Anti-cellulite creams and scrubs: what you need to know

The problem associated with cellulite, is familiar to many women. Changes that occur with age lead to disturbances in the metabolic process in the cells, to insufficient saturation with their blood, resulting in stagnation in the subcutaneous fat layers.

Cosmetology in the fight against cellulite

There are a lot of ways that help in getting rid of cellulite - these are the procedures in vial (liposuction, celluliteolipolysis, lymph drainage), ultrasound and treatment that can be performed at home (massage, wraps, medical bath and others).

In order to achieve the maximum effect, it is desirable to use anti-cellulite cosmetic means-gels, scrubs, lotions, creams and various oils. Despite the fact that these drugs are not treated, but are a means of prevention, but their use stops the development of cellulite conglomerates.

Components of natural origin, which are part of these drugs, we have in mind algae, caffeine, chestnut, ivy, silicon, vitamins A, C and E, normalize the processes of metabolism in tissue cells.

Invasion scrub and all sorts of peelings on the skin, increases the blood flow of fatty tissue, which enriches cells with oxygen nutrition, which results in the weakening of stagnant phenomena. Anti-cellulite cream saturates the cells with oxygen and enhances the outflow of excess fluid from the tissues. So, if every day to apply complex procedures, it will increase the elasticity and external qualities of the skin.

What you need to know about anti-cellulite creams

Varieties range of creams against cellulite is very large today. The availability of the price and ease of their use make this cosmetic product, one might say, one of the most popular among other means that use anti-cellulite therapy.

However, it is difficult to give preference to this variety for a particular agent, which will give the desired result, since it is necessary to use an anti-cellulite cream precisely in the phase that most closely matches the treatment. The largest part of this production produces an effect only in the initial stage of the disease.

Anti-cellulite creams that are really effective, are those whose composition contains viable extracts that can accelerate metabolic processes in vkletkah - it's horsetail, horse chestnut, St. John's wort, hamamelis, lotus, hawthorn, citrus ivy.

Anti-cellulite cream, which is based on seaweed, helps to get rid of cellulite, have a positive effect on the speed of metabolic processes, help the body clear of accumulated toxins and toxic substances.

Due to the property of ethereal and vegetable oils (jajoba, lavender, wheat germ, sage, juniper, bergamot and cypress) penetrate deep into the skin, there are a lot of excess fluid, and the presence of the above oils in the cream is a qualitative indicator.

This also applies to vitamins A, B, C, E and salts of minerals, which, in addition, that cleanse the body, also stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in a tightening of the skin, a noticeable elasticity and density.

It would be superfluous to mention caffeine, which speeds up the process of metabolism. However, the drugs, which are based on caffeine, are not suitable for everyone due to existing contraindications, including increased blood pressure, psychoemotional agitation and allergic reaction. In addition, such drugs are undesirable for use at night and before the forthcoming training.

Anti-cellulite scrubs

Usually, anti-cellulite cream is used in combination with a special body scrub, which removes the dead skin of dead cells, deepens the pores, improves blood supply and stimulates cell metabolism.

The quality of anti-cellulite scrub is determined by its abrasive substance, which must be natural (apricot bone, sea salt, etc.). In addition, the scrub should contain softeners and moisturizers of natural origin (sesame oil, shea, citrus essential oil).

Home recipes of anti-cellulite products

Some women have the erroneous opinion that the fight against cellulite is effective only in the salon, where expensive cosmetic products are used. But it's like this, it's possible to fight and overcome this ailment at home, the main thing is to know how to do it correctly.

For example, to prepare a single portion, use any body cream for the base. Take three teaspoons of this cream, ten milligrams of olive oil and three drops of essential oil. Mix all these ingredients and apply to the body. Daily use of the resulting cream will significantly improve the state of your skin, trim the reliefs.

Anti-cellulite, home-made crabs are many times more effective, however, one must take into account that it is inadmissible to use body scrubs for people who have dermatoses in the presence of skin diseases - this also applies to fungal diseases.

To make a scrub, based on the coffee grounds, you should mix a single-spoonful of this very thick with a glass of water and add one teaspoon of olive or almond oil. The resulting composition to impose povyplemnye areas, carefully rubbing into the skin with massaging movements. After the end of the procedure, a contrast shower is desirable.

You can also prepare a scrub using sea salt for this purpose. Ten tablespoons of sea salt should be broken, so as not to damage the skin, then add three tablespoons of peach, almond or olive oil and mix everything thoroughly. After applying the composition to the body, massage the ismote. Best for this purpose is suitable for a contrast shower.