What kinds of love?

Love is a complex feeling. And in each of us, love consists of several of its kinds. The kind that you scored the most points will be for you the main: this is how you begin and prefer to love. You expect the same style of love from a man. If you do not meet a man with whom you manage to realize your main style of love, your relationship with a partner will be fragile, what else can be experienced, and conflict, which is much worse.

Other kinds of love - usually the second, rarely - the third, periodically come to the fore, for a while they occupy the main place, diversify your relationships with your beloved, make them longer and give your life fullness and acuity.

Practical love

It is also called "love by calculation" - it is built on mutual sympathy and precise awareness: this man suits me, because he is strong, generous, with a higher education, he has excellent prospects for servitude, and he, like me, loves cinema, books about adventures and dogs. And if you wake up at night, you with your eyes closed, you can easily list all the real dignities and shortcomings of a partner.

Pros . Flares up slowly, lives long. An excellent basis for marriage.

Cons . It's boring.

An example . US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.


For you, external bright signs of feeling are important: to turn him a head, to go somewhere together, to dance, flirt. Confidently pleasant. But you do not want to get along with your loved one, just as you can penetrate his feelings with thoughts. You willingly share with your loved ones joy, but not pain, luck, but not ironic. You are able to change if you meet someone equally enjoyable. Your conscience will not torture you, love for a charming permanent partner will not decrease.

Pros . Brings a lot of joy, is easy, does not suffocate, will not give.

Cons . She does not live long. For marriage is too ephemeral, a lasting alliance on it can not be built.

An example . Ex-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni.

Romantic love-passion

Sensual, strong, deep. At times, the mind is clouded, takes away all shame, and you can publicly arrange a scandal of jealousy, our hanging to him - and you do not care what others around you think about.

Pros . Gives great pleasure.

Cons . For a long time does not allow you to understand that the person is your favorite. And often leads to disappointment in him after a few years of marriage.

An example . Actors Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.


You are together interesting, you have common goals and values. You are willing to support each other, tandem solve problems and tasks. Sexual attraction is moderate. Often not immediately apparent: the year worked in a single collective, chatted, made friends - and then slept together and felt a deep connection with a friend.

Pros . Together fun and not boring. This feeling is for the rest of my life.

Cons . From such relationships, sex is often eroded over the years - there was not much of it from the very beginning. Love is transformed into an aloof alliance of two closely related people.

An example . Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Love sacrificial

Its main motive is to give everything and not ask anything in return. For you it is most important to experience a sense of moral superiority over your beloved, to be necessary.

To become great and necessary, it is necessary to bind to yourself another very reliable way - to bring him a sacrifice. A very dangerous kind of love. Sometimes such love leads to tragedy: a woman has sacrificed everything to the radish and is so good that it is impossible to divorce her. It's easier to kill her.

Pros . It allows you to feel your importance and importance.

Cons . Brings a little joy. It often lacks a pleasant sex for you. In fact, she - though passionate, but rational. Often undivided: he allows himself to love and cherish, but does not love himself.

An example . Singer Maria Callas is the aliens aristocrat Aristotle Onassis.