We grow thin in the mornings! Effective charging systems for weight loss

Woke up, stretched and rather get up from under the warm blanket! We have prepared incredibly invigorating exercises for the morning exercises for weight loss, join us! Also you will learn how to overcome morning laziness and force yourself to go in for sports.

One, two, three, four: legs higher, arms wider! Morning exercise for slimming at home

Girls, start charging with warm-up exercises. This is a very important point, since the body has just awakened, the joints do not bend, and the muscles do not work. Going immediately to the complexes, you will harm the body, up to the stretching of ligaments and subluxations of the joints.

Exercises for warm-up

So, fewer words - more business. Let's get started!

  1. We knead the neck, performing the slopes and turns of the head to the sides and back and forth.
  2. We work with shoulders: 8 circular movements back and forth, fingers on the shoulders;
  3. We continue circular movements, fully describing the circle with hands, and finish with circular movements of the brushes;
  4. We carry out the slopes to the sides, at the same time we pull with one hand, and then we put the second one on top. 10 inclines in each direction;
  5. Drawing arms and body forward, bent in the lower back and spring;
  6. Drawing palms to the sky, straightening all the muscles. Feel this exercise;
  7. We make 10 attacks on each foot;
  8. Squat 25 times;
  9. And finish the morning warm-up running in place for 1 minute;
  10. Deep breath in and out.

Muscles warmed up, the first drops of sweat appeared. Now let's drink a glass of water and continue charging for slimming belly, sides, lyas and other problem areas.

Exercise number 1 We are drawn to the sun

Legs shoulder width apart, hands on waist. We squat down and stretch our arms upwards, turning the body. At the same time put the foot on the toe. Again they sat down, and reached out with the other hand. And so 20 times.

Exercise # 2 Pulling to the heels of plie

The legs are wider than the shoulders, we descend into the pli, that is, the ass and hips are kept in one horizontal position. Straight arms are held at the top, fingers stretch toward the sun. Alternately lower each hand to the heel, while not moving the pelvis. We repeat 20 times.

Exercise # 3 A bit of hip-hop (especially effective for losing weight)

So, we make a leap in the jump and bring the opposite hand forward, bent at the elbow. We change legs jumping, we sit down in deep pli, too, with a jump. Repeat 15 times.

Want to charge for losing weight in 10 minutes? Get it! This exercise shakes all the fat on your body and burns a good portion of calories. The main thing is not lazy.

Exercise # 4 Slopes to the sides (especially effective for the sides)

Legs on the width of the shoulders, arms above the head parallel to each other. We make smooth slopes to the side, without turning the body forward. After 10 repetitions go to a fast tempo.

The right technique forces the back muscles and the slanting press to work. You not only strengthen the lumbar region, but also burn fat on the sides, and develop flexibility. Be careful, extra weight is contraindicated!

Exercise # 5 Press (especially effective for the abdomen)

We lay down on the back, hands slightly apart from the trunk. Legs glued together and a powerful push to tear off the buttocks and back from the floor, as if doing the exercise "Birch". We repeat 15 times.

Exercise number 6 Bike

Completes our morning exercises for weight loss in the home, a well-known exercise. Make sure the correct technique is followed by watching the video.

Charging for weight loss in the workplace

If you have a sedentary job, you are an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher, it is strongly recommended that you give a few minutes to your lunch break for health, charging in the workplace for weight loss.

How to overcome laziness and get up on the morning exercises?

As promised, we tell how to cope with the morning "I do not want, I will not" and force the body to do exercises.

First, set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual, and get up. And do not just turn off and continue to roll in bed. Secondly, as soon as you opened your eyes, instantly stretch from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers. This is so simple and easy action, but it gives an invaluable burst of energy.

Third, look out the window. Someone just turn his head, and someone raise the hull. In any case, the rays of the sun will pull you out of the half-dozing. Well, now we are fighting with our own consciousness, throwing back the blanket and immediately get up!

All laziness is gone, and this is a wonderful occasion to start the morning exercises. And for special sloths we offer videos with exercises in bed.

Cheerful morning! We begin the morning exercises for weight loss in the home.