Urban mood: interior in a modern style

Maximum functionality, large space and cleanliness of forms - the main features of the interior in a modern style. Add to this list high-tech design solutions, interesting color accents and a variety of textures and get a complete image. About what the modern style of the interior is and will be discussed later.

Modern taste: key characteristics of modern style in the interior

To begin with, we note that there is no "pure" modern style. Rather, it is, but it is a successful combination of different styles: high-tech, art deco, minimalism, techno, loft, kitsch, modern, vintage. Individual elements, and sometimes whole design techniques from these areas, can be used to design one interior, which eventually will be called "modern style".

If we talk about the key features of this direction, then the following points will be characteristic for him:

Beautiful interiors in a modern style: photo and description

The first thing that catches your eye is the absence of typical Khrushchev apartments in the post-Soviet space, cluttered. The effect of free and open space is mainly achieved through the use of a minimum of furniture. In interiors made in a modern style, furniture must be functional. Here you will not see a chair in which no one ever sits and a coffee table intended solely for collecting dust. The second nuance that makes the room more voluminous is the use of multi-level solutions: niches, podiums, windows in the floor. A fastening element that allows to soften the asceticism of the interior in a modern style is lighting. It must be a lot and it must be different. Ideally, light in the room during the day must penetrate through a large window, and in the evening a natural source should replace a chandelier and numerous sconces, floor lamps and lamps.

If we talk about which room is best to decorate in a modern style, then we can say with confidence - any. This design direction is considered universal, that is why it is equally suitable for a city living room or hallway, and for a kitchen in a country cottage. But there is one important nuance that must be taken into account when choosing a modern style. When using this direction in the decoration of your personal space, for example, a bedroom, do not forget about textiles. Fabrics, curtains, bedspreads and carpets in a small amount will add to your home cosiness and warmth. And that the textiles do not create a clutter effect, give preference to materials of natural shades that will correspond with the basic colors of the interior.