To dream your death

It's pretty scary to see your death in a dream. " Many in fear begin to come up with the most dramatic outcomes in the near future. But in fact, everything is not so unambiguous. This is how different masters of the unknown and otherworldly interpreted this phenomenon at different times.

Dream Interview Maya

These dreams have good and bad meaning. Good: if you imagined that you were dead, then in the near future you will have the opportunity to start life from a clean page. Do not do anything specifically for this, just try to relax and use all the chances offered to you by life itself. Bad: if you saw in your dream your own or someone's death, then someone is already imposed on someone close to you or a curse will be imposed soon (spoilage). To protect yourself, try to pour oil in a pan, pour in salt there and put a green cloth on top. The next day, tear the fabric into pieces and lay the people near you.

Ancient Persian Dream Book of Taflisi

Sonnik Miller

If you or one of your relatives dreams of you dead, then this is a dream-warning. You will have to face the hard test, perhaps even loss.

To hear or see in a dream once-dead friend - to the bad news.

To a man who sees his death in a dream, a dream is sent in the form of a warning. Talking in a dream with a long-dead father is an impulse to think through the business and everything that is connected with it. Sleep warns about the intrigues plotted by someone against you.

Men and women, after seeing such a dream, should think more carefully about their behavior, and cherish their reputation.

Talking in a dream with a deceased mother is a call to control your addictions, pay attention to health. Talking to a dead brother is a sign that someone really needs your compassion and your help.

If someone who has already died is cheerful and joyful in a dream - this means that your life is improperly organized. In the future, there are possible series of such serious mistakes that will have a direct impact on your entire destiny, if you do not mobilize the will in time to eliminate them.

If in a conversation with a deceased relative, that one is hitting you on some promise is a warning that you will soon be resisting the coming despondency. There will be a period of decline in business, so you need to listen more carefully to the wise advice of relatives and friends.

A voice in a dream that belongs to a deceased relative is a real form of warning that external forces send you from a near future. The only way this information can be perceived by your sleeping brain.

Paracelsus has advice - with special attention and seriousness to treat what the deceased loved ones say in a dream. The sleeper is able to receive advice from the deceased in sleep. Practical experience shows that following them brings the desired results. The image of a close deceased person only motivates the sleeping areas of the brain and brings to the surface the knowledge and skills that are hidden in them.

Wangi's Dream

To dream of your own death is a sign that you will have a long happy life next to your loved one. Such dreams say that you are carrying the destiny of the messenger of God on this earth.

If you dreamed the death of a very important person in the world, then this is a great prophecy. Soon in one of the developed countries a wise ruler will come to power, able to establish peace between the inhabitants of different states.

To see in a dream the death of many people at once is a very bad omen. Such a dream is a prophecy of a terrible epidemic, as a result of which millions of inhabitants will perish. A medicine from such diseases will be found by a person, to whose opinion no one has yet listened.

To see a person dying with agonizing death is the foreshadow of a nuclear war fought by the future ruler of one of the developed European countries. As a result of such a war, a great state will disappear from the face of the earth, and the survivors will sooner or later die an excruciating death.

If you dreamed that you were in a state of clinical death, then you have a long time to be in the dark about the black plans of your old acquaintances. Unfortunately, they will be able to translate their plans into reality, and you will suffer as a result.

Sonn of Nostradamus

To dream your death means that you will live very long. If you dreamed that a person close to you has died or dies, then this is evidence that this person will live a long and happy life.

To see in a dream the death and suffering of many people at once is a sign that humanity is destined to live long. The end of the world, which everyone is discussing now, will not come in the next few millennia.

In a dream, to see the death of a very important and famous person in the world is a prophecy of distemper and anxiety on earth. In the future, most likely, a very important person will actually die. After his death, immediately begins a fierce struggle for power, which has grown into a major civil or even world war.

Seeing yourself in a dream dying a painful death is a bad omen. Such dreams mean that in the future a person will appear on the earth who will take life from a large number of people before it is discovered. A dream like this predicts a quick encounter with a cruel person, perhaps even a maniac.

Seeing yourself in a dream in a state of temporary clinical death means that something will happen to you soon that will put you out of balance for several years. You will for some time absolutely not care what happens in the world, in the country, even in your own family.