Love Tolkalina: life and romances with men

Love Tolkalina is known to the domestic audience as a talented actress and a spectacular, bright woman. Despite the rather tight shooting schedule, the actress has time to remain a loving mother and a true friend for hundreds of colleagues. As Tolkalina herself notes, tempering obtained in childhood helps to maintain such a rhythm of life.


February 16, 1978 in the family of the Ryazan furry-nurse Nikolai Tolkalina Lyuba was born. The baby was born a week before the scheduled date, when the father and mother of the future actress were staying in the village Savvtma Ryazan region. In official documents and biographies, the birthplace of the star is the village of Mikhailovka of the same district - the tract where Lyubov's parents lived. Here and passed her childhood. School science was given to the girl with difficulty, especially did not suit the taste of mathematics, but physical education and drawing were Tolkalina's favorite subjects. This circumstance in many respects determined the other interests of the girl.

Sports career

From a young age Lyubov Tolkalina took a great interest in synchronized swimming and even got a job in a children's theater on the water, where at the age of 12 she first tried on herself as an actress, performing roles of the Little Mermaid and Maria in the show "Bakhchisarai Fountain". At the age of 16 the girl got a candidate for the master of sports of Russia and intended to further develop in this direction. Her general plan for the future was a coaching career, but the fate of the incident intervened.

Choice of profession

Once a student came to the pool VGIK, which representatives of the brand expensive plumbing chosen for the shooting of the promo video. The plot of the video suggested scenes under the water, so the model should not only be beautiful, but also be able to swim well. The choice fell on Love. In the process of working on advertising, the girl met Alexei Batalov, one of the instructors of the operator. The charismatic director made an indelible impression on the future star of the screens. Love decided to enter VGIK.

The first steps in acting

To the surprise of many, Tolkalina, from the very first attempt, entered the capital's VGIK, surpassing a dozen candidates for a place. Learned Love on the course of A. Batalov. An outstanding actor and a talented teacher taught the girl to constantly develop. "If nothing happens in your life, if you are not recognized and are not invited anywhere, you must improve yourself. The more you know how, the more you stand. You can not sit in a corner and envy someone "- these words of the mentor largely determined Tolkalina's life position for many years to come.

Theater of the Russian Army

In 1999, the actress received a diploma about the graduation from VGIK. A bright graduate and favorite Batalov was immediately invited to the Theater of the Russian Army. Here she was able to play a lot of roles, among which the most memorable was Desdemona. Despite the deafening success of the productions with Tolkalina, the artist herself speaks about this period of her life with unconcealed disappointment: "They took me for a role, not seeing any of my performances. The theater is huge, there are a lot of people and everything is interchangeable. I wanted to be appreciated, not perceived as a young actress, who can cover up any hole in the mass event. "

Lyubov Tolkalina stayed at the Russian Army Theater for four years. In parallel, the actress managed to make her debut in the feature film "Recluse" by Yegor Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, starring in the 12-episode film "The Butterfly Trail" by Oleg Babitsky and successfully manifesting himself in the role of photomodel. In April 2001, Playboy called the actress the girl of the month.

"Antikiller" - a turning point in the biography of Tolkalina

2002 was a fateful year for Tolkalina. Thanks to the role of Luba, the employee of the travel agency in the criminal fighter "Antikiller" E. Konchalovsky, the actress began to recognize on the street, and the directors - to fall asleep with suggestions to take part in the shootings. The second part of the film, released a year later, cemented Tolkalina's acting success.

Theater "Empire of the Stars"

In 2003-2007 Lyubov Tolkalina works at the Theater "Empire of Stars". Ambitions actresses exceeded the scale of the role of Jacqueline in the play "Oscar", which she was offered to play. Love is actively filmed in movies and serials. In just four years the filmography of the actress was replenished with 15 roles. This experience helped Tolkalina understand that no theater will allow her to self-actualize, only in the cinema she will be able to fully reveal herself.

Since the beginning of the 2000s to the present day, Tolkalina's biography has more than a hundred projects. Among the most vivid and memorable works of her critics are called "Games for Adult Girls", "The Heart of Captain Nemov", "My General", "The Kiss of Destiny", "The Bachelorette" and "Crazy Angel". The very same actress singles out a scandalous film "The Talisman of Love", narrating the story of a girl in love with a homosexual. According to Lyubov, the picture helped her to take a fresh look at many aspects of life.

Love Tolkalina: family, personal life, husbands, children

For Tolkalina, her mother was the model of the hearth keeper. A quiet, modest and incredibly wise woman always knew how to smooth out sharp angles in her relationship with her harsh spouse: "She was a swallow - she kept gluing the nest all the time," Love said about her mother. Thanks to her example, the artist knew that for a woman husband and children - the most important thing in life. For this reason, Tolkalina always dreamed of a strong and united family. Since even in his youth, Love gave the heart of the scene, the personal life of the actress was closely intertwined with creativity.

Yegor Konchalovsky - husband and companion

Love Egor Konchalovsky Lyubov Tolkalina met in 2000, during studies at the VGIK. A confident 30-year-old man at first glance has subdued the 17-year-old student. A year later, the director invited the girl to come together. According to the artist herself, she never took these relations seriously. The social statuses of their families were so far away that parents initially did not believe in the prospects of marriage of young people. Yegor Konchalovsky was in no hurry to offer his hand and heart, concentrating his efforts on promoting his beloved's career. The director shot Lyubov Tolkalina in her works, insisted on her teaching foreign languages, but never decided to officially enter a civil wife in the Mikhalkovs' family. The idea to formalize relations did not visit Yegor Konchalovsky, even after the couple had a daughter, Masha, in 2001. In a civil marriage, they lived for 10 years, after which they decided to disperse. At the same time, the former spouses agreed not to advertise the parting.

"We live with Egor all our lives on the principle: I'm free, you're free. In addition, friendship in the family is more important than love "- this is how the artist commented on the situation with her husband. Officially, the separation was announced only in January 2017. All this time the couple lived separately. Yegor Konchalovsky managed to get a young wife and a child. Personal life Lyubov Tolkalina, still, is a taboo for discussions in the media. According to scanty information from the social networks of the stars, work, spiritual practices and conversion to faith helped to survive the parting with the beloved artiste.

Tolkalina about children

Daughter Masha - the only child of the actress. In 2000, the pregnancy on the eve of the premiere of "Othello" at the Russian Army Theater was completely unexpected for Tolkalina: "Kranty! Now all is lost! "The novice actress panicked, informing the news to her husband. Yegor Konchalovsky strongly supported his beloved. A few years after the birth of Masha, Lyubov thought about the second child. Doctors said that for a normal gestation a 55-kilo grammage artist should collect 15 kg. The natural tendency to leanness did not allow the TV star to bring the physiological parameters to the recommended values, so the idea of ​​repeated delivery had to be abandoned.

The novel with Vyacheslav Manucharov

In 2010, when Tolkalina and Konchalovsky decided to put the relationship on a pause, Love was invited to the film "The Chronicles of Treason." On the set, fate brought her with Vyacheslav Manucharov. Initially the artist's contacts were limited to the solution of working moments, but soon turned into a turbulent romance that lasted several months. As it turned out, Manucharov is married, and his wife is on the last term of pregnancy. Tolkalina decided not to break someone else's family and stopped non-working communication with a colleague. Vyacheslav almost immediately switched attention to Anna Semenovich. However, the effective blonde turned out to be too tough for him. "On such women, you need to immediately marry, which of my husband?" I'm shivering from the single word "wedding" - confessed in an interview Manucharov.

Is Love Tolkalina married Alexei Makarov?

"I married Makarov!" - with such a statement, Tolkalina made a speech in May 2017. The artist hastened to reassure the audience, reassured that the marriage was not real, and tried on the ring for the sake of filming in the project of the STS channel. Referring to the obligations under the contract, the actress did not disclose the details of the filming, as well as Makarov's place in his personal life.

Love Tolkalina and daughter Masha (photo)

Maria is a pride and an outlet for the stellar mother. A tight shooting schedule did not allow Lyubov to give the girl much attention, so Masha grew up as a self-sufficient and completely independent girl. "She has a sign on her door" It's forbidden to forbid ", she does not listen to me at all!" - Tolkalina laughs.

Outwardly, Masha is like her father, but her mother's character. Once uncompromising and obstinate, peculiar to Lubov, almost cost the girl's life. On the dispute jumping from the roof, Masha got a compression fracture of the spine. Tolkalina still blames herself for carelessness, because of which she did not prevent the tragedy, so she tries not to press on the teenager again. For example, do not ask her daughter to lose weight or stop listening to strange music.

With an adult daughter, the actress maintains a warm, trusting relationship. Although the 16-year-old girl reluctantly shares with her mother details of her personal life, but listens to her opinion on key issues such as the place of further study. The actress supports all the beginnings of the teenager, even the adventurous type of the case, when for the sake of experiment the daughter lost a few kilograms.

Tolkalina before and after plastics (photo)

Thoughts about the need for a plastic surgery have been visited by Love Tolkalin for a long time. Surgeons recommended that the star be delayed with cardinal measures to improve the appearance. Only at 39 years old the actress said yes to injecting and laser cosmetology. Tolkalina's fans decided that the changes were good for her.

Latest news about Tolkalina

At present the actress is completely immersed in the work. Now Love is removed immediately in four films: "Confused", "Legends of Petersburg. Key of the time "," Adoption Clinic "and" Girls do not surrender ". All the pictures will be released in 2018. Free time from filming Love devotes to communicating with the family and helping Orthodox churches.