy as it seems, but even with the proper approach and a drop of imagination it is not at all difficult.

Socrates was not right when he said: "We do not live for that, that is, but we eat in order to live." A person has the right to enjoy the things available to him, including food. Therefore, for the basis of the article, we take another expression: "No one has to overstep the measure neither in food nor in nutrition," Pythagoras. Who, if not the ancient Greeks, strong and courageous, connoisseurs of refined food and women, the founders of medicine, know about proper nutrition?

To enjoy food and lose weight at the same time, it is worth sticking to the 5 basic dietary rules for weight loss:

  1. We all hurry about our business since morning. While you wake up, while you're making up, you'll make your hair - now it's time to leave. What about breakfast? Yes, to hell with it, the less you eat, the better. But no, dear ladies. If you do not eat normally in the morning, then at lunch and dinner, eat up to the dump, and this is not so useful. Therefore, a good and dense breakfast consisting of carbohydrates and proteins is the best friend of a slimming woman. In addition, this will allow not to do "snacks" before lunch.
  2. Of course, to eat "all in a row" and lose weight with it will not work. Measure should be. Eliminate fatty foods from the diet. For example, pork can easily be replaced with chicken. Eat more vegetables and fruits. This does not mean that your daily diet will consist only of cabbage and asparagus, no. It is worth any meat dish a little dilute with a portion of vegetable salad and a basket of fruit.
  3. In the afternoon try to eat hot. Cheese or mushroom soup, with a small amount of chicken, will give you energy for the whole day. You can take a couple of dishes to work with you. Cutlets, meatballs, boiled potatoes are all no less delicious than fried dishes, but radically different in calories.
  4. Eating after 18:00 is harmful. In fact, this is not true. More precisely, this truth is calculated for those who already at 20:00 blows off and go to sleep. Dinner, of course, should be the easiest of all meals. Reduce your portion by removing foods that are long digested by the stomach. It is necessary to eat at least 2 hours before the end. This will allow you to easily digest food, and you will fall asleep, feeling comfort in the body. Therefore, if you lie down, say, at 23:00, then you can safely dine at 8 or 9 pm.
  5. All of the above is an appendix to rule number 5. And it tells us one simple, but not obvious for many thing - get up from the table before you feel a small weight in the stomach. The whole problem is that our body reacts to the saturation of food somewhat slower and reports it 15 minutes after reaching the limit.

Do not rush to eat quickly, listen to yourself. Learn to get up from the table with a feeling of mild hunger, which will take place in 15-30 minutes, will observe the remaining rules, which you will agree are not at all complicated, and after a couple of months you will feel like a completely different person. Lose weight, full of strength and energy!

Menu for the week

The choice of dishes is really huge, because there are no significant restrictions in the rules. Let's make a tasty and nutritious menu for a week, which along with the principles of proper nutrition, will allow you to lose weight without compromising your health.

Monday Wednesday Friday

Breakfast: Omelette with chicken, juice, always a salad. There must be a lot of carbohydrates and proteins.

Lunch: Mushroom or cheese soup, you can a small piece of bread. Steamed dishes (cutlets, boiled vegetables, chicken) are welcome. Necessarily fruits (bananas, apples, kiwi)

Dinner: Vegetable stew, fruit, juice. You can have porridge (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal), if you do not have breakfast.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Breakfast: Porridge, in which you can add fruit, tea with sugar. You can add mushrooms or low-fat meat to the porridge. Vegetable salad - necessary (Greek will suit perfectly)

Lunch: Mashed potatoes with salad and something from a boiled menu (meatballs for example). Fruits and vegetables are compulsory.

Dinner: Ideal for fruit yoghurt. If you are not ate - then you can a small bar of chocolate, or the same banana, vegetables for a couple.



"The most important thing that you learned from the method of proper nutrition - you can eat almost everything, but because of the table you need to accustom yourself to get up earlier than you feel that" enough. "In the 3 months, absolutely not straining to lose weight by 8 kilograms .. In the evening, I try to drink yogurt.If I do not gorge, then the vegetables for a couple perfectly satiate.Discomfort in the abdomen disappeared.In general, I recommend listening to these simple tips! "


"The discovery was that the body feels saturation only after 15 minutes.I checked it was really so.Long I could not bring myself to get up from the table before I felt that I had eaten. But nothing, after a couple of days to eat much less became, the body As a result: especially in anything without limiting myself, I lost 3 kg per month. "