Without Panama there is nowhere: we knit a summer panama for a girl crocheted

Any mom knows that the best protection from the hot summer sun is created by a panama, in particular, tied with fine yarn. Its natural material provides a natural air exchange, and the delicate weave does not allow the baby to overheat. In addition, Panama is a stylish accessory, which brings a bright accent to the summer image. And if we consider that even a novice craftsman can tie a children's panama with a hook, then it is possible to significantly diversify the child's wardrobe with several multi-colored models.


Summer panama for a girl - step by step instruction

We offer you a master class of a spectacular summer panama for a girl, which can be associated with a boy, replacing the yarn color with a blue one and removing the decorative decoration.

  • Yarn: YarnArt Summer 70% cotton, 30% viscose, 100 g / 350 m. Yarn consumption: 40 g.
  • Tools: hook 2.5
  • The density of knitting horizontally is Pg = 3.9 loops per cm.
  • The size of the children's panamka: 50-52

Panasonic for girls crochet: schemes for free

Summer panama for a girl - step by step instruction

Before you start, you need to measure the volume of the child's head. Knitting of summer panama with the hook size of 50-52 cm is described in our master class.

The main part of the children's panama

  1. We type 5 in. and close them in a ring. Next, we knit 3 rows according to the scheme: 3 cp. Sec., 12 pp. with one crochet.

    Crochet headwear for girls: crochet, master class

    Panama for a girl crocheted
  2. We pass to the fourth row: we type 3 in. etc., and then we knit two bars with one crochet in a nearby loop. In the next loop, we knit one column with one crochet, we untie the air loop, and so on in Scheme 1 we continue to 8 rows.

    Important! Be sure to keep the same mating density and even thread tension. This is necessary to ensure that the finished product has the right shape.
  3. The eighth row is formed as follows: we type 3 in. etc., and then we knit a column with one crochet in a nearby loop. Similarly, we knit 2 more sticks with one crochet (each column in the next standing loop). Then we untangle 2 in. etc., and we sew a column with one crochet in the lower row of the 2nd c. etc., according to scheme 1.
  4. Then, the summer panamka for the girl crocheted according to scheme 1, skipping the 13th row. The fourteenth and fifteenth row are tied, skipping the next 4 rows. Thus, the product will gain the desired height.

Fields of children's panama

    We unfasten the panama fields according to the following scheme: the first and second rows we knit two columns without a crochet in every third loop. The next six rows are knitted with columns without a crochet in each loop. Thanks to this, the edges of the product are even and the length of the fields is sufficient to provide good protection from the sun.

    Decorating a summer panama for a girl crocheted

    Decorate children's panama can be with the help of a small monophonic butterfly, knitted according to scheme 2.

    Symbols in the photo scheme:

    . - air loop

    × - column without crochet

    | - one-spool post

    ̑ - connecting loop

    On a note! Decorate the summer panama for the girl can also be knitted flowers, beads, beads.
    1. We fix 7 pieces of air loops and close them in a ring. Next, we tie a circle: we collect 3 vpp, 2 st.s / n. , 4 vols. and so we repeat four times.
    2. The second row begins, turning the knitting with the wrong side to yourself. Thus, the second row of the butterfly is looped around in the opposite direction. We recruit the VPP. and we knit a column with a crochet in an arch of 4 cp. Then we sew 4 tbsp. with two nakidami, a ring of three vp, 4 tbsp. with two nakidami, a column with a crochet. We knit with the first row of art. b / n.
    3. The lower half of the first wing begins to knit with st.b / n. Next, we knit 2 sticks with one crochet and 3 sticks with two, we knit a ring of 3 cp, three sticks with two crochets and 2 with one cuff. The wing is ready. The second wing is knitted similarly.
    4. Antennae knit after the completion of the main knitting of the butterfly, without cutting off the working thread. From the bottom of the butterfly we collect 10 bp. bind them st.b / n. Thus, the first antenna will be ready when the knitting returns to the starting point. The second mustache is knitted similarly.