Why does the child wake up heavily?

Sleep. It is necessary for all - adults and children. And there are no exceptions. In a dream we rest, our body replenishes itself with the necessary substances. It is simply impossible to live without sleep, no matter how much you want it.

You have to go to bed on time, as well as get up. Why? Now we will try to explain all this on our fingers.

Imagine that you are a mobile phone. Everyone knows that a mobile phone has a battery that needs to be recharged. The battery has a capacity, that is, how much it can give out energy during operation, and when it will end. And now let's assemble two components: the battery and the phone itself. The phone consumes battery power, it is spent, for example, for 16 hours. Charges for 8. Now let's look at the whole thing. The person is charged during sleep, that is, the charging period is eight hours. If it is fully charged, it can work without interruptions for 16 hours. And now let's imagine that the battery is not fully charged. Yes, you correctly understood us. That is, for example, sleep is not eight hours, but seven, or even six. In this case, the work time will also decrease proportionally.

Let's remember what happens to the phone when the battery is almost sat down. The phone tries to save all its resources. It turns off the sound, reduces the brightness of the backlight and other moments that negatively affect the performance of the device.

So, our body acts exactly the same. If we do not get enough sleep, then we do not feel very well throughout the day. That's just the difference between the phone and the person still there. Look, we, people, can plan our day in advance, we know that we have to work and so on. So our body knows that we usually end the day not after four hours of work, here it saves throughout the day.

What is meant? Well, look, when the phone is charged at fifty percent, it will not save energy right away to live longer. He will initially issue exactly what he wants to get from him, and then at the very end he will start saving, so that he does not shut down completely. Imagine that during the production of the phone, he sewed the wrong firmware, or firmware with errors. Well, it does not matter, the composition of the firmware is important, what is written in it. But just imagine that the firmware is written that the phone should start saving energy already on ninety percent of charging the battery. Presented? Exactly. The phone simply can not be used normally. The same situation with a man.

It will be difficult for you to work, and in general you will not be able to do anything. Now let's talk about the child, and, in fact, why the child wakes up heavily. We will understand the very principle of the length of sleep, as this all happens, we will try to solve all the problems that will arise in our way to the answer.

Many say that children should sleep very long and with time the duration of sleep decreases. This is the purest truth. But it's normal to explain this only by scientific and medical words. But we are here gathered not to exchange abstruse phrases, try to explain it simply.

For example, when you go buy a battery to the phone, the seller usually tells you that you need to recharge the battery several times to 100 percent. It's the same with our body. That's the truth you need to compare the scale, and then we get what we need.

The baby must sleep much longer than a normal adult, because the body is still gradually developing, and interrupting the development period is highly undesirable. For example, the battery will reduce the operating time without charging and it will not be 16 hours, but 15-12. As you can see, there is nothing good in this.

Many mothers are concerned about the fact that their child is very hard to wake up. If a child is heavily out of the sleep period, this does not mean that his body has any deviations.

You must clearly imagine that the body was at rest. Here he slept, but to get out of this stage it takes time.

The kid is still underdeveloped, because he sleeps for a very long time, can not quickly wake up. Still it is necessary to specify, that probably the kid simply does not get enough sleep. Here, remember the story about the battery and the charging time. If a person sleeps and does not want to sleep, he will wake up pretty quickly. But if he did not get enough sleep, then there will be problems with awakening. If your child wakes up very hard, then he either does not get enough sleep, or he does not want to get up. Here you definitely need to decide. And still look to correctly determine the age, because the older the child, the more he gets tired for the day, but at the same time, he needs less time to sleep.

If your child is a baby, then let him sleep until he wakes up. You must provide him with a quality sleep, during which time his body will be replenished with strength and energy.

If your child already goes to school. This is an interesting situation. The child, in principle, can get very tired there, which is normal for our time. He can stay up late. You have to trace, find out the approximate time when he has already gone to bed. Look and count the time he sleeps. Perhaps this is not enough for him. Then you must provide him more time to sleep. Experiment on the weekend in sleep time. Check how much he needs for a good and proper rest.

We hope, our advice will help you. We tried to explain on your fingers to you all the moments connected with a dream. As you can see, there are a lot of aspects that can influence the time of sleep, its quality and many other factors to some extent. Sleep - this is primarily health, and health should be protected.