Trendy Wedding Hairstyles 2014

Of course, a wedding in your life will be the greatest event and a wedding hairstyle is an important element of the image, like make-up and a wedding dress. Based on the trends and fashion trends of the new season of 2014, the bride will look romantic and feminine.

Fashionable Wedding Hairstyles
The image is made as a whole elegantly and concisely, there are at least a few extra details in it. Nostalgia for the sixties of the last century sent a trend to the maximum amount in the creation of wedding hairstyles. When creating bridal voluminous haircuts use different pads and rollers, with their help they achieve the right volume.

Another version of the hairstyle, which was considered a child's attribute, acquired a new charm this season. These are wedding hairstyles with classic three-row and today popular four-row braids. This hairstyle looks youthful and looks stylish, original and fashionable. For those who are fans of elegant classics, offer three-row braids - spikelets. This version of the hairstyle is wrapped around the head and left in the same form, or the remaining loose hair is twisted by a roller and fixed with hairpins.

Especially popular in this season is the four-row braid. Looks like this hairstyle is impressive and stylish. The braid is not braided along the entire length of the hair, does not affect the width, but is wrapped around them. A fashionable and stylish accessory was the fact that ribbons are woven into the braids. These are different spikelets, braided spits in a spiral, Dutch and French, voluminous with interwoven ribbons look fashionable, attractive and beautiful.

Never was out of fashion weaving all over the head. A large number of weaves allows the bride to look unique and irresistible. Such a hairstyle will create an image worthy of attention and allow you to look like a queen at your own wedding.

Relying on the most fashionable trends for 2014, this will help to become the most fashionable bride.

1. Bohemian style
Among the brides is a very fashionable style, it is distinguished by refinement, which is mixed with a little carelessness in the spirit of the hippies. The style of the 70's corresponds to long fluffy curls or daring curls. This style is suitable for individual, romantic and free-spirited brides. The main principle of this style expresses its own individuality through the choice of hairstyle. This style assumes great attention to accessories, small things and to details.

2. Loose curls
Nothing is more beautiful than naturalness. This year continues the fashion for the natural and close to nature. If you are going to be a fashionable bride, then do not build on your head complex hairstyles that are filled with styling. If you have beautiful long hair, you just need to leave it loose, but first wind it with large curlers. Brides who have such hairstyles, look both elegant and simple.

3. The beam
For the bride and her girlfriends a great idea will be a bunch of ballerinas. And to stand out, you can add a cute brooch or wicker accent to revive the bunch. Everything depends on you.

4. Accessories
In 2014, actual dressings, thin and delicate chains, flower wreaths and accessories in the style of the 1920s.

5. Wedding braids
The last few years do not go out of fashion braids, but this year the braid should be surely free and disheveled. At your request, it can be decorated with chains, flowers, or combined with a delicate wreath.

The wedding hairstyle is similar to the evening hairstyle, but unlike the evening hair, the wedding hairstyle is designed to emphasize the bride's external data and her natural beauty. Full harmony of the image is achieved with the help of a wedding dress, accessories and hairstyles. The obligatory element of the bride's hairstyle is a veil. A complement to it can be hair clips, brooches, pearls, flowers, rims, diadems, hoops. When choosing accessories, the basic rule is to observe the sense of proportion.