What clothes to choose for office

A lot of requirements are put to business women's clothes. It should be comfortable, functional, discreet and elegant. Business clothes for women should be well-cut and sewn and should look attractive. For sewing clothes for the office, it is advisable to use fabrics to make them nimble and practical. Many believe that women's clothing for the office is a jacket and a skirt or trousers, but this is a mistaken opinion.

What kind of clothes to choose for the office?

In a working environment, elegant dresses, blouses or vests, and even knee-length shorts are appropriate. When choosing a business outfit, girls should avoid bold cutouts and cuts, miniskirts and décolleté.

You can use a variety of colors. Business fashionable clothes for women can be not only brown, gray or black. Soft colors are allowed. Green, blue, white, beige, cherry and other colors are appropriate. In addition, business women's clothing should not only be monophonic, it can use several colors, the main thing is that the combination of colors is not defiant.

Fashion 2012 offers women interesting solutions that will emphasize their individuality, help to look impressive and at the same time do not violate the framework of business etiquette. This year, for office style, you can combine contrasting colors in your clothes, you do not need to avoid the combination of black and white. In this season, femininity is welcomed in detail.

Business suits are distinguished by graceful cut and a smooth silhouette, in this clothes it will be convenient in the office, at the party. Some designers advise not to neglect trousers with arrows and a baggy jacket with broad shoulders. It is actual to wear a classic jacket with narrowed trousers. The priority remains a skirt pencil, which is complemented by a jacket with an open neckline or a blouse with a V-neck. For self-assured and brave women, they offer skirt bright costumes that are decorated with abstract ornaments.

In 2012, a small classic dress of turquoise, purple, dark blue, black and even orange colors is very popular, which is complemented by a stylish scarf, leather strap and dresses with matching accessories. Many designers offer dresses made of knitwear with long sleeves, which are made in brown, black and pastel colors. It is absolutely not necessary to wear only monochrome clothes - dresses that are decorated with floral ornament and small embroidery are suitable, while they look elegant and attractive.

Individuality and elegance can also be given with accessories. In 2012, bracelets, large beads, watches, bags with large details, stoles and scarves, ties, belts and belts of different widths and different colors prevail. For the office, actual shoes will be shoes of pastel colors and black, boots on a low heel, ankle boots.

In conclusion, we add that for the office to select clothing should be so that it allowed to stand out from the mass of office workers and at the same time was diverse.