Young man Svetlana Bondarchuk was convicted of depraved behavior, photo

After the divorce from Fyodor Bondarchuk, his ex-spouse Svetlana turned into a real socialite. Being the editor of fashionable gloss, the woman and her Instagram turned into a real glossy microblogging.

Now the whole life of Svetlana is in an endless series of bohemian hangouts and is devoted exclusively to her beloved.

In the microblogging of the 48-year-old model, you can rarely see family photos with your beloved granddaughters - their grandmother celebrates her second youth with a glass of champagne, showing off all her luxurious long legs.

It should be noted that the figure of Svetlana Bondarchuk can really become the envy of her peers - such a slender, smart body does not correspond to the age of her owner.

Svetlana Bondarchuk responded to criticism of her way of life

Nevertheless, among the subscribers of Svetlana Bondarchuk are regularly those who are indignant over the liberated behavior of women. Fallovers believe that for the fifth decade obliges Svetlanau to behave a little more modestly and not to forget about her age.

Under especially "depraved" photos of Svetlana Bondarchuk regularly appear condemning comments:
amanda_amudson the older the woman, the shorter the skirt? even somehow awkward to look at grandmother bondarchuk ...
borkovetcsveta Whatever beautiful legs were not, but denude at such an age known woman vulgar and indecent!
nastyaangel32 Light well, you're an adult aunt all the same, well, it's not so beautiful to be so young .. and what it's all about, a 45-year-old woman does not become 25-year-old❗
In many photographs next to Svetlana Bondarchuk poses her close friend Nadezhda Obolentseva.

Such friendship seems strange to some people - Svetlana was suspected of changing sexual orientation:
natalyredkova And all on Volochkova sin. Soon the photos of grandmother Sveta will be pohlesche than that of Nastya, probably the dress does not suit at all. Well, it's true, the age is a half-ruble, and around there are young girls and Nadiachka. She did not change the orientation, maybe that's why Fedka escaped ????
Celebrities rarely enter into their microblogging in discussions with subscribers. And even Svetlana Bondarchuk until recently, it seemed, did not pay attention to the comments on her page. However, the words about the age she still decided to answer the critics:
a030aa ... ugly from a closed account to give advice, especially when you are not asked, and to be young and enjoy your life is fine 💃)

And how do you feel about women who do not recognize their age and prefer to appear in public in sexual provocative outfits? We note in Zen this material 👍 and remain aware of all the intrigues and scandals of show business.