Than and how to wash the stretch ceiling

Stretched glossy ceilings are an original miracle of design thought. Such ceilings are very comfortable. They do not collect dust, do not have cracks, and in due course can not turn yellow. The choice of ceiling coverings is great: pure white or colored, matte or glossy, having a pattern or without a pattern. Manufacturers are proud that their product does not require cleaning. But in life it happens, as a rule, in a different way. The child can throw the ball into the ceiling, there will be an imprint on it. You can damage the surface of the coating on the holiday, opening a bottle of sparkling champagne, etc. Here it will be necessary to talk not about pollution, but about the safety of the ceiling.

Advice for care professionals
Do not wash the tension surface with any brushes or very coarse sponges. They on it will leave scratches or tear the ceiling. To wash it is necessary a soft sponge or a rag soaked in a solution of laundry soap.


The movements of the hand should be light, rotate around the circumference. But soap can leave unpleasant stains. Therefore, after treatment, the surface is treated with a dry cloth or napkin, which can absorb moisture well (from microfibre).

Before you start, you need to free your hands of jewelry, watches, bracelets. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the surface of the ceiling. And he must look perfect, striking everyone with his beauty.

Refuse to purchase funds with abrasive particles. Carefully read the instructions. Such economic particles are also added to household creams. And about soda in general, you must forget. If you are at a loss when choosing a cleaner, pay attention to the sprays. The smaller the mechanical impact on the glossy sensitive ceiling, the lower the likelihood of its damage. Many types of ceilings are perfectly cleaned by means for washing glasses. These funds in their composition have ammonia. It does not allow to appear to the divorce, which is very convenient when working. For and any ceiling dirt, it can easily be removed.

It is forbidden to clean ceilings with products containing acetone in their composition. Very carefully study the composition of the means before testing it in practice. An error will lead to serious damage to the film, from which the design is made. The behavior of the film can be extremely unexpected. She can wrinkle, turn pale or even turn blue, or maybe indifferent to the chemical.

Carry out a safety test for the chosen detergent composition. It is simple: apply a drop of money on a piece of film (if available) or in a place inaccessible to the person's eye. Soak ten minutes. This time will be enough to confirm the harmlessness of the purchased product.

The pressure on the coating during washing can not be provided. That pressure is strong enough. You can wrap a wet rag around the mop and drive it over the film without pressure. If the ceiling installation was done by specialists, it is difficult to spoil it. But if there is a violation of the technology, there is a danger of damage to the material, i.e., its severe deformation. And your diligent cleaning will lead to the need to call a master who will advise you to make a new order.

Manufacturers advise cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. And here again there is a question of quality of a design. You can break its geometry if the film is fixed weakly. Insure and remove the spider web with a whisk or a soft cloth. Smooth film coatings do not collect dust. These films are treated with an antistatic agent.

Now you are armed with knowledge of the care of stretch ceilings. The main requirement is careful handling of the film and avoidance of mechanical and chemical damage. Your attentive and cautious care of the ceiling will allow you to admire this beauty for many years.