7 famous actors who died during filming

Actors often have to live their own destinies and even die on the screen. However, there are cases when fatal accidents lead to a real death of the artists right during the shooting, without giving them the opportunity to finish work on the film.

Eugene Urbansky

The star and sex symbol of Soviet cinema died during the filming of the film "Director", in which he inherited the main role of the director of a large automobile plant. Filming took place in Bukhara, according to the scenario, the machine was to run at high speed through sand dunes. Urbansky was offered an understudy, but he refused and got behind the wheel himself. Suddenly, the car turned over, the actor suffered a serious spinal injury and died on the way to the hospital. Urbansky was 33 years old, he did not live a few months before the birth of his daughter, who in honor of his father was named Eugenia.

Vasily Shukshin

In September 1974, the famous director Sergei Bondarchuk began to shoot his legendary film "They fought for their Motherland." One of the key roles in it was to be performed by the great actor Vasily Shukshin. The shooting took place in a small village on the bank of the Volga in the height of summer. After a busy day, Shukshin got poisoned into his cabin (the actors lived on board the ship "Danube") to work on the script for the future film. The last person who saw him alive was the actor Georgy Burkov. Late at night, Vasily Makarovich complained to him of fatigue and went to bed. In the morning he was found dead in his own bed. Doctors stated death from a heart attack. Shukshin was 45 years old, his role was played by an understudy, and the actor Igor Efimov sounded.

Andrei Rostotsky

Famous actor and director Andrei Rostotsky came to Sochi to pick up a place to shoot his new film "My Border". On May 5, 2002, leaving the film crew at the hotel to celebrate Easter, he left the driver "for nature" to the ski resort "Krasnaya Polyana". Andrew without insurance decided to climb on the rock he liked, counting on his stunt experience, but broke and got the strongest craniocerebral trauma incompatible with life. He was 45 years old.

Sergey Bodrov - junior

In the same year, the famous "Brother" died in the Caucasus, who came to the Karmadon Gorge to shoot his new film "Messenger". On September 20, a giant glacier Kolka unexpectedly descended from the mountains, covering not only the entire crew, but also a small village in the gorge. More than a hundred people, including Sergei, are still considered missing. Desperate attempts to save them led to nothing, the glacier buried people alive, becoming their huge common grave for many years. The actor was 31 years old, a month before his death, he had a second child.

Andrey Krasko

All the beloved actor died in July 2006 while working on the series "Liquidation." Filming took place in Odessa, there was a terrible heat, from which even the fish in the estuary were dying. The heart of the actor, worn by work for wear and frequent use of alcohol, could not stand it. The 49-year-old actor could be saved, but the ambulance refused to go out of town, and precious time was missed. Krasko managed to appear only in a few episodes, the role of Fima for him was played by Sergei Makovetsky.

Bruce Lee

The legendary actor and master of martial arts died in 1973 in Hong Kong during the filming of the action movie "The Game of Death." He took a pill from a headache that suddenly caused brain swelling. The death of 33-year-old Bruce Lee, who is in great physical shape, was so ridiculous that it caused a lot of rumors and conjectures about her true reason, which never found any real confirmation.

Brandon Lee

Exactly in twenty years on the set of the mystical thriller "The Crow", the son of Bruce Lee, Brandon, was tragically killed. According to the script, he was to be shot at point-blank range from the pistol with empty cartridges. But due to the negligence of the requisitor, even such a charge managed to inflict a mortal wound on Brandon: the bullet hit the stomach and touched the spine. For several hours the doctors fought for his life, but could not save the 28-year-old actor. He died two weeks before his own wedding, the remaining scenes were shot using a backup, in large plans using computer graphics. The moment of the tragedy was captured on a videotape, which was then destroyed by members of the crew.