The most fashionable ankle boots

Ankle boots are beautiful women's shoes. On the feet of the beauties reappeared not so long ago. But what exactly are the most fashionable and stylish women can not tell exactly what an ankle boots are. But there is nothing complicated. Ankle boots are such fashionable footwear, which is something middle between ordinary shoes and habitual half-boots. In English, these shoes are called "ankle shoes" or "ankle boots", which means shoes or shoes for the ankles. What are the most fashionable botilions you buy, you learn by reading this article.

Interesting to do is the shape of the heel. The fact is that the heels of an ankle can be of absolutely any shape. Everything depends on the imagination of the designer. There are models with a heel in the form of an iceberg or even a pistol. There are boots in general without a heel or on a wedge.

What we have figured out ankle boots. Now it remains to guess why they are so popular. And it's all about their universality. They sit perfectly on the leg and look great from the side. Ankle boots can be selected for any season and any weather. For winter or summer, for walking on puddles or over hot asphalt. These shoes are perfect for an elegant evening dress and a strict business suit. Although the heel of the botillion is tall, but very stable. Though the toe is slightly narrowed, but the foot is very comfortable. Any fabric, suede or leather, any colors. That's what botilions are.

These shoes, like no other, emphasize the beauty of elegant female legs. Especially if you wear them under jeans long or short. Or even with a denim skirt. Botillons are much lighter than traditional winter boots, so this is the choice of business women who are lucky owners of their own cars.

On sale are many different kinds of ankle boots. Bright summer white, pink or red. Botillon sandals are usually made with an open nose and without a heel. For autumn you can choose fashionable now rubber or from suede or leather. Very interesting lacquered. Young and fervent choose bright boots on a high heel. Colors are different - blue, purple, yellow, or classic gray, black, beige. There are models on a wedge, with or without a high heel. Decorate ankle boots and rhinestones, and embroidery, and fashion chains, and cunning lacing front or back. At the peak of popularity, ankle boots in the style of the thirties of the last century, as if descended from the pages of old magazines.

But these boots also have one drawback. Unfortunately, women with large ankles can not afford them. Also ankle boots are contra-indicated for women who have an ugly ankle. Do not wear this shoe with breeches or a skirt much lower than the knee.

But chasing after the beauty, do not forget about your comfort. Shoes should be just right. Make sure that you are comfortable and the heel does not interfere. Walk around, check their stability.

One of the advantages of the botilion is their lightness, stability. This shoe does not load your feet as much as, for example, high boots. Botillons fit into the office style of clothing, emphasizing the femininity of their mistress. Perfectly protect from dampness, slush. This fashionable footwear will help you look modern.

Ankle boots can be worn by women of any age. It is very important. Some elderly people do not dare to buy fashion shoes, so as not to look ridiculous. These boots perfectly complement any style of clothing, without getting out of the picture. At the same time, they can be combined with any accessories. Botilions are both classic and at the same time the latest fashion trend.

Botilions predict a long life. The most fashionable ankle boots are comfortable and beautiful shoes. So boldly buy a pair for the winter, for autumn and even summer. And enjoy the beauty, comfort and stability.