We spend calories, doing business

At present, obesity is the number one problem. Many people want to lose weight, or at least not gain a couple more pounds. But only there is no willpower. This is a very complicated and long process, it is required to radically change your diet. This article will not outline the options for different diets or tips on how to lose weight. Here, the ways will be described how not to gain a couple more extra pounds. Nothing complicated, no restrictions on food. Simply doing household chores is also a kind of physical exercise.

So, let's start with cleaning. Surely every woman is doing this, but how many calories goes with it, she does not know. All of the above data are calculated for 30 minutes of operation.


When wiping dust, 80 calories are consumed. If a woman is a moth, then she spends 280 calories. Rubbing the floor, loses 130 calories. Vacuums carpets -205 calories. Sweeping floors - 108 calories. Cleans plumbing and spends 275 calories. Wipe the mirror or glass, it costs 265 calories. Washing the tile - 20 calories, but the dishes - 50 calories. When changing clothes on a double bed, consumes 35 calories. Just put all the things in their places - 115 calories. At the general cleaning 96 calories are spent. Rearrangement of furniture - 223 calories. If you make repairs in an apartment, you will lose 150 calories.


When a woman ironing clothes while sitting, 40 calories are expended, while standing stroking - 70 calories.

Cooking food

The preparation of food takes a lot of time, as well as extra fat. As much as 75 calories. Peel vegetables with a knife - 30 calories.


Let's go to the wash. With the help of this type of activity, a lot of energy is wasted. When hand washing small things you can lose up to 60 calories. Hand washing of curtains, blankets and other similar things - 110 calories.


If you live in a multi-storey building and you do not have an elevator, it's just wonderful. The best physical activity is not found. Walking up the ravine takes away as many as 270 calories. If you run up the stairs, you will lose 600 calories. Walking down the stairs is slightly less - 131 calories.


Do you live in a private house and have your own garden? You are fabulous. Since doing business in the garden, you can fine-tune your figure. For example, digging in beds takes 180 calories, planting 150 seedlings, watering beds - 160, weeding - 170 calories, fertilizing - 200 calories. Cutting trees - 178 calories. Planting seedlings - 170 calories. Gather fruits and lose 180 calories. Cleaning of leaves - 148.


Now you can rest and read a book aloud, and you will spend 90 calories. And if you sleep an hour, you will lose 50 calories. Just lie down and relax without sleep, you take away 65 calories.

Winter sport

Soon winter will come and at this time it will be possible to ride nalyzhah, while spending 303 calories. Snow cleaning takes 220 calories. With skating, skates can burn 180 to 600 calories. This is a highly effective form of sports for weight loss.

Riding a bike - 250 calories. Swimming - 226. Beach volleyball - 298 calories. Walking through the forest burns 62 calories, and the collection of berries of igribs - 182 calories.


At home, you can turn on the music and dance a little. Slow eaters take away 230 calories, fast much more. You jump up to the song on a roll, and you will lose 460 calories. Run on the spot and spend 359 calories.


If you have a child, give him a little time. The game with children in active games takes 190 calories, walk with a stroller - 75, bathe a child - 94 calories. It takes 50 calories to take a shower. Just lie down and soak in the bathroom - 20 calories. Talk on the phone - 40 calories, play board games - 25 calories. Dress up - 48, make up and make-up - 62 calories.

Absolutely simple and everyday affairs, and how much more energy is burned!