Tongue twisters for the development of diction and speech of adults

Today you can meet not so many people who are able to boast of excellent diction. By the clear pronunciation of sounds and words nature has rewarded not everyone. However, the situation can be corrected if the tongue twisters are systematically spoken.

How to improve the diction and clarity of speech?

Clearly pronouncing words enables the elastic and mobile articulatory organs. It is thanks to him that people do not swallow the endings and do not lisp. One way to improve the work of these organs is special exercises:

Tongues for the development of speech and diction

Everyone from childhood is familiar with tongue twisters, but not everyone knows that they contribute to the development of speech and diction. As an exercise for adults who are lisping or have other speech defects, it is recommended to pronounce them regularly. The tongue twisters are texts or phrases that consist of unpronounceable sounds. Often they are folk works, invented several centuries ago. To improve the diction and development of speech using tongue twisters, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

Tongues for the development of diction and speech of adults and children: In the yard grass, on the grass, firewood, do not cut firewood on the grass of the yard. Sasha walked along the highway and sucked dry.
* Presented Varenka - felt boots, Valenka - mittens. There are also modern tongue twisters, specially compiled by linguists, to solve a specific problem. For example, such: Defibrillator defibrillated, defibrillated, and undefibriled.
* Two hundred and twenty-two caravels maneuvered and maneuvered, but they did not. It is difficult to pronounce these tongue twisters, but such exercises contribute to the development of speech and the improvement of diction. Some tongue twisters for the development of speech and the improvement of diction are whole poems: Cuckoo's cuckoo bought a hood, Hooked a cuckoo's hood, As in a hood, a cuckoo is ridiculous.


The Greek was riding across the river, sees the Greek - in the river cancer. He thrust his hand into the river, the cancer by the hand of Greka - the butt!


Skorogovorun spoke quickly, saying that you would not overdo it all, but you did not overdo it, But after speaking hurriedly, you quickly told me that you would overdo it all quickly and quickly. And skip tongue twisters like crucian on a skillet. Tongues for adults are long and short, simple and complex, but this is the best way to develop speech and improve diction. Here are some more examples of tongue twisters:
  1. A yellow dervish from Algeria rustles with silks in the hut, juggling with knives, a piece of figs eat.
  2. Frightened bear cub Hedgehog with a hedgehog and a hedgehog, Strizh with a shear and a haircut.
  3. The hedgehogs made friends with the mice. We went to the reeds - and not into the rye.
  4. The uzha stung the uzhitsa.Uzhu with the uzhitsa not get along. Already with horror, he had already eaten the supper for dinner.
  5. He gave the hedgehogs a dozen new pajamas.
  6. Woodpecker treats ancient oak, Good woodpecker oak any.
  7. The ram - the brawler climbed into the weeds.
  8. Cucumbers - well done green-lipped.
  9. White-legged tables smooth-smoothly planed.
  10. There was a white-winged sheep, All the sheep perebelokrylil.
  11. Bagel, lamb, loaf and loaf The baker was baked from the dough early in the morning.
  12. Varvara guarded the chickens, and the crow stole.
  13. Otvor, Uvar, the gate, at the yard on the grass firewood.
  14. Beavers brave go to the forests, Beavers for the beaver are kind.
  15. Magus magician magician with the magi.
  16. Instead of a shirt, do not wear trousers. Instead of watermelon, do not ask for a pair of trousers, you always distinguish a figure from a letter. And do you distinguish between ash and beech?
  17. I bought grandmother's beads Maruse.
  18. Babkin bean blossomed in the rain, Be a grandmother bean in borsch.
  19. Take a white-bearded man Polkrinki sour milk.
  20. We bought Valerik and Varenka mittens and felt boots.
  21. Georgy Georgievich tells Grigori Grigorievich about Grigory Georgievich, and Grigory Grigoryevich speaks to Georgy Georgievich about Georgy Grigorievich.
  22. Valerik ate a cookie, A Valyushka is a cheesecake.
  23. The crow flipped through the funnel.
  24. Verse Vavila cheerfully turned the pitchfork.
  25. Straw drove the driver.
  26. The refined ligature influences us very well.
  27. Valya drenched valenki in the thawed patch. Valin felt boots fell into the thawed patches.
  28. Funny monkey threw bananas, Threw bananas funny monkey.
  29. And I do not have to be unaware. I'm on a honey mead, and I do not care for a honey.
  30. The commander was talking about the colonel and the colonel About the lieutenant-colonel and the lieutenant-colonel About the lieutenant and about the lieutenant About the lieutenant and second lieutenant of the ensign and about the ensign About the sub-lieutenant, but he did not say anything about the sub-lieutenant.
  31. Interviewer interviewed.
  32. Snout of pig pigs, blunt; half the yard dug, dug, dug
  33. Carl from Clara stole the advertisement, and Clara from Karl stole the budget.
  34. Merchandizers lied - sampling samovars is broken.
  35. The advertising of stitches - seams with coverage, and potholders and without coverage snapped up.
  36. The band about the carpets was replaced by two half-strips about vacuum cleaners.
  37. The core of consumers of piastres is pirates, and pirates are piranhas.
  38. The biceps is not big on a city bodybuilder.
  39. Brainstorm: din, thunder, Orth, rhyme, suddenly - boom! Shine!
  40. Creative creativity is not creative, it needs to be re-coded!
  41. The selection of cleaners on Rolls-Royces is unrepresentative.
  42. Bankers rebranded, rebranded, rebranded, but not re-branded.
  43. In Cannes, lions only waxed lazy wreaths.
  44. Deideologized-de-ideologized, and dodeideologized.
  45. In Kabardino-Balkaria valocordin from Bulgaria.
  46. Their pesticides do not re-pesticide our for their pesticides.
  47. Employees of the enterprise were privatized, privatized, and not privatized.
  48. Coconuts cook in coconut juice.
  49. Lilac dentition.
  50. Fluographist fluroographed fluroograph.
  51. I'm a verticulist. I can verticulate, I can vyvertykultipnutsya.
  52. The Staffordshire Terrier is opposed, and the black-haired Riesen Schnauzer is sharp.
  53. Is it colonialism? - No, this is not colonialism, neo-colonialism!
  54. Volkhov was waving in the stable with the Magi.
  55. We ate and ate at the spruce. They barely had time to eat them.
  56. Our head has overheaded your head, overdid it.
  57. Pavel Pavlushka was swaddled, swaddled and swapped.
  58. Reported, but did not doraportoval, doraportoval, yes zaportovalis.Regulirovschik
  59. Ligurian regulated in Liguria.
  60. In our courtyard, the farmstead was moozing the weather. Senya and Sani in the sledge have a catfish with a mustache.
  61. The wasps do not have a mustache, not strong, but tendrils. Senka Senka with Sonya on sledges. Sledge skok, Senka from his feet, Sonka in the forehead, all in a snowdrift.
  62. Osip hoarse, Arkhip osp.Ne wants to oblique oblique oblique, says a braid spit.
  63. Satchok hooked on the branch.
  64. Seven in the sledge sat themselves.
  65. From the body in the body was an overload of watermelons. In a thunderstorm, in a mud from a load of water-melons the body collapsed.
  66. The waxist whistles with a pipe.
  67. Two rivers: Vazuza with Gzhayu, Vazuza with Gzhaya.
  68. The heron died, the heron dried, the heron died.
  69. Scales in pike, bristle in chushki.
  70. Sixteen walked mice and six found a pittance, and the mice that are fuller, noisily fumbling pennies.
  71. Forty mice were walking and six found a penny, and the mice that were more or less found two pennies.
  72. A quarter of four peas, without a wormhole.
  73. Constantine stated.
  74. Feeling Lukerya felt the non-sensible Nikolka.
  75. Valuable chain scribe on the scythe.
  76. Kosyar Kosyane oblique mowing obliquely. Do not mow down the mowing Koscian mowing.
  77. The hedgehog has a hedgehog, and the horror is terrifying.
  78. It's terrible for a bug to live on a bitch.
  79. Two puppy cheeks to cheek pinch the brush in the corner.
  80. The river flows, bake the stove.
  81. Tongs and pincers - these are our things.
  82. The pike is trying in vain to pinch the bream.
  83. Even your neck, even your ears, you stained in a black carcass. Become quickly under the shower. Wash off your ears in the shower with mascara. Wash and shower your face with mascara. After showering, dry yourself dry. Neck dry, dry your ears, and do not stain more ears.
  84. There is no ring near the well.
  85. The ground beetle buzzes, it hums, but it does not spin.
  86. Jasper suede in suede.
  87. Sorry Zamka suede, chewed Zamka zhamku in the castle.
  88. Boxwood, boxwood, how tightly you are sewn.
  89. Fedka is eating radish with vodka.
  90. The sergeant with the sergeant-major, the captain with the captain.
  91. Brit Klim brother, Brit Ignat brother, and brother Pankrat - bearded.
  92. To the Habsburgs from Strasbourg.
  93. I did not regret mama soap. Mama Mila soap with soap. She did not like soap Mila, soap Mila dropped.
  94. The water carrier carried water from under the water supply.
  95. Rhododendrons from the arboretum.
  96. Varvara was tearing grapes on Mount Ararat.
  97. In the courtyard, the farmstead was mildewed.
  98. Two woodcutters talked about Larka and Varka
  99. Barkas came to the port of Madras. The sailor brought a mattress on board. In the port of Madras, the sailor's mattress. Albatrosses broke off in a fight.
  100. The Queen gave the Cavalier a caravel.

Pagoda with the letter P for adult speech development

Often in adults there is a defect when they pronounce the letter "R". Such a speech is unpleasant to perceive by ear to others, and to the person himself this unpleasantness causes inconvenience. To remove the flaw, tongue twisters come to the rescue. This method of eliminating defects in the pronunciation of the letter P also contributes to the improvement of diction and the development of speech.

There are many examples of tongue twisters with the letter P for the development of speech in adults:

1. Karasenka once crucian

Gave a coloring.

And Carp said:

"Color, Karasenok, a fairy tale!"

On the coloring of Karasenka -

Three merry little pigs:

A calf of piglets repainted in crucian carps!

2. On the mountain of Ararat Varvara tore the grapes.

3. Without caramel ship,

The ship ran aground,

Sailors for two weeks caramel on the rocks were eating spruce.

4.Shel Yegor through the yard

Nes an ax to repair the fence.

5.Galka sat on the fence
Grach started a conversation with her

6. At the yard firewood,
behind the yard wood,
under the yard wood,
over the yard wood,
firewood along the yard,
wood in breadth of the yard,
will not accommodate the yard of firewood.

7.UAgrafens and Arins grow dahlias.

8. Cunning magpie to catch the trouble,
Forty-forty to forty-four.

9.Redka rarely grew up in the garden,
The bed was rarely in order.

10. Fraction of quails and black grouses.

11. Rimma cleans the frame early, Roma next cleans the wound.

12. The queen had a gentleman.
The knight had a queen.
Who is the queen? And who is the cavalier?

13. Before the cow a box of crusts.

14. In King Cleric's stealing,
Queen Carlisle has a dwarf.
The dwarf is Carl, and the dagger is Clara,
Clara's got a clarinet, Carla has coral.
Clara stole corals from Charles,
And Carl from Clara stole a clarinet.
There is no Clarinet from Clara, but there are corals.
Charles has a clarinet, but no coral.
Queen Carlisle of Charla Claroux
For stealing corals from Karl's dwarf,
And Klarik, King Charles, punished,
The one who stole the clarinet from the stolen.
If Charles had not stolen from Clara,
Clara would not have stolen corals,
I would have heard Clarice's clarinet stolen,
And Karl gave corals to Carlisle.

15. The ram is delighted -
The ram has a drum,
And the ram drum drums,
Drums drum the drum.

16. Lord Carl stole from Clara three corals,
Lord Clara did not steal corals!

17. He brought the fire to Egoru
In the yard there is a mountain of wood.

18. They cut woodcutters
Cheese oaks on log buildings.

19. Snout of a pig, blunt, beloryl,

Half the yard dug snout,

Dug, undermined

I did not dig to the hole.

On that haw and snout,

So she can dig.

20. Reported, but did not doraportoval, doraportoval, yes zaportovalsya.

21. The children played in the orchestra in a friendly manner:

Carl was playing on a black clarinet,

Cyril - on the French horn,

On the harp - Alla,

And Lara played on the piano.

If you use imagination, you can come up with other options for tongue twisters for speech development and improvement of diction. The main thing is that the training sessions should be regular. The correct pronunciation of sounds and clear speech is necessary not only for speakers, but also for adults in everyday life.