Anna Kalashnikova shocked by terrible changes in appearance

The other day in the capital was the Real Music Box award, which was attended not only by recognized stars of the domestic scene, but also by celebrities, whose vocal data is rather controversial. However, as the recent events show, it's not a matter of musical ability - the absence of voice and hearing can completely compensate for an outrageous way out on the red carpet.

The dark story of the novel with Prokhor Shalyapin became for Anna Kalashnikova a powerful start in show business.

Now the TV star appears on the screen more often than her ex-fiancé. Anna Kalashnikova does not miss a single talk show, no premiere, no festival ... In her photo collection there are pictures with all the domestic celebrities.

Well, in Instagram Kalashnikova every day new pictures from various events are poured, diluting the flow of advertising of various clinics and beauty salons.

The ears of Anna Kalashnikova caused bewilderment among Instagram users

Of course, the MusicBox award, held in the huge Crocus City Hall, was not without the presence of Anna Kalashnikova. For a new appearance, Anna picked up a new outfit. The next dress from the series "expensive-bohato", emphasizing the irreproachable figure of the TV star, was generally approved by the subscribers of the Instagram Anna Kalashnikova. However, the attention of the followers was attracted ... by the ears of the artist.

If Kalashnikova wanted to attract attention to herself, then she succeeded. No one has yet appeared on a musical party with the elf's ears.

Anna's followers did not immediately understand what had happened to her appearance, and when they understood, they criticized the unsuccessful idea:
elena_olenkova Anna, let's appear in the next bohemian tus with Buratino's nose, surprise so amazing!
miss_ol_ga Such facial features are beautiful, ears only spoil, why this clowning, cheap PR that did not work!
sirena2530 A madhouse, not an image!
vadum___lazoruk Next time the horn of the deer is dressed
gold_fishnk What's with the ears? Is this a new kind of breeding?
_nargiza_709 Goblin what it turned out (
And what would you suggest adding to the image of Anna Kalashnikova on the next red carpet? We note in Zen this material 👍 and remain aware of all the intrigues and scandals of show business.