With what to wear ankle boots: 16 tips

For several seasons in a row, one of the main hits of women's shoes are women's boots. Moreover, they already have a kind of status must-have, that is, things that must necessarily be present in the women's wardrobe. Ankle boots are most suitable for an elegant female leg, they open the caviar to the best extent, while they fit their ankles. There are both demi-season, and summer, and winter boots.

Almost all fashion designers offer a variant of ankle boots for everyday wear or a festive occasion. However, it is not enough to choose the right size and the right color, the most important thing is a style that does not fit for every shape of the legs. In addition, when choosing the botilonovoobazatelno think over your entire future ensemble completely, with what you will bring them and how often.

Unfortunately, in view of the fact that ankle boots have entered our daily life almost recently, many women do not know how to properly select the outfit for these shoes. There are several secrets about the correct selection of length and style of clothing.

  1. Despite the fact that ankle boots are almost all, they should not be worn by girls with full ankles. In this case, the importance is not the fullness of the legs, namely the proportions, if you have enough ankle with full hips, you can safely choose ankle boots. In any other cases, choose boots or boots.
  2. If you do not want to break the proportions of your legs, do not wear ankle boots with breeches or capris, and also with a skirt below the knee. In general, there is a special rule for wearing ankle boots: if the skirt is short, then the boots can be high.
  3. Narrow trousers or jeans do not need to fill votillions, especially if they have a narrow bootleg. This is permissible only in the case, if ankle boots with a wide bootleg.
  4. Botillions of bright colors are perfect for dealing with tight tights or tights in tone. In addition, this combination perfectly lengthens the legs.
  5. If you have knitted leggings, then add a kind of knitted sweater or dress, as well as a bulk bag. Such a versatile fashion image will be an excellent solution in cold evenings, while you will look stylish and fashionable.
  6. In the event that you want to buy fur ankle boots, you should carefully choose. The ankle boots, completely made of fur, rarely look stylish. It is best to choose shoes with fur trim. To that zhemeh choose from the fact that it will be used as outer clothing. Shuba with bright fur and ankle boots, made in the same style, can look too bright and too aggressive.
  7. If you are not afraid of heights, then choose ankle boots with platform and heel. It is best to combine such ankle boots with a coat or a cloak of a standard fitted silhouette of the trapezoid type. In winter, pick up a shortened coat or fur vest.
  8. To wear ankle boots without pantyhose is possible only in exceptional cases. It should be a model of an open type, perhaps with a twisting insert or made of cloth. Such models can be worn with stretch dresses, short skirts or light trousers.
  9. Ideally for the correct image of the spinner is a bright dress, black tight pantyhose and black ankle boots.
  10. Botillons - this is a great thing just for the business wardrobe. That's why the botilions perfectly combined with all possible skirts-pencil or dress-case to the middle of the knee. In such a classic business cloakroom, tights with a pattern or a slight sheen are acceptable.
  11. Do not replace the evening shoes or bare feet. For an evening event or a trip to a restaurant this is not the best choice, most likely you will look cheap and ridiculous.
  12. But cocktail dress to combine with ankle boots. To do this, choose lightweight textile models made of lace. Also fit the ankle boots with a lot of thin straps, open toe-toed heel.
  13. In order to beat your old jeans, get ankle boots with a wide high heel, you can in brown. Not bad if this shoe also has an aged style.
  14. Absolutely not suitable for botilion lush skirt. This combination will make your image ridiculous and rustic. In addition, when choosing clothes, rely on the rule that light boots with dark pantyhose should not be combined better.
  15. Botilions look great in combination with short shorts, however, and there is a nuance: for this, the legs should be ideal. The slightest fullness of legs spoils the whole impression.
  16. When choosing ankle boots with a large number of maktsentov: a bright and large flower, gold stakes or thorns, you should not also focus on your clothes, you do not want to look stupid. By the same botilony perfectly cope with the task of attracting attention.