Secrets of Cleopatra in the new Guerlain line

Laboratory Guerlain presented a new line of skin care products Beauty Skin Cleansers. In the heart of the formula Beauty Skin Cleansers are active ingredients of nigella flowers that fight against free radicals, protect them from UV light, provide anti-inflammatory effect and soothe inflamed skin.

In antiquity, the most useful beauties of the time, Nefertiti and Cleopatra, used the useful properties of nigella during cosmetic procedures.

Cleansing plus care with secret ingredients in Beauty Skin Cleansers

The Beauty Skin Cleansers series consists of 5 products with specially selected textures: micellar water, mousse, two-phase eyeliner, milk and nourishing cream.

Micellar water and milk are the first steps of cleansing the skin

Mousse with a silky texture and a means for gentle cleansing of the skin of the eyelids

Nourishing cream with a dense texture

A pleasant bonus is a delicate aroma with notes of white tea, jasmine and musk, created by Guerlain perfumers in 1818.

Secrets of Cleopatra in the new Guerlain line